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Chapter 38.1 Love and Ties~

The next day.

Mo Yi Cheng woke up from a nightmare of being forced to ‘break the big stone on his chest’. Opening his slightly heavy eyelids, he looked up at the ceiling and gasped a few times. His chest was stuffy, it was as if there was something heavy pressing on it.

After taking a deep breath, Mo Yi Cheng’s vision, which had become blurred because he was sick, cleared up. What he saw first was a light green pillow, a color that matched the cushions of Yuan Suo’s sofa, then a jumble of clothes on the floor, including a bunny pajamas, casual suits and small aprons with bunny patterns on them…. all of which were Yuan Suo’s clothes.

Finally, he turned his attention to his own body and sure enough, there were a variety of colorful clothes, pillows, and quilts piled up on top of him….

No wonder he’d had a nightmare!

He took a deep breath once again, closed his eyes, stretched out his arm from the small hill the little thing had transmitted, picked up his phone and tapped the screen.

And when Mo Yi Cheng, who originally had a helpless expression on his face saw Yuan Suo in the game, his eyes suddenly softened and he felt a little distressed. The heavy feeling produced by the things on his chest also turned into a heavy touch.

Yuan Suo was in his pajamas as he lay asleep on the bed and because he had sent the quilt out, could only curl up into a ball to keep himself warm. And after a night of being busy, the blue bags and exhaustion under of his eyes could be seen clearly.

Mo Yi Cheng moved, got out of the small hill, sent the quilt back, and covered Yuan Suo gently with it.

“Um…..” Yuan Suo stirred, opening his sleepy eyes. He was a little surprised when he saw Mo Yi Cheng, “Mo Yi Cheng, you’re awake! Are you feeling better?”

“Hmm… much better, I’m already fine.” Mo Yi Cheng subconsciously pressed down on his chest that hurt a little, then prevented the little thing from getting up, “Sleep a little longer, there’s no class today.”

“No, it’s okay, Du Du is not tired.” Although he said this, Yuan Suo still chose to nestle in the warmth of the quilt because Mo Yi Cheng had just clicked the [pat to put to sleep] button, the warm and gentle feeling instantly making him fall back on the bed drowsily.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and asked: “Du Du, are you the one who transmitted the little things on the bed?”

Yuan Suo felt a little embarrassed when he thought of his clumsiness as he operated the transmission function last night, “I… I originally wanted to cover Mo Yi Cheng with the quilt, but Mo Yi Cheng’s… uh… chest… was exposed.”

Mo Yi Cheng paled. He had worn a robe last night and feeling uncomfortable, his movements had been a little bigger.

“I was afraid… afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would catch a cold, so I wanted to send the quilt out, but Du Du is too stupid. It only covered half of your body every time. Later, when I got tired, it spread to the ground…” As Yuan Suo said this, he buried his face in the quilt.

Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that the little thing would feel bad, so he said to comfort him: “Then thank you Du Du, if it wasn’t for your help, I may not have gotten better so quickly.”

“Really…. really?” Yuan Suo pulled the quilt down, looking at Mo Yi Cheng in surprise.

“Of course, keeping warm helps you recover from a cold, so many clothes and quilts on the body will help one get well faster.” Mo Yi Cheng absolutely didn’t mention the fact that he’d had a nightmare because he had been suppressed, but he had only said half of what he wanted to say when he looked down and saw not only clothes on the bed, but… a few pictures too.

Mo Yi Cheng picked one up. It was actually… a picture of Yuan Suo, with a nervous look on his face in a dim background. There were even two pictures where he had shrunk on the sofa, curled up into a ball to ensure that his whole body was photographed.

There was also a very strange, very round ‘small dumpling’, and the pattern on the outside showed that it was Yuan Suo’s bed sheet. Could it be that the little thing suddenly ‘thought of a quick witted solution in that moment’ so he wrapped himself up in his sheets in an attempt to trick the system into bringing him out?

