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Chapter 37.1 Mo Yi Cheng is sick!

The next day, a headline with the title S city police busted a dog theft gang case appeared on Weibo. On the one hand because of dog lovers from all walks of life, there were positive responses and on the other hand because of the cooperation of influential celebrities like Mo Yi Cheng, the Anchor Long Bow and so on, there were many voices of thanks.

Soon some lucky owners recovered their dogs and some of the dogs that couldn’t find their owners or were strays were temporarily sent to welfare institutions. Chen Sheng was even planning to fund a charity animal protection center.

The only thing that made everyone feel distressed was that Long Bow’s game was on a computer, which made it inconvenient for him to communicate with Grandpa.

At the critical moment, the little fool Du Du offered advice once again.

“Can’t you just… just use the video function… put a camera in front of the computer, and then Chen Sheng would send the phone?”

Chen Yan patted his head bitterly, once again doubting his IQ.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at his elf with admiration, full of pride.

Long Bow: “Bark, bark!” I’m a dog, but you’re a president, aren’t you ashamed that you can’t even compare to a little fool?

Three days later.

As Yuan Suo concentrated on the second part of Long Bow comic, a loud bark came from outside the cell phone.

He turned around in surprise and saw Mo Yi Cheng on the screen with a smile at the corners of his lips, holding a milky white fat little puppy in his arms.

“Pup….. puppy!” He dropped the brush in his hand and jumped from the chair.

Bark! When the fat little puppy saw the beautiful little brother inside the screen of the cell phone, it barked ingratiatingly, brought out it’s pink and tender tongue cutely then rolled on its back, showing its pink little belly that had a small pattern on it.

“Aww…..” Yuan Suo felt his heart melt immediately.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw that Yuan Suo liked it, the smile in the eyes became thicker as he rubbed the fat little puppy’s soft fur, “It has been determined that this little guy was abandoned when the owner moved and left in the old house. It’s because the neighbors have been taking care of it that is why it is so white and fat.”

“So pitiful.” Yuan Suo looked at the little guy with distress.

Mo Yi Cheng responded: “The sad days are over, from now on you are its owner, it will be very happy!”

Yuan Suo nodded repeatedly, “Mm-hmm! I will take good care of it.”

Mo Yi Cheng put the fat little puppy on the table and then clicked the transmit button.

The fat little puppy probably didn’t know what was happening. One second it was outside then in the next second it had already crossed through space and entered the mobile game, making two small spiral circles appear inside its black jewel-like eyes.

Yuan Suo held the puppy in his arms carefully. The little guy looked chubby, but when he held it in in his arms, he could feel that there was very little flesh under his plenty fur. The little guy seemed to like its new owner very much as it sniffed Yuan Suo. His owner smells so good! So he stuck out his little tongue and licked his chin a few times flatteringly. The ticklish sensation made Yuan Suo smile, his curved eyes like crescent moon, delicate and extremely thin skin that had a peachy flush to it brimming with brightness.

Mo Yi Cheng breathed a sigh of relief. From the beginning of the malfunctioning of the game up till now, all kinds of things had happened one after another, and the little thing’s face had always been sad and gloomy, but today he could finally see him smile.

“Are we going to name it?” The more Yuan Suo held the little guy, the more he liked it. Round eyes, black nose, pink and tender tongue, he couldn’t help but place a big kiss on its forehead.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “It’s your puppy, you decide.”

Yuan Suo’s slender fingers caressed the puppy’s soft fur, then his fingertips tapped its wet little nose as he said, “It looks like a small cloud and it’s creamy, so let’s name it marshmallow!”

Mo Yi Cheng was puzzled by the leap in Yuan Suo’s thinking, but still smiled and said: “Alright, it’s called marshmallow.”

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo went shopping together in the store and bought a pink doghouse for marshmallow, a pink dog food bowl with small clouds on it and pink dolls, before realizing afterwards that marshmallow was a little male dog!

Yuan Suo put the pink collar on it then explained seriously to the color-blind little marshmallow that pink was a very ‘tough’ color, “Pink doesn’t make one look unmanly, my pajamas are also pink! Right, Mo Yi Cheng?”

Mo Yi Cheng was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Marshmallow wagged its little tail that was a little stumped…

“Mo Yi Cheng, we…” Yuan Suo who was holding marshmallow suddenly thought of something, “Can we go to the hospital to see Grandpa Fu?”

Mo Yi Cheng froze. Actually, during the past three days, he had been to the hospital twice. The old man’s condition was only getting worse and worse, he had even been sent to the ER once, but because he was afraid that Yuan Suo would feel even more sad seeing that scene, he never spoke about it.

“Hmm, let’s wait till tomorrow then go and see Grandpa Fu.”


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