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Chapter 31.1 The teenage Du Du!

Kan Ming’s eyes lit up. Yes, this was a very good breakthrough. If Long Bow was inextricably linked to the game, now that the game was malfunctioning, they might be able to find useful clues if they found him.

Mo Yi Cheng walked towards the elevator quickly, with Chen Sheng following behind uneasily.

Four people and two cars, sped to Green Park District.

The car had just moved a short distance when a familiar sound suddenly came from Mo Yi Cheng’s phone.


Mo Yi Cheng’s hands shook as he unlocked it quickly with his fingerprints. It really was the sound of successfully logging in to the game! But then he discovered that something was wrong!

Yuan Suo’s apartment was very dark, and there was no light coming in from the windows. Only one emergency light was on in the living room, barely allowing one to see the furnishings inside due to the darkness.

Usually, when Mo Yi Cheng appeared, when he wasn’t using the stealth mode, Yuan Suo would greet him immediately, but now the room was full of silence, too quiet, making him tremble.

He yelled anxiously, “Du Du?”

There was no response.

“Du Du, are you there?” He tried his best to calm down and lower his voice.

When Kan Ming, who was driving in the front row heard Mo Yi Cheng’s words, he remained unmoved, still driving the car hurriedly.

Mo Yi Cheng yelled twice again, one call more urgent than the other.

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound from inside the house.

It came… from the gap between the sofa and the coffee table! Because the area around sofa and coffee table was dark and away from the light, he hadn’t noticed that Yuan Suo was hiding there.

Mo Yi Cheng’s heart that was hanging heart finally fell slightly.

“Du Du.”

Yuan Suo moved twice before he was able to get up from the small gap, but because he had been curled up for too long, his arms and legs had became stiff. As he moved, he felt a burst of numbness and stinging pain, so he had to sit back down again.

“Ugh…..” A small voice sounded, like an abandoned kitten. He had been sitting here the whole night, but Mo Yi Cheng still hadn’t returned. His pair of big eyes were bright in the dark, the tear tracks on his face that hadn’t been wiped away showing.

Mo Yi Cheng gradually realized that Du Du seemed… to be unable to hear his voice, nor see him, so he began to try to send text messages into the game. However, although the game showed that it had been sent, there was still no response from Yuan Suo. It was obvious that the message hadn’t been delivered at all.

At this moment, Mo Yi Cheng saw Yuan Suo struggling to stand up from in between the gap of the sofa again, his two hands wiping his eyes. He should… have cried, Mo Yi Cheng’s breath stopped.

Yuan Suo stood in place for a while, waiting until his feet were no longer numb before he walked step by step from the living room towards the study. Because the room was too dark, there were several times where he almost hit the corners of the walls around him, tripping over the debris. During that short walk from the living room to the study, Mo Yi Cheng’s heart nearly stopped in shock several times as he broke out in cold sweat.

Yuan Suo entered the study. The emergency light in the study was slightly brighter than the one in the living room, making it so that he was able to see Yuan Suo’s crying face clearly.

Yuan Suo thought for a while, then crouched down and opened a small drawer under the bookcase.

Mo Yi Cheng knew what was inside. All of Yuan Suo’s other drawings were kept in the large cabinet above. This relatively hidden small place, was where he secretly stored his personal drawings of Mo Yi Cheng.

This little thing this was…

Yuan Suo took out all the drawings from inside, hugged them, held them in his hands for a while, then looked around blankly, sniffling twice, his eyes becoming red again.

“Mo Yi Cheng.” As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice that had become hoarse sounded.

Mo Yi Cheng’s heart ached, almost unable to continue watching.

“Du Du doesn’t want to be an elf without a player, and he doesn’t want to be another player’s elf.”

“Mo Yi Cheng, I will never get into trouble again.”

“Mo Yi Cheng, I will never go and do a part-time job again…”

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’ll be obedient in the future, can you please not leave me…..”

In the darkness, Du Du leaned against the bookcase and sat down, curling up again as he called out to Mo Yi Cheng, his voice hoarse and pitiful.

Mo Yi Cheng felt as if several bloody holes had been poked his heart, no matter what he did they wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“Kan Ming, drive faster!” He forced himself to calm down, he had to be calm. What he needed to do right now was to find that person called Long Bow as soon as possible. If he really came from the game, then he could contact the game’s producer through Long Bow’s player’s cell phone. No matter what price he had to pay, the normal operation of the game had to be restored as soon as possible

“Yes.” Kan Ming increased the speed.

He put on his bluetooth headset, every word that Yuan Suo said in a crying voice hitting him like a sharp edge.

“Faster.” Mo Yi Cheng ordered.

Chen Sheng and Chen Jiao were inside another car, Chen Sheng couldn’t drive after drinking.

“Mo Yi Cheng has gone crazy, a person who is usually so cautious, look at how the car has exceeded the speed limit.” Chen Sheng looked at the gap that was increasing in front of him.

Chen Jiao didn’t say a word, his foot stepping on the accelerator, immediately following from behind.

As Chen Sheng wasn’t prepared, his body slammed backwards due to the inertia, “F*ck, comrade assistant, have you guys from the Mo family gone crazy…”

Chen Jiao apologized sheepishly, “Sorry, President Chen, but sit tight, I have to follow Mo Ge.”

The two cars raced through the streets, late in the night.

Soon they arrived at the place where Mo Yi Cheng and Kan Ming had visited during the day. Unlike the bustling downtown area, there were at most two rows of street lights on both sides of the street, plus some new buildings with sparse neon signs hanging on them. On the other side where the tube like building was, the whole place was dark.

They drove the cars to the outside of the tube like building. Mo Yi Cheng got out of the car first while Kan Ming followed with a flashlight on.

