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Chapter 39.1 Celebrate our birthdays together!


Mo Yi Cheng received a call from Chen Sheng and the moment he picked up, Chen Sheng asked, “Tell me, what gift should I give to a dog for his birthday?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Chen Sheng seemed to be really upset, “He stole a toy from my family’s Ying Duan yesterday. Should I give him a little yellow duck?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Chen Sheng hit his thigh in the office, “Yes, I should give him a plastic squeaky chicken! I saw online that a lot of dogs like it!”

Mo Yi Cheng finally said with difficulty, “You want to give Fu Changgong a birthday gift?”

Chen Sheng replied: “Yes, the system sent me a prompt this morning that it’s my elf’s birthday.”

Mo Yi Cheng paused, but it was unclear what he was thinking.

Seeing that he didn’t respond for a long time Chen Sheng, pleaded, “Yi Cheng, help me out.”

“Why… don’t you give him something that humans use? Like a gaming keyboard.”

“Something that humans use? But he’s a dog!”

Mo Yi Cheng began to wonder if Chen Sheng’s IQ was starting to drop, “Just transmit it in.”

“Transmit what?” Chen Sheng didn’t understand.

It was only then that Mo Yi Cheng realized that elves couldn’t transmit items at will after reaching a certain level, but that they had to reach level 3, and at the same time have a high favorability level with their players before. After all, transmitting items was quite private.

“Long Bow’s favorability level towards me isn’t bad right now, but it’s not too high either, so I can’t transmit anything.” Chen Sheng complained.

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it for a while then said, “Then why don’t you buy something in the game’s mall and give it to him directly?”

Chen Sheng: “….”

After his conversation with Chen Sheng ended, Mo Yi Cheng went back to his artist’s car and clicked into the game.

Yuan Suo was immersed in his drawing. The short comic on Weibo had now been updated to the 9th strip. The little elf in the story had recently gained a little bit of weight and was ridiculed by a doctor, but his righteous and awe-inspiring owner insisted that it was because his clothes had shrunk.

Yuan Suo’s drawing skills had improved rapidly, and his plot design had also become better and better. There were often jokes and parts in the comic that brimmed with absolute cuteness, hence the comments on his Weibo had gradually increased. Every time Mo Yi Cheng logged in to his hidden account to like it, he would see more than a dozen people commenting and forwarding Yuan Suo’s posts. Occasionally, he would see small ads as well, but Yuan Suo would reply below very seriously: It’s not good to lie oh! I have already reported you! Then it would be followed by a group of readers writing ha ha ha ha in the comments, with others typing in messages to bully the little fool.

“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng called.

Yuan Suo was so concentrated on his drawing that he startled. Seeing Mo Yi Cheng when he turned around, he smiled immediately, his white and neat teeth shining brightly, “Mo Yi Cheng, have you finished shooting today’s scenes?”

Mo Yi Cheng: “Not yet, I’m taking a break.”

“Oh oh, then do you want to drink some juice?” Yuan Suo got up to fetch it for him, but Mo Yi Cheng stopped him.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Du Du, Chen Sheng told me just now that today is Long Bow’s birthday.”

Yuan Suo was surprised, “I….. I didn’t know, then I have to prepare a gift for Long Bow.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “We’ll discuss that later, I want to ask you something first.”

“En, okay!” When Yuan Suo heard that Mo Yi Cheng wanted to ask him a question, the look on his face immediately became serious.

“When is Du Du’s birthday?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo was stunned, “My… my birthday?”

Seeing the embarrassed expression on the little thing’s face, Mo Yi Cheng thought it was because he couldn’t distinguish between the time of his world and the current world, so he said, “If your time is special, you can just tell me, we will calculate it together.”

Yuan Suo waved his hand quickly, “No, it’s not special.”

“Then what time is it?” Mo Yi Cheng continued to ask.

Yuan Suo thought for a while, his fingers entwining together before he finally whispered: “November 3rd.”

Mo Yi Cheng froze, the look on his face changing instantly.

November 3rd, wasn’t that the day….. the system malfunctioned?

So the system had started malfunctioning that morning and didn’t send him the birthday prompt, hence he didn’t even know. And the little thing had spent his birthday in extreme fear and grievance.

It took a long time before Mo Yi Cheng spoke again: “What birthday gift does Du Du want?”

“There’s… there’s no need.” Being able to see Mo Yi Cheng again was the best gift in the world. That night when he had hugged Mo Yi Cheng’s picture, that was his birthday wish! And now it had come true!

“Then….. let’s make up for your birthday today, ok?” Mo Yi Cheng wanted to compensate the little thing. Ordering a custom made cake as well preparing special gifts now was already too late.

Yuan Suo shook his head, “No, Mo Yi Cheng’s work is important.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s scene today was indeed very important. He’d even told Yuan Suo this morning that he would come back later.

“It’s okay, we can do it.”

When Yuan Suo saw that Mo Yi Cheng was determined, he clenched his fists, thought for a while, then finally gathered enough courage to say, “I can… I can celebrate my birthday, but… can I celebrate it together with Mo Yi Cheng?”

Mo Yi Cheng was stunned. If Yuan Suo hadn’t reminded him, he himself would have almost forgotten that his birthday was in three days.

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