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Chapter 36.1 A thrilling moment! (Long Bow’s owner)

Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng returned to the artist’s van which was downstairs in the hospital’s parking lot. After a while Long Bow rushed back out, panting heavily with his tongue hanging out as he jumped out of the computer.

Kan Ming drove straight towards the old man’s house.

It was 5:30 p.m. and since it was rush hour, the road was congested. The artist’s van was stuck on the road two intersections away from Grandpa Fu’s house.

Long Bow kept on whimpering, going round in circles inside the car and from time to time looking out the window with his two paws on it.

Yuan Suo was also restless in the apartment, asking Mo Yi Cheng again and again whether the car was moving and how much longer it would take to get the photos from Grandpa Fu’s house.

Finally, the anxiety in Long Bow’s heart made him unable to wait any longer. He jumped back into the computer and said, “Mo Ge, can you please open the door for me? I’ll just run down the road, I’ll be very fast. I have a way to getting into the house. I’ll be back as soon as I get the photos.”

Without waiting for Mo Yi Cheng to speak, Chen Sheng said: “No, there are too many cars on the road, it’s too dangerous.”

Long Bow said: “It’s okay, I’ll walk along the side of the road. If I keep waiting like this, I’ll go crazy!”

They all knew that what Long Bow really wanted to do at this moment wasn’t just to get the photos, but to let out all the emotions he felt from losing grandma and from being about to lose grandpa too.

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it for a while, “How about this, let’s get out together.”

Chen Sheng stopped him, “You can’t, there are so many people on the side of the road, once you show your face you’ll be surrounded. I’ll go.”

As he spoke, he motioned for Long Bow to come out of the computer, then opened the door, getting out of the car with him.

As Long Bow was in a hurry, he started running along the side of the road as soon as he got out. At first, Chen Sheng was able to follow him down half of the street smoothly, but was soon overwhelmed by his speed.

“Long… Long Bow, wait!”

Long Bow stopped and looked back.


“You… you have four legs, but I… I only have two legs, even if you bark at me I still won’t be able to keep up!” Chen Sheng panted.

“Bark, bark, bark!!!”

“Ha ha ha…. you wait….” Chen Sheng was completely unable to keep up. If he had known earlier he would have eaten more food in the afternoon.

He only saw Long Bow turning around the corner of the street in front of him. It seems he was trying to take a shortcut. Chen Sheng put his hands on his knees, took a few breaths, then followed. But when he turned around the corner, there was no sign of Long Bow.

Only an unmarked van turning at breakneck speed as it disappeared around the corner.

Chen Sheng’s brain went blank for a moment, then he guessed what might have happened! But he wasn’t sure, so he called out a few more times hurriedly, “Long Bow! Fu Changgong!”

He was almost roaring. Long Bow had only ran over for less than a few dozen seconds, and a dog’s hearing was extremely sharp. Even if Long Bow was far away, after hearing this shout he would definitely turn back!

His chest almost exploded from the pain due to the intense exercise just now, but he ran out again towards the intersection inside the alley. However there was no sign of Long Bow on either side.

An extremely fierce chill crept up his spine in an instant. Taking out his phone, he called Mo Yi Cheng and told him about the current situation.

Mo Yi Cheng advised him not to rush first. Perhaps it was just that Long Bow was anxious so he had run fast. Maybe he was already at home now.

“I’m getting out of the car right now, stand there, don’t move.” Mo Yi Cheng put on sunglasses and a mask and got out of the car.

After the two rounds, they rushed to Grandpa Fu’s house. Sure enough, Long Bow was nowhere to be found.

Chen Sheng breathed heavily, “It must…. it must have been that car, that took Long Bow away!”

Everyone was in a state of extreme anxiety.

Chen Sheng called the police, and at the same time asked someone to retrieve the surveillance video of the surrounding area. Although there was no footage of Long Bow being taken away, it was confirmed that Long Bow never ‘appeared’ after running into that alley! However, the van just happened to drive out quickly after Long Bow entered the alley. The police also confirmed that the van was a registered vehicle.

“We have to get him back as soon as possible!” There was self-blame in Chen Sheng’s voice. He had lost Long Bow. If something happened to him, he would blame himself for the rest of his life. After seeing what had happened to Long Bow, he went online to search for news about ‘dog theft’. Large and medium-sized dogs like Long Bow were the main targets of theft, and the methods used on them were extremely cruel. Some even shot them directly with poisoned needles, making a lot of dogs die on the spot with almost no time to struggle!

Elves time outside the game was limited, and after a certain period of time they would return automatically to the game, but no one dared take that risk. Who could guarantee that in the hours of waiting, the big yellow dog would still be alive after being caught by dog thieves?

Chen Sheng used all available resources to issue a life and death order to find the dog thieves vehicle as soon as possible to rescue Long Bow.

Mo Yi Cheng also sent some manpower to look around in the nearby residents to find out if they had seen the van or heard anything about the dog theft.

The sky turned darker.

Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng converged back at the car but found that both sides hadn’t found anything.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t forget to ask Chen Jiao to buy dinner and transmit it to Yuan Suo. Yuan Suo also sensibly prepared sour plum juice for Mo Yi Cheng.

Long Bow had been kidnapped, Yuan Suo was very worried. After taking only two bites of dinner, he lost his appetite. He couldn’t help with what was going on outside, so he could only force himself to concentrate on something else.

Turning on his laptop, he decided to draw a comic strip of Long Bow and Grandpa Fu. It was very quiet inside the apartment, his thin back looking very focused.

There was a big yellow dog lying next to a small wonton stall at the entrance of a simple and cozy alleyway. The big yellow dog could turn into a human at night and chat with his grandpa and make many friends online, but one day his grandpa fell sick and the dog was taken away by dog thieves… The story came to an abrupt end. Yuan Suo wiped the corners of his red eyes and uploaded the comic.

Yuan Suo’s previous comics had gradually gained popularity, so after this one was uploaded, it was quickly liked and reposted, although it was only in single digits.

“What happened to the dog?”

“Grandpa is so nice, he won’t die, right?!”

“Hurry up and return the dog now!!! Author when will you update next?”

Yuan Suo struggled for a while as he looked at the comments. He typed a response skillfully, then deleted it one by one. Finally, he lowered his head sadly. He didn’t know…

Among these comments and reposts, there was one account that stood out the most. It was a “Big V”. The identity was a contract author of the website JJ Literature. The name was ‘don’t worry about not eating radish’ and the work under the author’s information was [The domineering president and his perlessly stunning bunny]. After the account reposted the comic and criticized the dog thieves, they sent a private message to Yuan Suo.

“Hello, I really like your comics.”

Yuan Suo replied: “Thank you. ”

After a while, a voice message was sent.

“Hello, the background of your latest comic looks familiar. Did you collect the material in S city?”

After Yuan Suo clicked and listened to it, he felt that the voice on the other side was very familiar, so he also replied with a voice message, “Yes, it’s S city.”

After a few seconds, another message came over and this time the voice was obviously a little excited, “Are you Du Du?”

Yuan Suo froze for a moment, it was really Su Yi!

When Su Yi heard about what had happened to Long Bow, she was very anxious, but her ‘real’ life self wasn’t in S City, so even if she wanted to help she was powerless.

“Long Bow will definitely be fine!” Mo Yi Cheng said that good people had their own luck, then that meant that Long Bow would definitely have his dog luck!

“Hmm, he will definitely be fine.” Su Yi replied.

TL: ‘that meant that Long Bow would definitely have his dog luck’ it is seriously not a curse.

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