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Chapter 31.2 The teenage Du Du!

The old man said: “It’s useless even if we get in the car. This dog can’t talk when he’s outside, you won’t be able to ask anything. We have to go home, he’ll be able to communicate once he enters the game.”

Mo Yi Cheng said hurriedly, “Alright, we’ll go back to your house immediately.” He signaled Kan Ming to invite the old man to get into the car then added, “My other two friends here will help you close the stall.”

Only then did the old man feel relieved to take his apron off and follow Mo Yi Cheng to the car.

Chen Sheng who was left behind to clean up the wonton stall jumped up resentfully, then rolled up his sleeves, “This is this young master’s first time serving someone else.” Then together with Chen Jiao started to close the stall.

Mo Yi Cheng and Kan Ming took one person and one dog back to the tube like building. The old man wasn’t walking fast, causing Mo Yi Cheng who was walking on the side to clench his fists, hating that he couldn’t carry him up the stairs. But this also gave him time to turn on the phone to check on Du Du’s current situation.

The room was still dim. Yuan Suo had been sitting on the floor of the study and probably very tired, had drifted off to sleep as he leaned against the bookshelf, but he was very restless, as if he was dreaming of something, his brows furrowed tightly.

Normally, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t even want him to take two steps on the ground with his bare feet, feeling distressed when he did so. Later, he simply placed thick carpets in the bedroom and living room, but now this little thing was sitting on the cold floor at night and had surprisingly fallen asleep. Mo Yi Cheng felt his heart break but he couldn’t do anything about it. He could only temporarily turn off the screen first, then say to the big yellow dog that was following the old man: “Are you Long Bow?”

The yellow dog gave a soft woof.

Sure enough, an elf could come out of the game whether it was through upgrading to a certain level or reaching a time limit. This also confirmed his previous guess about the ‘milk’ incident, but now wasn’t the time to talk about it.

They finally made their way up to the third floor with difficulty.

The old man took out the key to open the door.

The door had only opened by a crack but the big yellow dog went in through it first.

By the time Mo Yi Cheng and the others entered, the big yellow dog had already opened an old-fashioned computer in the room with his paws. Next to it was a highly configurated, very cool new computer by the looks of it, with various configurations on it that were extremely sophisticated.

After the computer was booted up successfully, the big yellow dog moved the mouse nimbly with its paws, then double-clicked a game icon on the desktop. It was the same ‘Elf Rebirth Program’ game that was on Mo Yi Cheng’s cell phone. The only difference was that this icon was based on Long Bow’s image, which was a Chinese field dog.

After the game started successfully, Long Bow jumped to the screen and then a burst of light flashed….The yellow dog disappeared out of thin air, replaced by a young Long Bow in the computer game interface.

The teenager in the game was none other than the game anchor who had many fans online – Fu Changgong.

Quickly accepting the fact that the yellow dog = elf = Long Bow, Mo Yi Cheng also made sure that at least this game was still running, because from Long Bow’s current situation, the game wasn’t malfunctioning. This meant that he could get in touch with the system again through Long Bow!

He explained the current situation of the game quickly, then turned on the screen, aiming it at Long Bow’s position to show him what was happening currently in the game.

When Long Bow saw Yuan Suo curled up in the darkness, sleeping in a ball on the floor as he also choked up from time to time, his heart immediately twisted with distress.

“I’m contacting the system now.” He had already reached level 60 and his understanding and mastery of the game was much more proficient than Yuan Suo. After a simple exchange by text message, he frowned and said, “Yuan Suo’s current condition should be from a malfunctioning in the system. Has your phone… ever had a glitch before?”

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it for a while then nodded. The last time the milk was boiling, the system had sent a message that the system had malfunctioned, but that it had been automatically repaired.

Long Bow said again: “After the system fails, it would automatically upgrade to repair the fault, but the vulnerabilities would need to be handled manually by the elf. It must be that Du Du doesn’t understand this aspect, so your game has always had this hidden danger.

According to my system, there was an earthquake in the real world associated with the game earlier and the source of the earthquake rippled through here, causing a small tremor. But I wasn’t inside the game at the time, so I didn’t know. If I’m not wrong, the existence of vulnerabilities inside Du Du’s system must have been caught up with the strong and extreme natural force associated with the earthquake, that was why today’s situation happened.

After Mo Yi Cheng finished listening to him, he asked, “So what should we do now, what should be done to fix the game?”

Long Bow thought about it, “The repairing of the system has to be done from the inside. Just restart the game inside the apartment, upgrade it again and it should be fine.”

“From the inside?” But with Du Du’s condition now, it was impossible for him to think of upgrading the system. In his small head, even in his sleep he was still saying that Mo Yi Cheng shouldn’t not want him. It seems he had already determined that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t want him because of the trouble he had caused, that was why the current situation had occured.

Long Bow nodded, “Repairing it from the inside is the quickest way, but in cases like this, even if it is left unattended, within three days the game’s only administrator would notice the abnormality and then repair it.”

Three days? For Mo Yi Cheng, three seconds now was like a kind of extreme torture. He simply couldn’t imagine what it would be like for the little thing to stay in such darkness for three days

“Three days is too long, is there any other way?”

“Yes, going to Du Du’s apartment to help him upgrade, but I’ll have to wait until it is dawn. My free time in the game is from 6am to 4pm and beyond that interval my activities are limited to certain areas. If I am to go to Du Du, we’ll have to wait until after 6 o’clock.”

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at the time. It was now eleven o’clock in the night. That was to say, it would take seven more hours!

“Is there a faster way?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Long Bow shook his head, “This is the fastest way I can think of.”

The next seven hours, were quite difficult for Mo Yi Cheng.

TL: Chapter 31.3 is just right here (it was a little too long).

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