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Chapter 31.3 The teenage Du Du!

Inside the game, Yuan Suo woke up in the early hours of the morning and probably freezing, sneezed twice, dazed for a while. Then he fumbled back to the living room, picked up the tablet that had been placed on the sofa and found that the network was still down. The light from the tablet shone on his face. His small face was pale and miserable, his eyes were swollen and the corners of his eyes were red.

“If there’s no signal, I can’t leave a message for Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo murmured in a low voice then clicked on Weibo, but the interface kept spinning in circles. This was the last way he could think of to contact Mo Yi Cheng.

After a while, he suddenly opened his mouth to comfort himself, “That, it’s okay, actually… it’s very already good.” His tears fell down again, but he wiped them away quickly, even though no one could see, “It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re already very happy! Mo Yi Cheng was so good to Du Du. Although time seems to have passed by quickly, happy times always go by faster. Moreover, Mo Yi Cheng is so busy with work, if he has to take care of Du Du, it would be too troublesome, Du Du has to understand…”

But even after he persuaded himself, there was still no sound, then a low sob sounded.

Mo Yi Cheng sent messages to the game through the system over and over again. Even though he knew that the current Du Du simply couldn’t see them, it seemed that this was the only way to relieve the soreness he felt in his chest.

He asked Chen Jiao to send Chen Sheng back, but Chen Sheng refused. However he was too sleepy, so he could only ask Chen Jiao to send him to a nearby hotel for one night. Grandpa Fu went to bed first and Kan Ming closed his eyes, resting on the single sofa by the doorway.

Mo Yi Cheng guarded the phone and the computer, the expression on his face serious as he waited. Long Bow who was being looked at directly panicked, “I say… Mo Ge, can we relax a bit? The look in your eyes is making my back tingle.”

“Sorry.” Mo Yi Cheng moved, rubbing his astringent eyes. Yuan Suo who was in the phone was already lying with his back on the sofa, holding the tablet. His big eyes would close for a while, then open again. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know what he was thinking, but at least he was no longer lying on the floor, tears falling from his eyes. He was a little relieved. As long as he could hold on until six o’clock tomorrow morning, everything would be okay.

After one o’clock in the morning, Long Bow really couldn’t continue. He usually played games all night, but just sitting like this, he couldn’t control the wave of sleepiness that came over him.

“You rest, don’t mind me.” Mo Yi Cheng said to him.

Long Bow thought about it for a while and without saying anything more, slept on the bed in his apartment in the game with his clothes on.

Although Kan Ming had closed his eyes, his the whole body was in a complete state of readiness, his eyes opening at the slightest movement. Mo Yi Cheng had just walked to the door when he saw that Kan Ming was about to get up. He waved his hand, motioning for him not to move, whispering: “I’m going out for a while, but I’ll be back soon. You stay here and watch the computer.”

Kan Ming considered it, “Okay, then take care.”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng opened the door and went out.

It was already 2:10 in the morning.

Mo Yi Cheng only felt that the time was passing by like years, and the air in the old crowded room was so thin that he couldn’t breathe.

Going downstairs, the temperature in S city was low in the early morning, the slightly humid cold wind that blew on one’s face waking them up instantly.

Holding his phone in one hand, he looked up at the moonlight in the sky, then walked towards the entrance of the alley.

The moonlight slanted downwards, stretching his tall and upright shadow. The wind rattled the branches of the old trees at the entrance of the alley, issuing a rustling sound.




Short and harsh sounds suddenly came from the phone that Mo Yi Cheng was holding tightly in his hand, while the game interface that he hadn’t exited also glowed with a red light! A red warning bell that covered almost half of the screen kept rotating even as it emitted an ear-piercing sound.

Mo Yi Cheng was shocked.

Yuan Suo who was inside the game seemed to have heard the sound, waking up from his shallow dream as he looked around in a dazed and confused manner.

The alarm bells came from all directions, and Yuan Suo was so scared that he didn’t know where to hide. Grabbing a pillow, he curled up on top of the sofa, not daring to come out.

“Du Du! Don’t be afraid!” Mo Yi Cheng broke into a run, heading back. Long Bow might know what was going on!

Du Du who was inside the game felt an inexplicable sucking force in the air. He seemed to have lost control over his arms, body and legs. He watched as the panda pillow he had been holding floated slowly in the air.

“Ahh!” He screamed out in horror.

Mo Yi Cheng’s heart missed by half a beat. He looked at the screen, only to find… that the power supply in the apartment had been restored and the room was brightly lit, but… the apartment was empty, where was Du Du?

System emergency alert: Due to system failure, connection to the elf Du Du has been lost in the game space and the system is unable to find and locate him.

Mo Yi Cheng’s whole body froze in place, as if he had been struck by lightning, his brain blanking for a few seconds.

And at this moment, a soft and sticky voice came from behind, filled with trembling, “Mo… Mo Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng could hardly believe his ears as he turned around slowly.

Behind him, stood a barefooted teenager.

The teenager was slender and very thin, wearing a pajamas and probably because of the shock, you could barely see any blood on his already fair skin. His light brown hair was slightly disheveled, his upturned nose and fleshy lips exuding a unique youthful aura.

The teenager’s two hands clutched the hem of his shirt, his pair of large eyes seeming to be filled with stars, the corners of his eyes slightly red…

“Mo… Mo Yi Cheng.” The teenager opened his mouth, calling out.

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  1. Omg 😱 Duduuuuuu. Long Bow is such a good boy. Kinda cute that his human is an old fellow. I wonder if MYC will connect more closely with them now. I wonder how baby can come out of the game though.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s out! out he is! omg!!!! can’t wait for the next chapter!! >3< <3 <3 Thank you so much for the double update! <3

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