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Chapter 27.2 Du Du’s part-time job

That same night, after struggling again and again with himself, Yuan Suo finally made up his mind to contact the ‘job recruitment’ account below his post and was added a friend and pulled into a group in a confusing manner. There were a lot of people in the group, with everyone talking over one another, before the group leader finally came out to maintain order and then started assigning tasks.

Yuan Suo didn’t know that he had joined a mysterious organization called the ‘professional water army’, thinking that he had found a part-time job just like Long Bow and Su Yi, and that he could earn a small amount of money from his hard work. In order to be able to type faster, he practiced for an hour every day until finally, his hand speed became a little faster.

Mo Yi Cheng had recently been invited to participate in an online ‘Jedi XX’ game star tournament. The organizers took advantage of this to promote the game and increase the visibility of the video platform that had just launched live broadcasting after Cheng Sheng took over the family business, since many people had their eyes on him.

“You only need to show your face, leave the showing off of the skills to the professional players and anchors in the show.” Chen Sheng entreated, being absolutely sincere.

After trying to play for a few days, Mo Yi Cheng had quickly gotten the hang of it. Although he couldn’t compete with professional players, it was enough to make the atmosphere in the live broadcast lively.

When Mo Yi Cheng entered the game, he only saw Yuan Suo inside the phone typing seriously in front of the laptop.

“It’s time to rest, it’s already late.” Mo Yi Cheng warmed the milk up and urged the little thing to go to bed.

Yuan Suo rubbed his eyes that were a little sore from staring at the screen. After saying good night to the recruiting boss and the people in the group, he went offline and turned the laptop off. The boss said there would be ‘live work’ to do in two days and that as long as one could type, they would be able to make money. This was really too great! He also said that he wanted them to prepare a few more ZZ live broadcast accounts, but he didn’t know how to do that.

Mo Yi Cheng felt that there was something wrong with Yuan Suo recently. With the exception of drawing, he usually spent most of his time watching movies or browsing through Weibo, but these past two days he had just been typing words in a document, and it wasn’t that he was writing something or even following a book. He was just typing, his little body straight and very serious, even the two ears on the hat of the pajamas looked serious.

He had asked twice, but Yuan Suo just kept silent, not say anything, looking nervous as if he was being bullied. In the end, Mo Yi Cheng’s heart softened so much that he didn’t continue asking.


A few days later, after the setting sun went down.

Long Bow lay on the side of the wonton stall for a while, his ears moving at the slightest movement. After a dozing off a few times, he barked at his player as a way of saying goodbye then went back inside the game.

As he moved, he changed back into his human form, changed his clothes, turned on the computer, logged in to the game, and then into the live broadcast interface.

Today, his live broadcast platform was holding a large-scale event, and he as one of the top ten game anchors on the ZZ live broadcast platform was invited to participate.

As soon as he logged in, he found that his other platform account [Woof Star Visitors] was also online. As it was one of his small accounts, the vast majority of his fans were aware of it. He didn’t pay too much to it, only thinking in his heart that it turns out Yuan Suo wanted to watch the live broadcast that was why he had asked him to lend him his platform account.

Both the game developers and the platform attached great importance to this live broadcast, with many celebrities having been invited due to the very good pre-publicity. Therefore, in this official live broadcast room, those who were able to speak today were required to have certain permissions to prevent the water army from making trouble, so he only thought that Yuan Suo had come to ask for it because he didn’t have a high-level account to interact with others.

As the only game anchor who wasn’t broadcasting live at the company today, Long Bow was pulled to debug the equipment to test the network speed as soon as he went online, all thoughts of Yuan Suo flashing away. At the same time, when a certain working young lady who was preparing for the interactive session saw her idol’s account online, she immediately became a little excited, secretly thinking that she could have an interactive session with him covertly for a while.


“Yi Cheng, I really want to thank you for today. We have been competing with XX for the live broadcast of this mobile game for a long time. In the end, it was your name that sealed the deal. Once we bag the investors, I will knock on…” Chen Sheng originally wanted to say he would knock on Mo Yi Cheng’s head, but when he thought that of the fact that he was asking for something today, he turned it around immediately, “I will knock on my head.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded noncommittally. Chen Jiao followed behind him, holding his jacket and another cell phone in his hand.

Chen Sheng glanced at Chen Jiao then asked Mo Yi Cheng, a little surprised, “You changed your assistant? Where did that little fatty go?” There was no ridicule or mockery in his tone, just pure curiosity.

Chen Jiao froze, his mouth opening but unable to make a sound.

Mo Yi Cheng gave Chen Sheng the side eye, then said indifferently, “I didn’t change assistants.”

“What?” Chen Sheng was shocked, “I say, little brother, your change…” Chen Sheng couldn’t believe his eyes.

Mo Yi Cheng spoke: “He is 3 years older than you, it is not appropriate to call him little brother, call him Brother Chen.”

Chen Sheng was shocked once again! After a mental calculation, this little fat… not fat assistant was 30 years old? But how come he looked like he just graduated from university!

Without waiting for Chen Sheng to speak, Chen Jiao quickly said in a humble and modest manner: “Pre… President Chen, you can just call me Chen Jiao.”


