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Chapter 37.3 Mo Yi Cheng is sick!

The change of Yuan Suo’s primary skin caused quite a stir inside the not-so-large campus. Some of it was because of his face and some of it was because of the godlike speed of his upgrade.

People guessed, based on the precedent of going directly to the Ministry of Education to apply for the highest level of protection, that Yuan Suo’s upgrade was a result of his tyrant player opening up his wallet.

The roles assigned to Yuan Suo previously were textbook like characters but they were mostly short cute Q-like characters, but today the teacher gave the sunny schoolboy a new role. Yuan Suo acted well, although there were still many places that weren’t right, he still got a lot of praise.

At the end, several girls run towards him to take pictures in the name of celebrating, and the girls who shouted before that they wanted to pinch his face were now looking at Yuan Suo with little red faces.

Yuan Suo was a little embarrassed as he took pictures with everyone. Looking at each of the girls that rushed over, he was afraid that they would pinch his face, but until the end of the photo session it didn’t happen!

When he came back from school in the afternoon, he didn’t see Mo Yi Cheng, only lunch and a note were on the table. He clipped the note in his book carefully before washing his hands and having lunch with marshmallow.

After using his primary skin for such a long time, Yuan Suo required a little bit of time to get used to this sudden recovery. A few days ago, Mo Yi Cheng had changed some of the furniture in his house. Beds, sofas, desks… all had been re-purchased according to his current height ratio.

There were now more than two dozen sets of clothes and shoes inside the closet. Pajamas often worn by Yuan Suo were now in different styles and in various colors.

When Yuan Suo saw the closet full of clothes, there was an impulse to change back to his old skin. This was too wasteful…

In the afternoon, Mo Yi Cheng took time out from work and took Yuan Suo to the hospital to visit Grandpa Fu.

When Long Bow who was lying curled up quietly in the corner of the private ward saw Mo Yi Cheng, he got up quickly, but Chen Sheng wasn’t with him. There were certain things that he needed to deal with in his company. Fu Ping and his sister who had rushed back only two days ago got up to greet Mo Yi Cheng.

Grandpa Fu woke up at that very moment and Mo Yi Cheng opened the game.

He hadn’t seen Grandpa Fu for only a few days and he seemed to have lost a lot of weight. Yuan Suo clenched his fists sadly, “Grandpa, I came to visit you.”

A kind smile appeared on Grandpa Fu’s thin gray face, “It’s little Du Du ah, grandpa missed you.”

“Uhm…. grandpa, you… you will get better. Du Du still hasn’t eaten your wontons yet.” Mo Yi Cheng only told Yuan Suo that Grandpa Fu’s illness was very serious, he didn’t tell him that it was a terminal illness that couldn’t be cured at all.

Grandpa Fu froze for a moment, “It’s okay, Long Bow, that brat knows how to do it. He knows grandpa’s secret recipe, just ask him to prepare it for you later!”

“Ao oww~” Long Bow whimpered.

“Then…. thank you grandpa.”

Grandpa Fu’s energy was limited. After saying only a few words he became tired. Mo Yi Cheng left with Yuan Suo, saying a few words to Long Bow before leaving.


Over the next few days, Mo Yi Cheng’s work intensity reached a new high. There was the release of new films, endorsements of advertisments and the start of a new drama, and finally, after two days of continuous filming in the rain, Mo Yi Cheng sneezed loudly when he returned to the hotel.

Yuan Suo who was holding Marshmallow inside the game and watching a movie was startled, then he ran nervously to the front of the screen, “Mo Yi Cheng, you… what’s wrong with you?”

Mo Yi Cheng only blow dried his hair and his body still half wet, took out his phone and said, “It’s okay, do not worry.”

“Mo Yi Cheng, were you drenched in rain?”

Mo Yi Cheng replied, “No, I just shot a scene in the rain.”

But you were still drenched in the rain. Yuan Suo was worried: “Drink a cup of hot milk tea, it will drive away the cold and prevent any sickness!” Yuan Suo moved to go to the kitchen then suddenly turned back. Why was today’s screen not as clear as usual? Could it be that the system was malfunctioning again? Once bitten, twice shy, Yuan Suo was immediately a little scared.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

“It seems….. there’s a problem with the screen, Mo Yi Cheng has became a little blurry.”

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment then laughed: “There’s no problem with the system, it’s because there was a rain scene in the drama today with sprinklers on the set, so I used protective measures. The screen is blurry because I added an extra layer of fireproof and waterproof protective film.”

It turned out to be like this! Yuan Suo let go of the worry in his heart and thinking of Mo Yi Cheng who was so attentive, his heart warmed as he hurried to prepare the milk tea.

