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Chapter 37.2 Mo Yi Cheng is sick!

Early the next morning, Mo Yi Cheng prepared breakfast.

After the system’s failure, Mo Yi Cheng had applied for a leave of absence for Yuan Suo and this was the first day of school after the break, but it was only a half-day class. Mo Yi Cheng had promised Yuan Suo that they would visit Grandpa Fu in the afternoon.

Yuan Suo prepared breakfast for marshmallow, squatted on the side and watched the little one eat all the dog food before returning to the table to sit down and wait for Mo Yi Cheng to send the food in.

At this time, the system suddenly issued a beep — ding! At the same time, the font on the screen was larger than usual and also colorful.

[System Message: Elf Du Du’s wise move helped Elf Long Bow successfully. The system’s rewards are now being issued: Advanced Skin. At the same time, elf Du Du’s level has risen to level 18.]

The system’s reward message was accompanied by a small piece of celebratory music, and exploding fireworks emoticons.

Mo Yi Cheng also received the news that his elf’s sensitivity value had increased again and looking at the number that was almost about to reach the full score, the smile on his face doubled.

“Mo Yi Cheng, I can keep my current form!” Yuan Suo was so excited. Although the short-handed Q version looked cute, there were many things that were still inconvenient, for example the restriction placed on him and having to stand on a small stool in the cooking class…

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Congratulations, you worked hard to achieve it, you’re awesome!”

“It’s thanks to Mo Yi Cheng too!” If it hadn’t been for Mo Yi Cheng’s help in finding Long Bow, he didn’t know how long he would have had to stay in that horrible and desperate place, and Long Bow and Chen Sheng wouldn’t have met.

“You’re welcome, let’s eat, the school bus will be here soon.” Mo Yi Cheng transmitted the breakfast in.


There were 2 levels to go before he would be able to leave the game. Yuan Suo calculated in his heart. There were still a few days left before the midterm art exam. As long as he passed the exam, he would be able to get 1 point. And then cooking and acting class, he could get at least 2 points!

Although Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know what the little thing was secretly calculating with his fingers again, he had already pulled up Yuan Suo’s course sheet on the side of the phone. As he read through it rapidly, his eyes fell on the various course points.

Not long after the two finished breakfast, the horn of the school bus sounded outside the door.

Yuan Suo carried his bag and found that it was a little small, so he held it in his hand. After waving goodbye to Mo Yi Cheng, he went out of the house.

Su Yi was originally listening to songs with her headphones on. When she saw that they were at Yuan Suo’s street, she took them off and muttered to herself: Long Bow isn’t in, so I’ll have to pull the little short legs in today… She hadn’t yet finished her sentence when she saw a beautiful, slender and sunny teenager at the door of the school bus.

She was so shocked that her mouth couldn’t close, frozen in place.

When Yuan Suo entered the school bus, he greeted everyone as he usually did which caused a small commotion in the bus.

Red hearts appeared in Su Yi’s eyes as she went up to him. “Yuan Suo, actually, I lied to you before, I’m only 17 years old. I should be calling you big brother instead.”

Long Bow wasn’t around, but a red-haired boy exposed her ruthlessly, “Sister Su, you asked me for a 21st birthday present only three months ago.”

Su Yi gritted her teeth, wishing she could rush up to squeeze his neck, “Shut up! I was talking about my birth age.”

The red-haired boy nodded thoughtfully, “Oh, this is the first time I’ve heard of someone being two years old.”

Su Yi hit his head with a chestnut, making him wail, “Be careful or I’ll report to the Ministry of Education that you’re a school bully and apply for the highest level of personal protection!”

Su Yi grabbed his ear, “Wait until you have the strength to do so!”

TL: There’s something in Chinese called ‘周岁- birth age’ and that is what Su Yi is referring to, but once again I am confused. Please if any understands and can help, it will be deeply appreciated.

**Sorry, but I am under the weather and would be taking at least 2 days off. Thank you all so much.

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5 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. From my understanding the birth age they’re talking about is that when a child is born they are considered one (instead of zero) and then for every new year (instead of birthday) onward another year is added. I think the Red-head was being sarcastic towards the end as people should only be one or two years older, not four.
    Hope you get better soon!

  2. Do you think ‘birth age’ here means the year they became elves in the game?

    Otherwise in Chinese culture, they start counting age from the age of conception by adding a year. So if I’m 21 right now, then in Chinese culture they’d say I’m 22.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!
    Get yourself some rest and take care, hope you get better soon. Health is important.

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