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Chapter 28.2 The angry Mo Yi Cheng!

After Yuan Suo heard this, he lowered his head with regret then raised it again and asked tentatively: “Then….. then can I collect the salary that I earned this time? The boss said that money can be transferred online.” After he received his salary, he could buy a gift for Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng answered simply: “No.”

“Oh…” When Yuan Suo thought of the fact that he wouldn’t be able to receive the salary he had worked hard for during the past few days, his nose became sore. What was more uncomfortable was that he had already thought of a gift and was going to ask Long Bow to buy it in the real world and bring it to him then give it to Mo Yi Cheng as a birthday present. “But, I want to buy something with it.” Yuan Suo made a last attempt to change Mo Yi Cheng’s mind.

“You can tell me what you buy. No matter what it is, I will buy it for you, but the outside world is very complicated. The way you look makes me very worried. If something like this happens again in the future, I will be really angry.” Mo Yi Cheng was a little anxious when he saw that the little thing hadn’t given up, he was afraid, very afraid that the little thing would go behind his back and do those so-called part-time jobs in the future. He wasn’t afraid that he would get into trouble, but that the risk of being cheated and encountering danger wasn’t worth the loss.

This was the first time Yuan Suo had been reprimanded by Mo Yi Cheng like this. He was so frightened that he didn’t dare move. After a few tries, his voice was weak as he mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

“Alright, go and clean up and get ready to rest.” Mo Yi Cheng was prepared to teach the little guy a lesson today, so he didn’t say any words to comfort him the same way he usually did afterwards.

Yuan Suo tidied up his small table, chair, and the things above his computer table quickly and then went to take a shower.

Mo Yi Cheng got into the car and told Chen Jiao to drive straight home.

At the same time, he searched what had happened tonight, and sure enough, tonight’s [Woof Star Visitor’s] spraying incident by Yuan Suo had reached a fever pitch online.

The speculation about Yuan Suo’s identity was divided into two camps: the “soft and cute little angel” and the “soft and glutinous senior”. The audio of Yuan Suo’s ‘spraying’ was downloaded and forwarded wildly on the internet, with many people exclaiming that it was cute and even setting it as their phone’s ringtone. There were also some people who held on to the “Du Du” that was very similar to Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, but they had to give up because they didn’t have any concrete evidence.

As for the person involved, the anchor Long Bow, he insisted that his account had been stolen and that the whole thing had nothing to do with him!

Mo Yi Cheng’s fingers paused.

Long Bow? The account Yuan Suo had used belonged to this person?

Yuan Suo took a shower and came out with his hair wet. His whole body was melancholic. His eyes and nose were red, and probably because he was afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would see, he whispered a goodnight and then got into the quilt obediently.

Mo Yi Cheng sighed and asked him to get up.

Yuan Suo sat on the edge of the bed with his back to Mo Yi Cheng obediently. Mo Yi Cheng shook his head helplessly, clicked on the blow dry hair, and the hair dryer started. Soon, Yuan Suo’s soft hair was dry.

Mo Yi Cheng thought for a while then asked, “The login account you used today, it belongs to Long Bow?”

“En, yes.” Yuan Suo kept his head down, his eyes red as he answered the questions honestly.

“Long Bow is the elf you spoke about before, the one you said you rode the school bus together with?”

“Hmm, it’s him.”

If the Long Bow in the game that Yuan Suo spoke about was really the anchor, then as long as he followed the connection line from Long Bow’s side, he would be able to find other ‘players’, and perhaps learn more information about the game.

As time went by, Mo Yi Cheng became more and more insecure about the game. The little thing in the phone was real, the game was real, but everything was so out of his control. In the event of any accident, even if he had a lot of money, he would be rendered helpless, so he could only try to obtain information in various ways through various means. Before this, Kan Ming had already received first-hand news from the UK that there was a likelihood that a ‘player’ existed, but many clues had been cut off due to various reasons. The current Long Bow… was a good breakthrough.

Mo Yi Cheng found a screenshot of Long Bow’s live broadcast image online and asked Yuan Suo for confirmation.

Yuan Suo looked at it closely, “En, it’s Long Bow.”

Mo Yi Cheng contacted Kan Ming hurriedly, then asked Chen Sheng to find out what had happened later in the day, then he said to Yuan Suo, “The milk is by the bedside, drink a little, then rinse your mouth before going to bed.”

Yuan Suo responded happily, then with his two legs dangling on the side of the bed, gulped down the milk, a small milk ring forming around the circle of his mouth.

Mo Yi Cheng quit the game, called Kan Ming, and asked him to immediately investigate the game anchor Long Bow on ZZ live platform, including all his information, stating that he wanted to get his hands on it in the shortest possible time.

Yuan Suo finished the milk, took the cup to the kitchen and washed it, rinsed his mouth again, then went back to bed and got under the covers. The bed was soft and warm, but he still felt a bit sad in his heart, as if it was being pinched by someone, it was stifling.

He persuaded himself in the same way he had just done in the bathroom. Mo Yi Cheng was doing it for his own good, and he had lied first, so he should be criticized!

Although he hadn’t been able to earn the money to buy a gift, he could give another. If it wasn’t possible then he could make a do-it-yourself! Thinking this way, he felt a lot better in his heart, and hugging the warm quilt, slowly fell asleep…..

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I just read all in one sitting and I love it~
    Du Du is the cutest! Very silly and problematic, but precious
    Mo Yi Cheng keeps being overprotective, but he really is solving problems and the mystery bit by bit! I’m rooting for him to grow a spine in front of madam Mo, though OvQ
    Chen Jian (the cutie who’s the assistant?) Is great, and I hope he will be happy and have his dream come true! He’s obviously good-looking, but has a troubled past, so I wish him the best!
    Rip Long Bow-ge, I hope dudu didn’t ruin his job with the “spray”
    Also, the little elf, Fei? I hope he will be able to change players, I know he can be better!

    Above all, thank you for the quality in every translation! I also noticed that the updates are quick, so I am even more grateful!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you 💜
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