After drinking the special milk tea, Mo Yi Cheng still fell ill during the night, his body temperature slightly high. If it had been Yuan Suo, afraid Mo Yi Cheng would have placed an emergency call to Dr. Liang, but since it was his own body, he didn’t care much.

Chen Jiao worked meticulously and prepared medicine in his hotel room every time, so Mo Yi Cheng casually found two pieces of the right medicine used to treat cold in the medicine box and swallowed it with warm water as his nose was stuffy and his throat was hot.

When Yuan Suo who was in the phone saw this he frowned. Mo Yi Cheng’s pills didn’t even have a sugar coating, it must be very bitter…..

As soon as Mo Yi Cheng finished taking the medicine, he saw a piece of marshmallow on the bed when he lowered his head.

“Eat a piece of candy, it won’t be bitter.” Yuan Suo was holding half a bag of marshmallows, looking at him expectantly.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng normally didn’t like sweets. Compared to this sweet stuff, he would rather have two more pills, but since it was given to him by Yuan Suo, he threw it into the mouth.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng eat it, Yuan Suo smiled with satisfaction, then thinking of something, jumped out of bed suddenly and run into the bathroom. Before Mo Yi Cheng could react, a small bottle of mouthwash, a small plastic basin and a towel appeared on his bed.

Yuan Suo said with a serious face, “After eating candy you have to rinse your mouth before you sleep, otherwise you will have tooth decay.”

Mo Yi Cheng had said the exact same words to the little thing, so the sick Mo Yi Cheng rinsed his mouth, spat the mouthwash into the small plastic basin, and wiped his mouth well with Yuan Suo’s towel that smelled of strawberry cleanser honestly, “Can I sleep now?” Mo Yi Cheng asked for permission.

Yuan Suo put the things Mo Yi Cheng sent back away and thought about it, “Take your temperature again, then put a baby warmer inside the quilt…”

Yuan Suo went about busily inside his small apartment, one moment taking the thermometer, the next moment sending out his small quilt, telling him to cover his feet to keep them warm.

Finally, after the sick Mo Yi Cheng completed his elf’s ‘instructions’, he covered himself tightly with a quilt and holding a charged baby warmer, lay down to rest.

In the middle of the night, Yuan Suo who was tossing and turning and not sleeping well suddenly heard Mo Yi Cheng’s voice from the other side of the screen.

He thought Mo Yi Cheng wanted to get up, so he got up with him hurriedly, ready to ask if he was feeling better, if his head still hurt? Whether his nose was still stuffy? And if necessary, whether they needed to take his temperature again.

When Yuan Suo walked barefoot to the front of the screen, he didn’t see Mo Yi Cheng walking about. He only saw him turn over, his face exposed from inside the quilt to the phone screen.

The warm yellow night light revealed Yuan Suo’s delicate little face that was covered with worry.

Was Mo Yi Cheng’s sickness serious?

He only saw Mo Yi Cheng frowning, his face a bit whiter than usual. Then the sound he’d heard just now, it should be because he was uncomfortable that was why he moaned right?

What… what should he do? Yuan Suo paced about in circles anxiously.

“Bark, bark, bark!” Marshmallow ran out of his bed when he saw his anxious master.

“Shh — Mo Yi Cheng is sick, we can’t make any noise.” Yuan Suo placed his fingers on his lips hurriedly.

“Ow–” Marshmallow understood immediately and lowered his voice.

“Hmm…” Mo Yi Cheng moved again, causing the quilt on his body to go up, exposing half of his upper body and probably because his nose was stuffy, he could only open his mouth slightly to breathe, the whole person looking very pitiful.

The more Yuan Suo looked at Mo Yi Cheng, the more anxious he became. If… if only he could enter and exit the game freely like Long Bow. Even if he turned into a dog or a cat it was fine. At least he would be able cover Mo Yi Cheng with the quilt and wipe the beads of sweat off his forehead…..

He was really useless, he couldn’t even do anything…

“Aw ow~” Marshmallow didn’t understand what was going on. He had already forgotten that Yuan Suo asked him to keep quiet because Mo Yi Cheng was sick. His round body pounced on the bed clumsily, then he pulled the corner of Yuan Suo’s quilt, moving his head up and down desperately.

Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up as he looked at the quilt that was being torn into.

He could just send the quilt over to cover Mo Yi Cheng!

Uh… it’s crooked, it only covered his feet.

Then he sent another piece of clothing. His clothes were very soft, it would be very comfortable if used as a cover!

Uh…. Again… it’s crooked again, then send another one!

This time it was just right, but… The clothes were very thin, then, cover him with a few more layers!

TL: Thank you all for your kind comments, I’m a little better now.

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