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Chapter 38.2 Love and Ties~

“Brat, just tell Grandpa the truthful answer coming from your heart. No matter who you choose, grandpa is your most solid backing.” Grandpa Fu raised his hand and patted the air, just like he usually did, as if Long Bow’s not-so-soft but warm fur was under his hand.

Long Bow took a deep breath, looked at Chen Sheng and finally said with difficulty: “I’m willing.”

After transferring Long Bow’s ‘player’ privilege rights, Grandpa Fu fell into a coma the next day and every day that he woke up after falling into the coma, was shorter than the time he was asleep. Chen Sheng contacted the most professional attending physician for the Fu family and arranged for the most advanced scientific medical method, equipment and drugs to be used as well.

A few days later, Grandpa Fu left in his sleep, holding a picture of his most beloved woman in the world.

Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng attended the funeral.

At the end of the funeral, a big yellow dog stood in front of Grandpa Fu’s tombstone for a long time, almost turning into a statue.

Chen Sheng walked over and patted the big yellow dog on the head, “Don’t be sad, the last part of grandpa’s journey… wasn’t perfect, but it was complete. You will be with me in the future. Don’t worry, there will be enough food to eat.”


Since Long Bow’s game program had been transferred to Chen Sheng’s cell phone, it was much more convenient for him to enter and exit the game now.

Long Bow jumped back into the phone.

Chen Sheng went through Long Bow’s profile again.

Elf information:

Name: Long Bow

Gender: Male

Age: 21 years old

Place of origin: Dog Star Planet

Personality: Loyal, cheerful

Level: 62

Skin mode: Advanced version

Chen Sheng looked at the place of origin on Long Bow’s profile and asked the question that had been plaguing him for the past few days: “Is there really a place called Dog Star Planet?”

Long Bow responded, “Of course it’s true, that’s where I came from.”

Chen Sheng asked again: “Then how did you… get inside the game?”

Long Bow took a deep breath, seemingly caught in a long memory. It was only after a long while that he said: “I came here because of grandma’s call.”

“Twenty years ago, I was a stray dog on earth, a stray dog that was chased by naughty children and cursed and berated by brutal and rude passers-by. I wandered by the roadside at a very young age and had no idea who or where my parents were. I didn’t even know what the meaning of survival was. I longed for warmth and even tried to get close to humans, but I failed again and again.

One day, I found food in the trash can, it was the first time in two days that I’d found something to eat. I gobbled it up, but that moldy chocolate cake almost killed me. I fell to the ground, dying. It was grandma who was passing by that picked me up and took me to the doctor.

After I recovered, grandma took me in. Although her life was difficult, she always tried to give me the best. Grandma and Grandpa had a wonton stall and I used to lie by the side of the stall. When the stall closed at night, the leftover wonton from customers would be my midnight snack. Grandma loved me the way she loved her own children. But later… I became old and couldn’t walk anymore. She used to carry me anytime she went out to buy groceries in the morning. Finally, I left when I was 15 years old. On the day I died, Grandma hugged me and cried, saying that she hoped I would still be her dog in the next life.

Then later… I returned to Dog Star Planet, where everything was beautiful and joyful. It is a planet condensed by the love and faith of all dog lovers, where the little angels of the dog family live, where there’s no cold, hunger, or disease, but the dogs on that planet still miss their earthly owners very much. I’m considered an old angel there, ha ha…” Long Bow said, wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

Chen Sheng listened attentively, but years of believing in physical matter made him instinctively doubt what Long Bow was saying. However there was already an elf game installed on his phone, what else couldn’t he believe?

“….. 5 years ago, grandmother left.” Long Bow choked, “Grandpa was alone. I don’t know what kind of power summoned me from dog star planet to this place, but I was reborn inside his computer. Grandpa’s children are always out of town and rarely come back, so grandpa and I depend on each other, but in just a wink, so many years have passed. Grandpa is gone, but I believe that he will be reunited with grandma again, on a….. planet coalesced by the thoughts of the dogs on the dog star planet, and we will eventually be reunited again.”

Long Bow paused for a moment, then sighed, “That’s my story.”

Chen Sheng was touched by Long Bow’s story. It took him a long time before he came back to his senses and said, “Thank you for your honesty and trust, I will strive to become a qualified player.”

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