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Chapter 26.1 Du Du don’t cry o(╥﹏╥)o

The next day.

The sky was getting darker.

Chen Jiao stopped the car.

“Mo Ge, we’re here.” Mo Yi Cheng gave the information he had received from Mother Mo last night to Chen Jiao. Chen Jiao looked through the time line scheduled in the itinerary and brought him to the designated place five minutes ahead of time.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “You’re also tired so take a break today, just ask Xiao Liu to pick me up.”

Chen Jiao, “Ok, thank you Mo Ge.”

Lin Meng Xue was already waiting in the restaurant. The two of them were positioned in a relatively secluded corner, just against the window.

Actually, putting aside the rejection of this disguised ‘blind date’, Mo Yi Cheng’s impression of this Miss Lin who had just returned home wasn’t bad. Their conversations were decent and generous, but the string in his heart wasn’t touched. In other words, it was okay to be friends, but not lovers.

Lin Meng Xue’s dress today made her look sweet and generous. Her coffee-colored long hair had been styled carefully and hanged behind her like seaweed, her knee-length one-shoulder half-body dress showed the curves on her body to the fullest without being too revealing. Her slender calves were exposed, wearing a pair of handmade customized high heels.

She had obviously done her homework, as most of the topics of their chat this time focused on the entertainment industry, including some film and television investments, current market trends, IP craze and so on. Mo Yi Cheng also expressed some of his views frankly out of politeness.

After the meal, both of them were fairly satisfied.

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at the time. School was over by now for Yuan Suo. Although there was no need to pick him up, it was better to make dinner first, as although Yuan Suo was now learning how to cook on his own, the few desserts that he had been taught at school were ones he had never heard of, moreover some of the ingredients were temporarily unavailable in the store, so Yuan Suo’s ability to feed himself was still stuck in the snacking state.

Leaving the restaurant, the driver drove Lin Meng Xue back home first, then sent Mo Yi Cheng back.


Yuan Suo burped contentedly. Rubbing his stomach, he wished he could lie on the sofa forever and never get up.

“Mo Yi Cheng, the sushi you made is so delicious! It’s a hundred times better than the one in the school cafeteria!” He followed Mo Yi Cheng’s principle of cleaning up after dinner and began to diligently tidy up the mess on his table.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded as he flipped through the script.

“Uh, Mo Yi Cheng, why is there discarded sushi inside the trash can at home…”

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand that was flipping through the script paused, then he said without the expression on his face changing: “The raw materials for that sushi wasn’t qualified, so it was eliminated.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.” Yuan Suo didn’t doubt Mo Yi Cheng’s words in the slightest.

Mo Yi Cheng cleared his throat, secretly saying to himself that he had been really careless. It turns out that on the way back today, he suddenly saw a famous sushi restaurant and thinking that he had never made sushi for Yuan Suo, he thought to give it a little try. The result was that the ingredients hadn’t been mastered well, as he almost threw up on the spot when he took it out to taste. In the end, he could only ask his driver Xiao Liu, to drive them back to the Japanese restaurant and ordered their signature sushi, which he brought back home with him and took pictures of, sending it into the game. The sushi made by movie emperor Mo, naturally went into the trash can, but he had forgotten to click the clean up button, which led to him being nearly exposed in front of Yuan Suo.

A few days later, an exclusive revelation that stated ‘national husband Mo Yi Cheng’s love affair confirmed’ caused a huge sensation on the internet.

The source claimed that he had taken pictures of Mo Yi Cheng’s secret meeting with a girl who wasn’t a part of the entertainment circle. The two acted intimately, leaving together in the same car to a luxurious villa area after their dinner, and that he suspected them of living together.

The picture below the news was slightly blurred due to distance and light, but one could still recognize that the man in the picture was Mo Yi Cheng and the girl on the other side of the table was Lin Meng Xue, the person he had had dinner with that day.

All kinds of rumors spread all over online for a while, with various detectives, punsters, and fans gathering to lay out facts and reasonings, eventually digging out the identity of the woman.

Soon, they dug up the identity of Mo Yi Cheng’s mysterious ‘girlfriend’ as a daughter of a family worth hundreds of millions in fortune who had just returned from studying abroad and it was unknown where a certain group of people found some real life photos, naming her as someone who had descended from the sky and that if she made a debut, the little flowers in the circle would have to give way.

“Mo Ge, the company has already made a move, I believe it will be handled properly.” Chen Jiao was afraid that this incident would affect Mo Yi Cheng’s magazine shoot today.

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  1. Finally caught up. Your translations and this novel left me with an unhealthy disrespect for tomorrow’s responsibilities. It’s nearly 2:30 in the morning and I have class in a couple of hours, but cute is justice.
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