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Chapter 35.1 Witty Du Du! (Long Bow’s owner)

Two hours later.

Mo Yi Cheng’s promotional activities were a complete success.

As soon as he got off the stage, he saw Chen Jiao waiting anxiously backstage, immediately stepping forward when he saw him.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng guessed vaguely that something had happened.

Sure enough, Chen Jiao said, “Kan Ming just called, saying that Grandpa Fu’s results have come out. The situation isn’t very good. The primary cancer cells in his lungs have spread all over his body.”

Mo Yi Cheng was silent for two seconds, then said, “We are going to the hospital right away.”

When Mo Yi Cheng arrived at the hospital, Grandpa Fu’s family had already arrived.

A middle-aged couple, the man was Grandpa Fu’s son, Fu Ping, who was working in the province.

Grandpa Fu was unconscious before, but don’t know if it was because of his son’s return, he woke up suddenly.

He took his son’s hand, said a few words, then asked him to bring Long Bow in.

“Dad! What time is it now, why are you still thinking about that dog?” Fu Ping’s eyes were red, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes making him look a few years older than he actually was. His wife standing next to him echoed, “Dad, this is the intensive care unit, how can you let that dog in? We know you like that dog, but it is an animal after all, let’s not think about that now!”

Grandpa Fu let breathed out strenously, his voice hoarse like a wind box, “That….. that is not an ordinary dog.” He told them that Long Bow was actually a young man and that he regarded him as his own grandson.

Seeing that he was agitated, Fu Ping and his wife comforted him hurriedly: “Okay, dad, don’t worry, I will find that dog and bring it to you, don’t be angry.”

But the two turned around and gave each other glances, unanimously agreeing that the old man was completely confused. The dog had indeed been with him for several years, and they had seen it downstairs when they came up just now, but under these circumstances, the words that the old man said were really unbelievable.

“How about, we just sneak the dog in and let Dad to take a look.” Fu Ping’s wife suggested.

Fu Ping thought for a while, hesitating, “Alright, let’s agree to Dad’s wish.”

The two went out to find Long Bow.

Chen Sheng had already hidden Long Bow in his arms, covered with his jacket as he slipped into the corridor of intensive care. As Long Bow was a medium-sized dog, it took a little bit of effort for Chen Sheng to hide him in his arms, his hind legs and tail showing from time to time. In the end he had to hold Long Bow’s tail with one hand when he saw a nurse looking at him suspiciously, waving it twice quickly, “Ha ha ha… it’s a key chain, a key chain!”

As soon as Chen Sheng entered the ward, he released Long Bow immediately.

Long Bow rushed out like an arrow to the side of Grandpa Fu’s bed, standing up with his two front legs on the side of the bed, his dark eyes filled with tears.

Long Bow lifted his head hurriedly when the old man struggled to lift his withered hand.

“Little boy, you missed Grandpa right?” He stroked Long Bow’s head gently.

“Woo~” A wailing sound came out of Long Bow’s mouth.

“Having you by my side these past few years, this old has been very happy.”

“Oooh……” As Long Bow couldn’t talk, he could only rub his head desperately against his grandfather’s hand, tears glistening inside his eyes. Grandpa was getting older and he had known long ago that they would have to part, and he had also experienced the feeling of parting, but he really wanted to feel the warmth of his grandfather’s hand one more time, he also wanted to set up the wonton stall with him and reminisce with him over grandma’s portrait….

“Long Bow, grandpa has always wanted to find a suitable person to entrust you to. But, after looking around, there is no one. Now grandpa can only give you to Fu Ping, that bastard. I know my own son, so giving you to him, do you agree?” Grandpa Fu said so many words at once that he couldn’t breathe.

“Woo…..” There was sadness in Long Bow’s voice, but he nodded.

At this time, Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Jiao were also rushing to the entrance of the hospital.

Fu Ping and his wife failed to find Long Bow, and afraid of something happening to the old man, they turned back hurriedly. When they bumped into each other, Fu Ping didn’t recognize Mo Yi Cheng, but his wife recognized him at a glance and was extremely surprised.

Mo Yi Cheng explained that Grandpa Fu had helped him solve a problem he had encountered before, that was why he had come over to see the old man.

The couple and Mo Yi Cheng pushed the door to the ward together and saw the big yellow dog lying on the bedside whimpering and crying, and Grandpa Fu rubbing his head with reluctance in his eyes and probably because he was too emotional, he suddenly gasped for breath. Chen Sheng who was standing next to them with red eyes panicked, hurriedly pressing the emergency button.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” Fu Ping rushed over and pulled the big yellow dog aside with one hand. Because he used a lot of strength, the big yellow dog hit the back of the bedside table with a thud, but he only gave a depressed whimper.

Grandpa Fu became agitated when he saw this scene, coughing violently.

The doctor came as soon as he was called, the scene chaotic for a while. He performed an emergency rescue which stabilized Grandpa Fu’s condition again, looked at the big yellow dog in the room, asked who brought it in, then told him solemnly to take the dog out immediately.

Grandpa Fu raised his hand laboriously, his voice hoarse and small, obviously not wanting Long Bow to leave.

“You take that dog out, it’s too much of a nuisance staying here. My father wanted to see it and now he has already seen it.” Fu Ping was upset and after being reprimanded by the doctor, said rudely to Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng glanced down, at Long Bow whose gaze was fixed on Grandpa Fu.

“Let him to stay. He has been with the old man for so many years and has long become a relative. He is qualified to accompany the old man on the rest of his journey.” Chen Sheng’s attitude was very sincere.

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4 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. I don’t really remember who cheng Sheng is but him or Kan Ming should take over Long Bow. Also, the relationship between Long Bow and grandpa is so wonderful and sweet.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

    1. I agree. I think one of them is Mo Yi Cheng’s bodyguard? Manager? Is the other one the game designer friend? I don’t think it’s the doctor, cause he would hold more authority over the dog issue. Side characters got added on willy nilly without much to distinguish them recently.

      1. Neither of them are new characters, actually. Chen Sheng is the friend that invited MC to a hangout with friends and is the “game designer friend”. Kan Ming, on the other hand, is MC’s subordinate/friend, who helps him whenever MC needs to investigate something. Both appeared quite a while ago, the only recent characters are the old man and his family.

  2. This is probably what happened to that one gloomy elf. His original user died and left him with someone like Fu Ping.

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