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Chapter 35.2 Witty Du Du! (Long Bow’s owner)

“Ah woo…” Long Bow said thanks to the person he had just met recently.

Fu Ping hesitated for a moment, then, “No, take it away quickly.”

Mo Yi Cheng finally couldn’t stand it and said in a deep voice: “Mr. Fu, I know you are very upset right now, but I still hope you can respect the old man’s wishes and let this dog stay here.”

After hearing Mo Yi Cheng’s words, Fu Ping’s wife’s heart moved and she began to persuade him, but with this persuasion, Fu Ping’s temper rose immediately, “No! What kind of people are you? My father’s life is at stake, but you’re here discussing a beast with me! Get out now all of you! Get out!”

Fu Ping kicked everyone out, leaving only himself in the ward.

Long Bow’s head drooped. The fur all over his body even looked disheartened.

“Since Long Bow’s current appearance isn’t able to convince Grandpa Fu’s son, we should be able to change his opinion by moving the computer over here,” Chen Sheng said anxiously.

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, this was a solution.

But at this moment, before Mo Yi Cheng could speak, a small voice suddenly came from the phone, “I… I have an idea.”

Yuan Suo had been awake for a while, his face flushed as he sat on the bed, looking at the situation outside nervously.

“What idea does Du Du have? “Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo answered: “If you want to see Grandpa, you can ask Long Bow to come to my place first, and then… and then Mo Yi Cheng can take his phone to see Grandpa.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Chen Sheng: “….”

Long Bow: “Bark!”

It was amazing that so many clever people together, couldn’t outsmart one little fool.

Yuan Suo’s hands twisted together, “Am….. Am I wrong?” Why did everyone look so shocked?

Mo Yi Cheng was the first to return to his senses: “You are right, you’re very awesome!”

A look of delight appeared in Chen Sheng’s eyes then he said to Long Bow, “Let’s go, let’s go to the car and enter through the computer first.”

The two people quickly went downstairs with the dog, and on the way, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t forget to praise Yuan Suo for being so smart.

Everyone in the interstellar world regarded Yuan Suo as a little fool, so with Mo Yi Cheng praising him for being smart for the first time, his face that was already flushed suddenly became even more red.

Long Bow was the first to rush downstairs.

The computer in the artist’s car was already up and running. Long Bow entered the game as fast as he could then rushed out the door.

Yuan Suo got up from the bed quickly and ran to the door of his apartment, waiting to open the door for Long Bow as soon as he arrived.

Ten minutes later.

Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng knocked on the door of the ward again.

As soon as Fu Ping saw Chen Sheng and Mo Yi Cheng, the expression on his face immediately turned heavy, “Why are you guys here again?”

Chen Sheng said, “Mr. Fu, please calm down, we are doing it for the good of the old man. The old man was kind to us, we don’t have any bad intentions and I believe the old man is also willing to get a satisfactory solution to the issue concerning Long Bow.” He deliberately raised his voice when he said Long Bow’s name, wanting Grandpa Fu who was inside the ward to hear it.

Sure enough, the old man immediately said in a low and hoarse voice, “Let them in!”

“Dad! “Fu Ping was someone who had a stubborn temper.

No longer concerning himself with Fu Ping, Chen Sheng squeezed sideways into the ward, walking to Grandpa Fu’s side.

“Old man, Long Bow is now on his way to another elf, you will be able to see him inside the phone in a moment.” Chen Sheng told Grandpa Fu as he crouched beside the hospital bed.

Mo Yi Cheng also walked over with his cell phone.

Seeing that he couldn’t stop any of them, Fu Ping was about to go to the doctor to ask him to call security.

At this time, Grandpa Fu suddenly said in a stern voice: “Fu Ping, you get out first!”

In the end, Fu Ping didn’t dare disobey his father and led his wife out.

At the same time, inside the game, Long Bow had arrived at Yuan Suo’s apartment and through the screen, could finally see his grandfather!

He choked back a sob, calling out, “Grandpa.”

Grandpa Fu responded with a gentle smile on his face, no longer gasping like before, his whole person having softened.

“Grandpa, you’ll be fine, Long Bow doesn’t want to change players, I came here to help Grandma take care of you. I’ll always be your Long Bow!” Long Bow said, tears falling down.

Yuan Suo stood at the side, wiping his tears secretly.

“Long Bow, you don’t have to be sad, grandpa is old. All partings in this world end with encounters, just like how you and grandpa met right?” Grandpa said emotionally.

Long Bow’s tears kept falling down.

“And grandpa and grandma have been separated for quite some time, so it’s a good thing to go and see her.”

Long Bow whimpered, unable to speak as he wiped his face roughly with his sleeve a few times.

Grandpa was probably tired, because after a few words his eyes closed halfway.

“Let Grandpa rest first.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

Long Bow nodded.

They withdrew from the ward temporarily. Fu Ping and his wife were waiting outside the door, the expressions on their faces not very good.

At this moment, Long Bow seemed to have suddenly thought of something!

“I, I want to go home.”

“What do you want to do at home? “Chen Sheng asked.

“Grandma’s photos. Grandpa usually looks at grandma’s photos every day. I’m going to fetch them for Grandpa.” Long Bow finished and before the others could speak, rushed out of Yuan Suo’s apartment.

Yuan Suo’s level wasn’t high enough and his range of activity was limited, so he could only watch Long Bow leave.

Chen Sheng opened his mouth, “He must have gone back to the computer, to take the photos himself.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “Kan Ming is keeping guard over there.”

Chen Sheng thought for a while then said, “Let’s go over and take a look too.”


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