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Chapter 32.2 ‘The little bunny’ and ‘the domineering president’

“A… a little.” He didn’t notice it before, but when Mo Yi Cheng asked, he felt a little hungry.

“You didn’t eat the dinner I sent in?”

“Ah? I didn’t see…. the dinner, but I’ve already drunk milk, Mo Yi Cheng doesn’t need to worry.”

No wonder the little thing was so sad, thinking that he didn’t want him anymore. It seems that the system had already started having problems when he transmitted the food. Then naturally that also meant that the message he’d sent to the little thing before everything started hadn’t been delivered.

“Du Du.”


“Let me take you for a midnight snack.” He remembered vaguely that there was a snack bar next to the wonton stall that seemed to be open 24/7.

“Okay, let’s go for a midnight snack.” Yuan Suo had never really sat down to eat with Mo Yi Cheng before!

Mo Yi Cheng carried him on his back, walking lightly all the way. Yuan Suo had change back to his original body. Although he was up to Mo Yi Cheng’s eyebrows, he estimated that he was only a little more than 1.75 meters, however he was very thin, so it took no effort to carry him on his back.

Yuan Suo was also very happy on Mo Yi Cheng’s broad back. It provided an indescribable sense of security even as warmth gathered in his heart, making him unable to help but smile.

Inside the snack bar.

A man in his early thirties was inside the store, watching TV.

Seeing customers come in, he got up to receive them but when he saw Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo he was obviously taken aback. The man was handsome, had an extraordinary temperament and looked very familiar and the teenager on his back was delicate and cute, extremely beautiful.

“What would you two…. like to eat.”

Mo Yi Cheng found a seat, put Yuan Suo down, then said to the boss, “Do you have hot wontons?”

“Yes, how many bowls do you want?” The boss asked.

“Two bowls.” Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

“Alright, just wait a minute!” The boss went to work in the back kitchen.

Yuan Suo sat on a chair. As he wasn’t wearing shoes, he could only suspend his feet, but because the chair was too short, he had to lift his knees, but he couldn’t hold on to them after a while.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled: “Having short legs are good on occasions.”

Yuan Suo blushed.

Mo Yi Cheng took his jacket off, folded it a few times, then crouched down and placed it under Yuan Suo’s feet.

“Put your feet on this. After you eat the bowl of hot wontons, you’ll be warm.” Yuan Suo had slept on the floor of the apartment for most of the night. If he didn’t get rid of the cold in time, afraid he would catch a cold later.

After a while, the boss brought two bowls of steaming hot wontons…

The wontons were stuffed with shrimps, pork belly, eggs, and other seasonings. This fragrance, in regards to the two people who were very hungry this late in the night, was very tempting.

Yuan Suo had never seen disposable chopsticks before, so he didn’t know how to use them, but why were they connected together?

Mo Yi Cheng broke his chopsticks apart and rubbed them against each other to smooth out the unevenness on them in order to prevent scratching the mouth.

“Use this.” Then he took a spoon from the bamboo tube, wiped it with a tissue and put it in Yuan Suo’s bowl.

Yuan Suo said thank you, took the chopsticks and spoon, lowered his head and began to eat the hot wontons.

The steaming hot air filled his delicate face, covering it in a misty cloud.

The little thing was eating very seriously. It looks like he was really hungry. He didn’t even wait for the first two wontons to cool down before shoving them into his mouth.

Seeing this, Mo Yi Cheng asked the boss to bring a small plate, then picked out the largest wontons in his bowl, blew on them, and put them on the plate.

“Eat these, those ones are too hot, they’ll hurt your stomach.”

Don’t know if it was because of the steam or something else, but Yuan Suo suddenly felt his nose became sore and his eyes start to heat up.

“Mm-hmm.” Not daring to raise his head, he ate all the wontons Mo Yi Cheng picked out one by one.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw that he was full, he took the bowl of wontons in front of him that had barely been touched, finished them in large bites, then glanced at the time.

“We should go back. In a little over two hours, we can ask Long Bow to help fix the game.” Yuan Suo being outside in his current state was definitely good, but it was because of a glitch in the game. They couldn’t rule out the possibility of something else happening that they weren’t prepared for, so it was better to send him back into the game first and level up slowly in the future. There would be a time…. when they could always together.

“En!” Yuan Suo’s stomach was full, and his body and feet were also warm.

Mo Yi Cheng got up, paid the bill, went around the table and bent over with his back to him, “Come up.”

Yuan Suo picked Mo Yi Cheng’s jacket up, helped Mo Yi Cheng put it on, then climbed onto his back.

At this moment, a girl’s voice suddenly came out from the back kitchen, “Brother, if there’s no guest then rest, tomorrow…..” The girl lifted the curtain, halfway through her sentence when she froze. She rubbed her sleepy eyes that were a little hazy….. then a look of caution immediately appeared in both of her eyes.

A tall and upright man was carrying a teenager in bunny pajamas on his back. The teenager seemed to be attracted by the sound of her voice as he turned his head curiously. He was so good looking that he took her breath away.

The girl endured and held back, not making a sound.

Ahhhhh!!! Was she being spoiled? She had just finished binge reading the ‘goddess of pure love’s’ masterpiece, [domineering president and his stunningly beautiful little bunny] throughout the night where the gong was a domineering and handsome man who controlled the lifeline of the entire empire! She had replaced the gong with her idol Mo Yi Cheng! As for the little bunny, she had never been able to come up with who was more suitable, but at this moment, this soft and delicate teenager was simply the prototype of the ‘little bunny’!

“What are you looking at? They’re gone.” The boss waved his big hand in front of his sister’s eyes twice.

The girl came back to then, as if waking up from a dream. Where was there still the figures of the domineering president and the little bunny? But… it was really a shame that she didn’t see the face of the gong just now. It must be that he wasn’t as handsome as her idol, so she took it upon herself to match this ‘little bunny’ and ‘the domineering president’ in a CP. In short, she’d had a good harvest this night, she was very satisfied.

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