Because they were afraid that too many people would cause unnecessary trouble, Chen Sheng and Chen Jiao waited below.

The two quickly went up to the third floor. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t wait for Kan Ming to make a move, knocking on the door of room 303.

There was no response from the inside.

“Old Uncle!” He knocked on the door with increasing intensity.

The door of the Fu family didn’t open, but a young man across from them pushed his door open with an unkempt appearance, a feather duster in his hand.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng and Kan Ming, he recognized Kan Ming as the person who had come during the day. He put the feather duster in his hand down and complained, “This two big brothers, this late at night, why are you causing such a racket!”

Kan Ming said hurriedly: “Sorry, we are looking for someone from this family because of a very urgent situation. I’m really sorry for disturbing you.”

The young man scratched his head vigorously, “But, two big brothers, there is no one at home, so it’s useless even if you knock! The uncle doesn’t return until after eleven o’clock every night, and it’s still half an hour away.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked quickly, “How could an old man come back so late? Where do we have to go to find him?”

The young man said, “At the wonton stall downstairs just at the mouth of the alley, you…” Halfway through his words, he seemed to recognize Mo Yi Cheng under the dim lights of the corridor, “You… you… you are… Mo Yi Cheng!”

Not waiting for him to finish speaking, Mo Yi Cheng had already rushed downstairs.

Kan Ming turned to the young man, “You have the wrong person.” With that, he also followed, going down the stairs.

The young man rubbed his eyes that were a little sore from playing games for a long time, a big question mark in his heart as he closed the door with a puzzled look on his face.

Mo Yi Cheng ran down the stairs and jumped into the driver’s seat. When Kan Ming saw this, he hurried to the passenger seat. Chen Sheng and Chen Jiao who were originally waiting inside the car, started their car when they saw the two of them come out.

Mo Yi Cheng backed out of the area sharply, knocking over the half-high metal trash can next to it, leaving a scratch on its body. After turning the car around, he stepped on the accelerator, driving the car towards the alley they had passed by on the way in. He’d had an impression of the little wonton stall when the lights had flashed by!

Everyone who lived on this street knew that there was a wonton stall at the entrance of the alley.

And those who had lived on this street for many years knew that the wonton stall at the entrance of the alley had been open for decades.

The stall owners had first gone from the two middle-aged couple to an old man. Rain or shine, summer or winter, the wonton stall would still be lit up with a small light at night, and people who came home late would go there to buy a bowl of hot, thin-skinned wontons, which warmed their hungry stomachs as well as the unbearable coldness that they had gotten from the road of life.

At this time, the old man at the wonton stall was ready to close. He wrapped the last bowl of wonton he had cook in a bag.

On a bench beside the wonton stall lay a Chinese field dog with golden fur, eyes closed halfway lazily. When he saw the old man closing the stall, he jumped down from the bench, stretched his waist, then followed the old man as he went about busily.

Two strong rays of light suddenly shone from the mouth of the alley.

The big yellow dog’s eyes were dazzled for a moment, then it dodged, then looked again and found that it was the two luxury cars that had driven in earlier. Two luxury cars in this kind of place late at night was really surprising, but now it just wanted to help the old man pack the things quickly and then return home.

Unexpectedly, the car stopped sharply in front of the stall.

The doors opened, and two men came down from inside.

The leader had a death grip on the cell phone in his hand, but when the big yellow dog saw his face, he froze…

“Old man!” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t notice the big yellow dog on the ground looking up at him in shock, going straight to the old man who was closing the stall.

“Hello, old man, we met during the day, do you still remember me?” Mo Yi Cheng tried to calm himself down.

“The old man looked up, “Ah, I remember. Why are you here again, do you want to eat wonton? There’s none left today, you’ll have to come back tomorrow if you want to eat some.”

Mo Yi Cheng said: “Old man, we came to disturb you this late at night because we have encountered a very serious problem. Please, you have to tell me where Fu Changgong is.”

The old man’s hand that was packing the things paused, “Didn’t I tell you during the day…”

“Old Uncle!” Kan Ming stepped forward, “Old Uncle, we really have a very important matter that’s why we want to see your grandson Fu Changgong, we don’t have any bad intentions.”

“….. Ai, why are you young people so difficult nowadays? There were also some young people who I don’t know where they got the information from that came here looking for Long Bow, saying that they wanted his autograph. He is a kid, but you want him to sign, what are you going to use it for?”

“Old uncle.” Mo Yi Cheng grabbed the old man’s wrist, unable to control his strength, trembling slightly as he said, “Old man, something happened to my elf, please, I need Long Bow’s help.”

The old man’s originally calm expression finally moved when he heard the word ‘elf’.

“You… what did you just say… this old man didn’t hear it well.”

Mo Yi Cheng had already gotten the answer from the old man’s reaction, he clutched the old man’s wrist, saying sincerely again, “Old man, I beg you, I can agree to any conditions. My elf is your grandson’s friend, his name is Du Du.”

As soon as his words fell, the big yellow dog which hadn’t made a sound before suddenly barked twice, both anxious and shocked.

When the old man heard the big yellow dog barking, he hesitated then said surprisingly to the big yellow dog, “Is what they are saying true?”

The big yellow dog nodded immediately.

The old man asked again: “His name is Du Du?”

The big yellow dog nodded again, barking.

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at the big yellow dog, seeming to understand something, but after being shocked, his thoughts went back to restoring the game first.

“Old man, please help me.” After saying that, he looked down at the big yellow dog and said, “Please help Du Du.”

“Woof woof!” The big yellow dog barked twice.

The old man sighed then patted Mo Yi Cheng’s hand, “Alright, young man, let’s talk about it slowly, my old bones really can’t stand your grasp.”

Mo Yi Cheng let go quickly, then said, “Then please get in the car, and… your dog.”

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