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Chapter 25.2 Du Du doesn’t want to change players

The plane had already taken off for a while. Mo Yi Cheng ordered a glass of red wine, drank two sips, moved restlessly, then changed his posture, but Yuan Suo’s pair of clear eyes full of tears was still in his mind. After releasing a long sigh, he put the empty glass down, having made a decision in his heart.

At Mo Yi Cheng’s request, the game lifted Po Fei’s restraining order, but continued with monitoring him in real time for a certain period of time to make sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt other elves again.

It was late in the night and Yuan Suo was still immersed in the studio. Having studied for almost half a month, he had made rapid progress in all aspects. He tried to posting some of his recent works to Weibo, some of which were paintings of Mo Yi Cheng, tagged with Mo Yi Cheng’s name, and the number of readers was very large, with the number of likes above three digits. So taking advantage of having two days off, Yuan Suo plucked up the courage and posted the first chapter of the strip comic he had drawn to Weibo with a brand new hashtag #thebestyou.

The comic was drawn based on his experience after coming to the game. Of course, due to the confidentiality of the game, some plots and settings had been fabricated and adapted. But the first chapter, was the image of him raising his head and seeing Mo Yi Cheng in real life, and even up until today, as long as he closed his eyes, he could still see it so vividly.

Although Yuan Suo’s Weibo had a five figure followers because of a previous like by Mo Yi Cheng, this Weibo, which didn’t obviously mark out their favorite idol, was naturally ignored.

Yuan Suo was a little bit lost, not knowing why. After waiting for a day with his cell phone in hand, one person finally liked it at dinner and left a comment: good. He clicked on the commenter’s avatar excitedly and found that it was a new account that had just been registered. He hesitated for a while, but didn’t click to follow, afraid that he would scare the person away if he was too active.

“Drink your milk and go to bed.” Mo Yi Cheng had recently picked up a new script, and the start of shooting was scheduled for a month later. During the past few days he had been integrating himself into the role, hence his hair and beard were longer than usual.

In the beginning, Yuan Suo wasn’t quite used to it, but after looking at it for a long time, he found that it was particularly manly! So finally unable to resist the itching, he drew an image of a bearded Mo Yi Cheng.

“It’s not… it’s not yet time.” Yuan Suo’s pen moved faster, his small buttocks seemingly stuck to the chair.

“If you don’t go to sleep, you’ll be late for school tomorrow morning.” Mo Yi Cheng knew the little thing’s weakness.

After hesitating for a while, Yuan Suo really put his pen down, secretly deciding in his mind to get up a little earlier tomorrow morning to complete the drawing.

He clipped the sketches into his book carefully, then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Mo Yi Cheng drank a mouthful of milk, clicked open the book lightly and looked through Yuan Suo’s drawings one by one. The last one was a drawing that for the most part looked exactly like him, with seemingly scruffy long hair and stubble that made him look more manly.

Using 20 gold coins, he took the rough sketch out, took a picture of it to keep as a souvenir, then sent it back. After that movie emperor Mo returned to his bedroom with his phone, satisfied, just waiting for the little thing with short legs to come out and then urge him to go to bed to rest, the day perfectly spent.

Ding ling~

WeChat notification sound.

It was from Mother Mo.

He clicked on it. It was an address and time, then a voice message came. Mother Mo sounded both excited and expectant: “Yi Cheng, when you meet Meng Xue tomorrow, send a bouquet of flowers, don’t buy care products again. I heard your uncle Lin say that she is now also involved in some film and television investments, so you’ll have plenty topics to talk about!”

Mo Yi Cheng frowned after listening to the message then returned: I know.

Yuan Suo had just came back from brushing his teeth and was climbing the bed when he heard Mother Mo’s voice. He froze for a moment, then directly slid off the bed, falling on the floor with his bare feet.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng saw that the little thing had a doubtful expression on his face.

Yuan Suo thought for a moment, “Is Mo Yi Cheng going to meet a friend?”

It turns out that he heard the voice message. Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Kind of… a friend.”

Yuan Suo asked, “Is it a good friend?”

Mo Yi Cheng, “Not a good friend.”

“Ah…” Yuan Suo seemed to sigh in relief, then he continued to climb onto the bed. After climbing halfway, he thought of something, stopped and hanging on the edge of the bed, hesitated a few times, then asked: “Then who is Mo Yi Cheng’s best friend?”

Mo Yi Cheng laughed, “It’s a little guy.”

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