When Yuan Suo saw that Mo Yi Cheng had seen that particular picture, he was a little uneasy. He was about to explain, but Mo Yi Cheng thought of the answer first.

“You tried to send yourself out?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo who had just crawled out of the quilt, shrunk back in immediately like a small snail, “I… I tried it.”

Mo Yi Cheng froze, and his hand that was holding the photo shook slightly even though he tried to control himself. He could only imagine, the little thing alone in the middle of the night, feeling anxious and helpless as he looked at him who was sick, then finally being forced to even want to transmit himself out.

“Du Du.”


“Mo Yi Cheng promises you that I will try not to get sick in the future and that if I do fall sick, I’ll go for treatment in a very timely manner and do regular medical checkups so that my body will always be healthy.” Mo Yi Cheng’s promise, was like a large umbrella over Yuan Suo’s head, blocking all the anxiety and panic that had accumulated over the past few days.

Yuan Suo was afraid, especially after what had happened to Grandpa Fu. He was extremely afraid, afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would also get sick and disappear into his own world.

Mo Yi Cheng also understood one thing. The connection between an elf and his player transcended many emotions and feelings, it was a bond for life, he had to cherish his life and way of life, not only to overcome the unexpected but also for their utmost happiness.

Hospital ward.

The injury on Long Bow’s head was almost healed, but because the wound on his forehead was too obvious, he simply told Grandpa Fu the truth.

Grandpa Fu thanked Chen Sheng gratefully and at the same time instructed Long Bow to use a leash whenever he went out again, even if he was more ‘humane’, there were always wolves in human skin in this world, so he had to be careful in everything he did.

Long Bow promised to do so solemnly and a few days later, Chen Sheng sent someone to deliver a custom-made leash with the words: ‘Vicious dog, touch at your own risk!’ printed on it in large font.

Long Bow was so angry that his eyes rolled as he opened his mouth to reveal his small canine teeth, while Grandpa Fu smiled as his withered hand held the leash tightly, as if he was holding Long Bow.

“Long Bow, Grandpa has had a long life of happiness and unforgettable pain, but Grandpa is very satisfied. Grandpa’s only regret now is that I haven’t been able to find a good home for you. I originally wanted to entrust you to Fu Ping, but now it seems… he may not be able to take good care of you.”

Long Bow felt like he couldn’t listen to anything now, the pain of being about to lose his grandfather made him unable to think.

“Long Bow, Grandpa has helped you find a new owner, but the final choice is yours. If you agree, Grandpa will entrust you to him right now, but if you don’t agree, then Grandpa will accompany you for the rest of the day to find one.” After Grandpa Fu finished speaking, he looked up at Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng froze, then became nervous. Was, was he referring to him?

“Young man.” Grandpa Fu called Chen Sheng.

“Here, grandpa please go ahead.” Chen Sheng knelt down respectfully.

“I remember the first time we met. What you said in front of that bastard Fu Ping, this old man remembers vividly. You said he has been with me for so many years and has long become a relative, and that he is qualified to accompany this old man on the rest of his journey.” Grandpa Fu smiled strenuously, “And this time my pup was in danger thanks to you, so grandpa was thinking, perhaps this is fate.”

Grandpa Fu continued, “Young man, are you willing to replace me as Long Bow’s new player?”

Chen Sheng was speechless for a moment, not knowing what to say, then turned to look at Long Bow who was inside the phone nervously. Long Bow was surprised. This Chen Sheng was a stranger to him. Apart from knowing that he was the boss of his live streaming platform, he didn’t know anything else. However in these two days of getting along, he could feel that Chen Sheng’s heart was pure and sincere, and that he really cherished him this ‘field dog’.

Seeing that Long Bow didn’t show any sign of rejection, Chen Sheng thought about it for a moment then said solemnly: “Grandpa, I’m willing.”

Grandpa Fu nodded in satisfaction then said to Long Bow: “Brat, it’s your turn, you decide.”

The look on Long Bow’s face was complicated. One could see his fondness for his grandfather as well as his reluctance to part with him.

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