Everything was ready for the live broadcast, they were just waiting for it to reach the scheduled time to start.

Fans of each player had already entered the live room early, the pop-ups in the barrage blocking the face of the host who was heating the place up. Among them, Mo Yi Cheng’s fans were the most spectacular ones, with all kinds of love confessions and gifts flying wildly…

Yuan Suo who was sitting in front of his laptop was a little confused, wondering why the boss had asked him to prepare the words for spraying people in advance? Didn’t he come to type part-time? Why did he have to spray people?

“Show your professionalism, don’t be a wimp!” When Yuan Suo went to the group to ask for advice, a brother replied.

Hmm… Du Du isn’t a wimp.

But where could he find words for spraying?

He got an idea.

Taking out his tablet, he logged in to the chat software and found the emoji packs he had collected previously.

There were a lot of words for spraying in it!

He hurriedly wrote them down one by one, and then held the small book, eager to use them to fight in his first battle as a water army soldier.

Mo Yi Cheng had already prepared dinner for Yuan Suo and had also transmitted the cut fruit he had asked Chen Jiao to buy before the start of the event. There were eyes everywhere at the live broadcast, so it wasn’t convenient to enter the game. Only texts could be used to transmit information, so he sent a message, asking him not to stare at the screen all night, and to move about when appropriate.

Yuan Suo quickly replied with an emoji of him wearing rabbit ears pajamas, nodding furiously.

Mo Yi Cheng then put his cell phone inside his pocket, assured.

As soon as the activity started, there were some water army’s in the message area, but Chen Sheng’s staff had already prepared for this. They forked them out and blocked their IP, basically maintaining a very green and friendly environment.

Yuan Suo was very nervous as he typed the words he got from the emoji package, his fingers shaking as he clicked send.


Just when the water army members in the group were banned, Yuan Suo, using Long Bow’s small account, typed out the ‘special spraying language’ he had collected online, the words floating across the screen…

They included:

Why are you so silly fufu oh!!!

Which little biscuit are you!!!

Banana you little apple!

You look like Picasso’s abstract painting ╭(╯^╰)╮!!!

You’re a flying pig!

So angry that I’m eating my hand…

A few minutes later.

Even after the display of dazzling skills by Long Bow and a group of anchors as they dueled live ended, the crowd’s emotions were still thoroughly mobilized.

Yuan Suo wiped the sweat off his forehead with satisfaction.

A few of Long Bow’s sharp-eyed hard core fans had vaguely noticed that something was a little off with their boss’s small account, but their boss never gave his account to outsiders, could it be that it had been hacked?

Long Bow who had been ‘hacked’ was completely unaware of what was happening.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t even know that the ‘spraying’ comments on the screen that was coming in very persistently and quickly was from his own elf.

Finally, it was time for Mo Yi Cheng to make his grand finale appearance.

“Ahhhhh, after waiting all night, Yi Cheng has finally appeared!”

“Oh oh oh ~ Yi Cheng, Yi Cheng.”

“You’re finally here–“

“Love rivals, quick, send hearts!!!!”

Mo Yi Cheng said hello to everyone then simply started playing the game amidst the frenzy of pop-ups. Naturally, his skills couldn’t be compared to that of professionals, but the fans weren’t looking for their idol to show off his skills. Just a slight frown as he played the game was enough to charm a large number of fans as they sent screenshots of them licking their screens.

Yuan Suo was still focused on ‘spraying’, but his typing speed was too slow, moreover he had to type according to the emoji’s, hence it took him a long time to send one out.

Just as he finished typing, ‘I don’t like you this little cookie, please soak yourself in milk!’ and was about to send it out, he looked up and saw Mo Yi Cheng on the screen!

His hands suddenly froze, his mouth wide open as he stammered, “Mo… Mo… Mo Yi Cheng.”

Mo Yi Cheng had said before that he would work late today, and that he was going to participate in a live broadcast event, but he hadn’t expected it to be this one!

Mo Yi Cheng’s expression as he played the game was serious and grave, his eyes different from usual, the aura around him so bitingly cold that one couldn’t help but hold their breath.

Both of Yuan Suo’s hands fell on top of the keyboard, only coming back to himself after a long time.

That, Mo Yi Cheng said he wasn’t allowed to work…. If he was discovered…. He deleted all the words he had typed one by one with a guilty conscience, but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Mo Yi Cheng who on the screen, staring at him… Mo Yi Cheng was really good-looking oh….

Mo Yi Cheng’s session was soon over. The host excitedly asked him to sign a doll on the spot and then gave it to one of the lucky fans.

As soon as Mo Yi Cheng left, the number of viewers dropped, but the effect that the organizers wanted had been already achieved, so at the end it was just a few anchors interacting with the fans on the scene to absorb some of the popularity.

“Now, we will randomly select fans who have reached the standard level from the fans to speak online. Fans who get the chance to be chosen can get game equipment and gift packs!” The host introduced the final interactive session.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng leaving, Yuan Suo became a little bolder again.

Someone in the water army group sent a message.

“If I am chosen, I will absolutely turn everything upside down.”

