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Chapter 36.2 A thrilling moment! (Long Bow’s owner)

Eight twenty in the night.

A dusty van drove past the wonton stall in the alley. There were two men in the car. One with a short, fat body and a fierce face, and one who was sharp-tongued with a gloomy face. Both men looked outside. The man in the back spoke with a cigarette in his hand from his position beside a self-made dog-like iron ring, “Damn it, it’s only bad fu*ing luck that we’ve had today! We didn’t even get to catch a few of them and I was almost bitten by that dan dog.”

“Didn’t it not bite you? Your kick is enough for that beast to suffer, and it will be on the chopping block tomorrow so why are you angry with it? If you have time for such nonsense why don’t you hurry up and see who has a dog. Let’s hurry up and take a few back so that we can finish today’s work!” The short fat man retorted.

The thin man glared at him, “It wasn’t that was bitten… hey… hey, wait, there’s a dog!”

The short fat man also looked out. Sure enough, there was a little brown chubby dog lying in front of the door of a 24-hour snack bar, sleeping soundly with a round belly and don’t know if it was having a good dream or not as it’s tail wagged.

“Heh heh….. it’s a bit small, but it’s very fat!” The thin man smiled wretchedly. Snuffing out his cigarette, he picked up a dog tool and jumped down to try to catch it!

“Big brother! Where’s little chubby?”

“Ah, it just finished eating, it’s playing outside!” The boss replied while wiping the table.

The girl finished reading the last page of the novel, complained that the last two updates were too small, turned around and went outside to take little chubby to the back room.

As a result, she lifted up the curtain and came out just in time to see the scene of little chubby’s neck being strangled by a wire as a man struggled to pull him into a van!

“Little chubby!” The girl yelled, “Big brother! Hurry! Someone is stealing our dog!”

The two dog thieves didn’t expect that they would be caught on the spot like this. The thin man moved his hand hard, pulled the little fat dog into the car then closed the door quickly. The short fat man stepped on the accelerator and the car sprinted away!

At that moment, the shop owner rushed out, a very fit man in his early 30’s. Seeing the speeding van, he hopped onto the motorcycle at the entrance of the store without hesitation and chased after it!

Chen Sheng was standing guard beside the artist’s van anxiously, the van parked not far away from the entrance of the alley where Long Bow had been kidnapped. There was no one in the apartment in the game on the computer, which meant that Long Bow was yet to return to the game, or… that he would never return to the game again. Thinking of the possibility of the latter happening, Chen Sheng’s scalp tingled, the nerves around his temples jumping incessantly.

“Drink some water.” Mo Yi Cheng gave him a bottle of mineral water. “The police have already started to act and we’ve also gotten a lot of clues. I believe we’ll be able to find Long Bow soon.” Mo Yi Cheng said to comfort him, but the words had no heart in it. He had just experienced the feeling of his elf going ‘missing’ and knew what it felt like to feel that his heart was almost about to explode.

Although Chen Sheng wasn’t Long Bow’s player, it was obvious that he had already pinned the feelings he had for the ‘little dog’ he had lost years ago on Long Bow, moreover he had been right next to Long Bow when he was kidnapped. This kind of self-blame and guilt was hard to ignore.

Chen Sheng took the water, said thank you, raised his head and took two sips.

“Second young master! President Chen!” Kan Ming who was observing the surroundings with full concentration suddenly spoke.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng became alert.

“Look at that car!”

The two looked over, and saw a van speeding like crazy towards the entrance of the alley, followed by a motorcycle.

Chen Sheng jumped up excitedly, saying loudly: “That’s the car, even if it turns to dust this young master will recognize it! Follow it! Follow it!”

“Kan Ming, follow it!” Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes sharpened, but he spoke calmly and at the same time told Yuan Suo who was in the game not to be afraid, switched off the phone and put it in the special pocket of his suit.

When the two men in the van saw that they had left the motorcycle behind them, they were about to cheer and celebrate, when a luxurious business car suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley in front of them.

The fat man stepped on the brakes quickly as he turned the car, trying to escape in another direction.

But when they turned, the motorcycle behind them had already caught up.

The corners of Kan Ming’s mouth rose and from a very clever angle, forced the van to turn around again smoothly. In the end, due to the driver’s panicked movements, the van crashed into a can that was heaping with trash.

