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Chapter 25.1 Du Du doesn’t want to change players

The windows rolled down a little.

Chen Jiao’s nervous face unfolded before Mo Yi Yan’s eyes bit by bit.

This was the first time Mo Yi Yan had come so close to his little brother’s assistant. This face…. he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his temples and couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment.

Chen Jiao’s entire body froze, swallowing nervously, “Mr. Mo, is something wrong?”

Mo Yi Yan bowed slightly, told himself to calm down, then looked at Chen Jiao’s face again… seeming to have regained his usual impression. After a slight pause of two seconds, he said, “The matter with Qian He, we have wronged you, the entertainment circle is like this, don’t think too much. Take care of Yi Cheng.”

Was this… comforting him? Chen Jiao nodded stiffly, “Okay.”

“Go ahead, drive slowly on the road.” After saying this, Mo Yi Yan got up and turned around to leave.

Chen Jiao stared at Mo Yi Yan’s back, frozen for two seconds before coming back to his senses after the cold wind blew in. He said thank you hurriedly and drove the car out, forgetting to close the windows.

Only two people were left in the car.

Having no need to avoid Chen Jiao, Mo Yi Cheng took out his phone and clicked into the game interface.

Yuan Suo was really sitting on the sofa obediently, holding the drawing board and concentrating on drawing, a half-eaten fruit platter next to him, his lunch box half empty. Mo Yi Cheng guessed that the little thing had eaten almost all of it, so he just needed to prepare a little more milk in the evening.

“Mo Yi Cheng, you’re back!” When Yuan Suo saw Mo Yi Cheng, he put the drawing board down hurriedly and stood up on the sofa.

Mo Yi Cheng was wearing headphones, not afraid that Chen Jiao would hear Yuan Suo’s words.

He asked, “How was school today?”

Yuan Suo: “It was… good.”

Mo Yi Cheng thought that his operation had gone wrong, and that he had failed to isolate that elf named Po Fei, or that he had run into some trouble again, asking with concern, “What’s wrong? Did someone bully you again?”

Yuan Suo waved his hands quickly, “No….. no one bullied me. It’s because I didn’t do very well in class today.”

Mo Yi Cheng relaxed, then raised his eyebrows, “Was it because you were too full that you dozed off?”

“No, Du Du didn’t doze.” Although he was a little sleepy in the afternoon after eating, he perked up quickly! “It’s because I wasn’t concentrating… so the teacher called my name in class.”

So that was the case. Mo Yi Cheng’s slender fingers tapped Yuan Suo’s head on the screen, pretending to be serious: “It’s probably because you were craving walnuts. I’ll add some walnuts to the milk tonight to nourish your brain.”

“I… I wasn’t.” Yuan Suo stammered

Mo Yi Cheng teased, “Then I won’t add walnuts.”

Yuan Suo added hurriedly: “You… you can add them.” He liked nutty foods.

“So you were craving for walnuts?”

“….” Yuan Suo was winded until he was dizzy. In the end he twisted his fingers at the same time, a smile spread at the corners Mo Yi Cheng’s lips.

Yuan Suo who finally smoothed out his thinking, determined that he wanted to eat walnuts, also taking the opportunity to tell Mo Yi Cheng about what he had learned at the school.

Mo Yi Cheng finally understood why Yuan Suo had looked so scared that he was about to cry the first time he saw him and also understood why the little thing was always timid and would rather wrong himself than dare to disturb him easily whether he was sick or starving.

That was because the fate of the elves was determined to some extent by the players matched by the system.

Elves were a unique existing copy, and so were the players. Each elf could only be matched to one player in his lifetime, and if the player chose to uninstall the game the first time or chose to abandon the elf later in the game, then the elf faced the likelihood of disappearing completely. Hence, many elves in the game would even bring certain benefits to the player through their labor in the game, so that they could better ensure their survival, or to give themselves a sense of security.

However, there was a situation where the elf could be matched with another player again. That was, if the existing player died and voluntarily transferred ownership of the elf to another person, or if the phone was destroyed due to an unpredictable eventuality, then the elf had a second chance of having another owner again.

And the elf Po Fei who bullied Yuan Suo changed owners because his previous owner passed away. His new owner didn’t treat him well and because of this, the originally slightly aloof but pure-hearted elf, became more and more gloomy.

As if thinking of something terrible, Yuan Suo’s big eyes filled with tears, his two hands gripped together uneasily, saying firmly to Mo Yi Cheng: “Du Du doesn’t want to change players, he never wants to.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s breath stagnated. He reached out and rubbed his hand on the screen, trying to wipe his tears away, “No, never.”

Yuan Suo’s turn tears into a smile, “Then… can you give him another chance?” Seeing Mo Yi Cheng frowning, Yuan Suo for the first time clicked the [pull the corner of the player’s shirt] boldly on the system.

Although the corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s shirt wasn’t really pulled, when the line [Du Du is pulling the corner of your shirt] appeared on the screen, he seemed to really feel the corner of his shirt being tugged, and his heart became heavy.

“…. Okay.”

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