“It’s impossible. Those who are chosen are already pre-determined, they are basically insiders.”

“I don’t know about that, the world is full of strange things. Can’t you see that the account of the new rookie ‘Grand Duke’ who came the other day has actually been chosen?”

“Fu*k, so awesome?”

Rookie Yuan Suo was so frightened at that moment that he froze in his chair. He didn’t know why he had been randomly selected by the staff to speak online!

There two other people ahead of him were already done. One had confessed her love for her idol, and the other one wanted an autograph from his idol and for his idol to add him as a friend to his gaming account.

Yuan Suo hands became weak. He turned his tablet on and quickly sent a message to the boss, asking him what he should do if he got caught. T﹏T

The ‘boss’ was already ready to call it a day, but when he saw Yuan Suo’s message, he was overwhelmed. It seems his group was about to become famous in the spraying circle!

“What else do you think? Do what I usually teach you, no need to spray the game, focus on spraying the platform’s anchor, spraying the platform is too bad!”

When Yuan Suo heard this he was confused. In actual fact, he had been temporarily recruited without ‘training’ at all, so he didn’t know the specific difference between spraying the platform, spraying the anchor, and spraying the game, but at this moment he couldn’t hesitate, because it was already his turn to speak.

“May I ask this netizen named [Woof Star Visitor], which anchor would you like to say something to or do you have any wishes?” After the host finished speaking, some of the people immediately reacted below. This was Long Bow’s account. Long Bow had also noticed it. He was a bit surprised, but he thought perhaps the little thing wanted to say something to cheer him up!

“This netizen, if you don’t speak, we can only regretfully cut off the link.” When the host saw that there was no sound, he began to signal the staff to move on to the next person.

“That…” Just at the moment when they were about to cut off the link, [Woof Star Visitor] spoke.

“Wait! “The host stopped the cancellation, saying with a smile: “Woof Star Visitor, please start speaking, we can hear your voice.”

Yuan Suo’s nervous brain was completely blank as he sat in front of the laptop, the palms of his clenched hands wet and greasy.

“I… I…” Now that Mo Yi Cheng was gone, he shouldn’t be discovered right? Yuan Suo thought hopefully.

“This fan, don’t be nervous.” The host said kindly.

Thinking that he was at work, Yuan Suo clenched his small fists to cheer himself up, then summoned up the courage to say into the small microphone hole in the laptop, “You, you which little cookie are you!”

Host: “….”

Long Bow: “.…”

Everyone: “….”

Mo Yi Cheng had finished talking to Chen Sheng and was about to leave when he heard a voice he was more than familiar with, soft and waxy, like strawberry-flavored cotton candy.

Was it a coincidence? That was Mo Yi Cheng’s first reaction. After all how could Yuan Suo’s voice appear on the live broadcast platform? Maybe it was someone with an identical voice?

Just then, the host wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Uh… this fan, you are… nervous right?”

Yuan Suo wiped the sweat off his forehead, and said: “I, I…I am very nervous, I am about to start spraying people, tremble! Which, which little cookie are you, the platform is too bad, um… I’m so angry that I’m about to eat my hands…” Yuan Suo’s voice was soft and sticky, with the childishness of a teenager, and accompanied by the ‘swear words’ on the emoji pack and his tone, it was simply so cute that it made people’s hands and feet soften~

The host was so surprised that he didn’t stop it in time, allowing Yuan Suo the chance to continue reading the emoji even as he stuttered.

The flying barrage below that went up almost matched the time when Mo Yi Cheng appeared.

“Super cute!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh whose little cutie is this, if no one wants him I’ll contract him!!!”

“He’s mine! Don’t steal him!”

“Ah ah ah ahhhh, I want to climb along the network’s cable, put him in my bag and take him home!”

The jaw of Long Bow who knew the truth behind the account had already dropped to his chin. His desire to survive prompted him to clarify to the people around him immediately that he hadn’t used this account in a long time. This was definitely a conspiracy, a hacking conspiracy!

The people in the water army group were more than confused, collectively commenting, “Which fuck**g cookie is this?”

Mo Yi Cheng entered the lounge for the first time and after asking Chen Jiao to wait outside, turned on his phone quickly and entered the game.

Actually, in his heart, he was more inclined to believe that Yuan Suo was watching a movie as he held his tablet, or concentrating as he drew and that the person who was wildly reciting the moe spraying emoji packs in front of the national audience…. His hand shook, his whole body freezing. Because what he saw, was that he was logged into ZZ platform, facing the screen, his cheeks flushed from nervousness as he held a crumpled note in his hand, reading the emoji packs…

He gritted his teeth.

The staff was ready to hang up the call, but the comments below were flying by like crazy, strongly requesting that they allow the little cutie to continue performing, some even suspected that this was the organizer’s hidden surprise. Chen Sheng found that the direction seemed to be good? So with a wave of his hand, he told them to hold off on hanging up….

Yuan Suo was totally focused, completely unaware that Mo Yi Cheng was behind him.

“Du Du.”

When the two cold words reached his ears, Yuan Suo’s body stiffened, almost falling off the chair.

Mo, Mo, Mo Yi Cheng?

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