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Chapter 28.1 The angry Mo Yi Cheng!

“Mo Mo Mo…” Yuan Suo’s eyes widened as he stammered, like a cassette player.

Dang clang—-

Yuan Suo’s two hands grasped the corners of his clothes, knocking off the little gray mouse on the table because he was too nervous. The water in the rabbit cup was also knocked over, the water snaking down the table…

The barrage in the live broadcast room was refreshed once again:

“Was the little cutie making kissing sounds just now?

“Kiss, kiss little cutie, mua mua~”

“Mua mua mua! (*╯3╰)”

“Am I hearing things, why do I seem to hear Mo Yi Cheng’s voice?”

“Same here!”

“Ahhhhh what’s going on?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, it’s just a coincidence!”


[Woof Star Visitor] has gone offline.

There were shouts of regret in the comments section below, followed by speculation about where the cute little cutie was from.

“He sounds like a high school student?”

“Soft and sticky doesn’t mean he is young! It feels like he is a soft and cute senior!”

 “Please show your face!”

“Ahhhhh that’s Long Bow’s account! It seems as if I know an unspeakable secret!!!”

“But I clearly heard Master Mo voice!”

The host, amidst the flurry of off-topic comments from the netizens, calmly tried to bring the topic back and continue with the next segment. But the end of this broadcast, was destined to go further and further down the road of no return…


Inside the game.

Yuan Suo carefully shut down the laptop and under Mo Yi Cheng’s low-pressure gaze, took the rag, squatted on the floor and wiped the water that had spilled out of the cup, running back and forth three times with his short legs, before finally cleaning up that little bit of water.

Mo Yi Cheng stared at the screen in a relaxed manner, not exposing the fact that the ground was about to be rubbed through. Since the little thing was just trying to stall for time, he would see how long he can stall. Today’s matter, must definitely be explained.

Yuan Suo also knew that he couldn’t avoid it. After the third time of ‘wiping the ground dry’, he sent the rag back, stood beside the computer desk properly with his head lowered dejectedly, the expression on his face showing that he knew he was wrong.

Mo Yi Cheng took a deep breath, unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, and breathed more smoothly.


“Woo…” Say what? It wasn’t that he didn’t want to answer, but that he didn’t know where to start.

“Didn’t you say you were going to watch a movie tonight? How come you run to the live broadcast platform, and those… acting cute words, who taught you?” Mo Yi Cheng tone didn’t carry any blame, but it was just a few points heavier than usual. This little thing didn’t say anything but unexpectedly caused such a huge commotion.

Whilst Yuan Suo had been busy wiping the floor, he had taken a look at Weibo. The latest trending topic was –#adorable little cutie I want to eat him up#. Of course… some were a little unpleasant –#Long Bow’s little cutie# and then there were the better one’s –#Mo Yi Cheng’s little cutie# at the top…

Yuan Suo hesitated, then opened his mouth, answering Mo Yi Cheng’s question seriously one by one: “That….. I watched the movie, Du Du fast forwarded it.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Yuan Suo continued, “I… I ran to the live broadcast platform because I found a part-time job that allows people to sit at home and earn money. The boss said you can earn 100 yuan an hour as long as you can type well.” In Yuan Suo’s mind, 100 yuan was equal to 10,000 gold coins inside the game! Hence 100 was a very large amount to him.

Mo Yi Cheng: “….” Is that why he kept typing every day?

“Those… those words, I found them in the emoticon pack myself. They say that they are the most powerful words for spraying people…..” As Yuan Suo said this, his voice became smaller and smaller.

Mo Yi Cheng was completely stunned, overwhelmed by the plot. As a movie emperor he had acted so many scripts, but this… this the was most unexpected.

“Part-time job?”

Yuan Suo stammered for a while. He wanted to explain but didn’t know how to go about it, so he simply went to take his tablet. After opening it, he showed Mo Yi Cheng the only two comments below the Weibo, one of which read: Recruiting typists: Settlement on the same day, 100 yuan per hour, suitable for students or people with babies at home…

Mo Yi Cheng closed his eyes and asked Yuan Suo to turn the tablet off.

Yuan Suo turned it off obediently, and peeked at Mo Yi Cheng out of the corners of his eyes.

“… Mo Yi Cheng?” Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t spoken for a long time, he called his name somewhat timidly. Knowing that he had made a mistake this time and probably also caused trouble, he called out again ingratiatingly, “Mo Yi Cheng. I’m sorry, I… I was wrong… I’m not a good little cookie.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Forget… forget it. The little thing had nothing more than an extreme lack of social common sense, getting a part-time job was also a sign that he was a go-getter. The movie emperor carried out a highly efficient but quick self-persuasion in his heart, the expression on his face finally becoming better.

However, this little thing had actually lied today! Previously when he had asked him, he spoke about watching a movie and then drawing. The result, he had gone online to “spray” people and to a live broadcast with hundreds of thousands of people. This little thing was really too bold. There was one in a million chance that his identity had been exposed and he feared the hidden trouble it had left behind. Now he called people around to collect and investigate the relevant information for Yuan Suo’s sake, so it didn’t exclude the fact that other players were also doing the same thing.

“From today onwards, your time on online is going to be restricted, and if you’re going to have contact with people outside of school it has to be reported in advance, and you’re not allowed to think about making money anymore.” Mo Yi Cheng said, deliberately aggravating the tone of his voice somewhat.

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