Then the police arrived to deal with the rest.

The boss and his sister took their little chubby home. Little chubby was so scared that he shivered with tears in his eyes.

The two men gave an account of the crime and gave the location of where they hid the dogs.

Chen Sheng and Mo Yi Cheng followed the police to the illegal den where they hid the dogs and slaughtered them.

When the police entered the slaughterhouse, they arrested two other suspects on the spot.

The slaughterhouse was built in an abandoned factory in the suburbs where the surrounding area was sparsely populated, making it easier to commit crimes. Every day, dozens or even hundreds of stolen dogs were transported in and out and killed brutally.

There was a strong stench in the workshop because the place was rarely cleaned before and after dogs were slaughtered. Many of the dogs waiting to be slaughtered had been stored in overcrowded layers of iron cages on the first floor, their frightened and wet eyes flinching in the dark, not even daring to bark when they saw people coming in, obviously scared out of their minds.

The police worked late into the night before they were able to bring all the dog cages inside the factory out. With the moonlight and fresh light, the puppies breathed fresh air and felt the warmth of humans again. Their little paws stuck out from the gaps in the iron cage as their little tongues drank their first mouthful of sweet water in many days, as well as their first mouthful of sweet food.

Chen Sheng searched in front of a dozen huge dog cages, shouting Long Bow’s name.

“Bark, bark, bark!”

Hearing the familiar bark, Chen Sheng turned his head immediately and saw a big yellow dog in the corner of a wooden cage barking at him.

He approached it with excitement. Sure enough, it was Long Bow! The light was dim, making it difficult for him to see clearly, but the blood stains on the fur on Long Bow’s head was unusually eye-catching.

Everyone worked together to release Long Bow from the cage. Chen Sheng leaned down and hugged the big yellow dog, breathing a deep sigh of relief.

Long Bow was dizzy, thirsty and hungry, and the kick to his head made him suspect that he had a slight concussion.

Chen Sheng brought a bottle of water hurriedly. There wasn’t anything suitable for him to pour the water into, so he poured some into the palm of his hand and brought it to Long Bow’s mouth. Long Bow glanced at him gratefully, lowered his head and drank a mouthful.

“Long Bow, the car is parked outside, we will send you back to the game first.” Chen Sheng said when Long Bow finished drinking the water.


“What’s wrong?” Chen Sheng saw that he wanted to say something.

“Bark, bark!”

“Ah, you mean my hand? Hah hah, when they caught the two dog thieves who kidnapped you, I couldn’t resist punching them. I didn’t expect their bones to be quite hard, scrapping this young master’s skin.” Chen Sheng said offhandedly.

“Bark, bark!”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome, let’s get into the car first!” Having rescued Long Bow, Chen Sheng was in a good mood.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head as he watched from the side.

Long Bow returned to the game. After the system diagnosed that there was nothing serious except a slight concussion and dehydration, everyone was relieved.

Chen Sheng took him home to get the photos and then returned to the hospital.

Mo Yi Cheng had an important event to attend tomorrow and had to get up early to board a plane so he went back first.

From catching the dog thieves to finding Long Bow, Mo Yi Cheng told Yuan Suo everything that had happened. Yuan Suo’s face as he sat on the bed holding the quilt as he listened intently turned pale then red, obviously frightened by the thrilling process.

“But everything is alright now. Long Bow has gone to the hospital to accompany Grandpa and Chen Sheng is there with him, so we don’t have to worry.”

“Then… what about the dogs that were rescued?” Yuan Suo remembered that Mo Yi Cheng said there were still a lot of dogs in the factory.

Mo Yi Cheng answered: “The police will release the news to help them find their owners. Of course, Chen Sheng and I will do what we can to help those puppies. If they can’t find their owners, then we will help them find adoptive families. In short, those little things have suffered too much, we will definitely give them a good home.”

After listening to Mo Yi Cheng’s words, a smile appeared on Yuan Suo’s face, “If… if there’s a puppy that can’t find its owner, we can also raise one.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “We?”

“Hmm! Their fluffy fur must be very cute!” There was a look of longing on Yuan Suo’s face.

“Alright, we will adopt one.”

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