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Chapter 24. 1 The highest level of protection!

Yuan Suo ran in through the door, throwing the little school bag behind him down with a clatter. The little thing’s face was flushed, it was obvious that the trip to the park had gone very well.

Mo Yi Cheng finally let go of the worry in his heart, greeting him with a smile. As a result, it seemed as if Yuan Suo was pouncing into his arms, running straight towards him. When Mo Yi Cheng saw him pouncing over, he subconsciously opened his arms to pick him up. Fortunately he stopped in time before he hit the screen on the wall.

“Next time don’t be so rash, understand?” Mo Yi Cheng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he didn’t bump into the wall.

Yuan Suo smiled fearlessly, “Mmm, there won’t be a next time!”

And then Yuan Suo couldn’t wait to tell him about what he had experienced on his journey, and also the photos he had taken for Mo Yi Cheng to see. When he reached the part where there were two elderly elves with the same Q version low-level skin as him in the game, Mo Yi Cheng had some doubts in his heart, but he couldn’t think of anytime for the time being.

“Don’t just eat other people’s food when you go outside in the future.” Mo Yi Cheng said.

“Oh, I… I shared the fruit Mo Yi Cheng gave me with them, and the candy too.” He was embarrassed by what Mo Yi Cheng said.

Seeing that he had misunderstood, Mo Yi Cheng comforted, “It’s not that you are a greedy cat, I’m afraid that the things outside…. aren’t good for your stomach, that you will hurt get sick if you eat something bad.”

So Mo Yi Cheng was worried about him. Yuan Suo was immediately grateful, promising not to eat anything from strangers in the future.

The next day, Yuan Suo took the bus to school.

Long Bow had been waiting for him already, waving at Yuan Suo when he saw him. Su Yi hadn’t seen him for a few days and was a bit anxious, thinking that when the little chubby cutie got onto the bus, she definitely had to poke him in the face a few more time, to make up for the previous times!

Taking Long Bow’s hand, Yuan Suo entered the school bus nimbly with his short legs. Yuan Suo who didn’t see through Su Yi’s plot waved his hand at her, greeting her with a bright smile on his face. The moment Su Yi stretched her hand, Long Bow quickly reached out to stop it, “What are you doing? The last time you pinched him until he was red. Du Du said, in the future no one is allowed to do that.”

Su Yi said disappointedly, “Really?” Such a good feeling, in the future she wouldn’t be able to pinch it again?

Du Du sat down and nodded seriously, “My player said, no one is allowed to pinch my face.”

Although Su Yi was upset, she could also understand. If she had such a cute elf, she would guard and protect him and not allow anyone to covet him.

After saying a few more words, Yuan Suo realized that the gloomy boy in the corner wasn’t in the bus today. But the six people on the bus had different class times and subjects, so it was normal not to see each other occasionally, hence he didn’t think much of it.

When the school bus arrived at the school, he got off the bus but felt something unusual. Why was everyone intentionally or unintentionally looking at them?

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he looked up and saw Long Bow pointing to the screen in front of the school gate.

On the screen was a picture of the gloomy boy with his profile written on it:

Elf: Po Fei, 19 years old, level 25. Two days ago he caused injury in the school bus to Elf B, it was investigated by the teaching department and the situation was found to be true, so he has been penalized. The player of Elf B submitted an application to the system for the highest level of protection, and the system has allowed it, so Elf Po Fei is not allowed to move within one kilometer of Elf B’s space.

The big red seal below it was very majestic.

Although the announcement deliberately omitted Yuan Suo’s name, many people in the school knew that Po Fei had been behind him when he fell before.

Su Yi hadn’t been at school that day so she was surprised: “Who did Po Fei hurt? Du Du?”

Long Bow nodded.

Su Yi sighed, saying with envy, “Finding the Ministry of Education to complain and also turning on the highest level of protection, Du Du’s player is really good to him.”

Long Bow added: “And very wealthy as well as powerful too.”

Su Yi nodded enviously.

Long Bow asked, “Will you still pinch his face in the future?”

Su Yi was embarrassed as she said, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare.” But that soft and squishy face felt really good when pinched, but I can resist…

Today’s class was art, the class Yuan Suo was most excited about and loved. But he was a little slower to get into the mood than in the previous two classes, Po Fei’s gloomy eyes and pale face appearing in his mind from time to time. He heard from his classmates that after he was banned from appearing within 1000 meters of him, he wasn’t even allowed to take the cooking course but had to choose another subject, and the school would also notify his player, which would have a great impact on his subsequent upgrades.

“Student Du Du.”

“Here!” He stood up at once when his name was called, almost hitting the easel. His appearance was very cute, making everyone laughed good naturedly, even the teacher smiled, “Listen to the lesson carefully.”

He nodded and apologized quickly, not daring to slack off again.

At the end of the day’s classes, he was back to his usual self, running back to his apartment with his short legs, expecting to see Mo Yi Cheng at the first opportunity.

But this time the front wall inside the room was empty, Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t online.

Somewhat lost, he put his school bag down, put his shoes at the door, changed his clothes, and then sat on the sofa bored, clicking on the TV, but his big round eyes kept glancing at the wall, expecting Mo Yi Cheng to appear at any second.

Mo Yi Cheng had a look of urgency on his face ever since he disembarked from the plane, entering the vip channel directly to the car driven by the Mo family. The other staff members sat in another car, but Chen Jiao followed him into the car, holding his coat.

“Has big brother arrived yet?” Mo Yi Cheng asked the driver.

The driver sat upright, answering, “At the time I was leaving, eldest young master hadn’t arrived yet.”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t ask any more questions, taking out his cell phone to call the landline at home.

It was the butler who answered the phone and when he heard Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, he said to Mother Mo on the other side, “Madam, second young master is back.”

Mo Yi Cheng asked hurriedly, “How is Mom’s condition now?”

The butler answered: “The doctor has come to check, it’s not a big deal, but she has to rest in bed for a few days.”

Mo Yi Cheng relaxed slightly, but told the driver to drive a little faster.

He had gone to work outside the city today when he received a call from the butler saying that Mother Mo had accidentally fallen down when she was watering the flowers in the garden.

As soon as he finished, he rushed back to S City at the first opportunity.

The system sent a notice message that Yuan Suo had come back from school to his phone. He looked at the driver in the front row, and didn’t click on the game interface, sending a message instead: ‘Play by yourself first, if you’re hungry, eat a little something.’

When Yuan Suo received the message from Mo Yi Cheng, his frustration was swept away, regaining his vitality. Mo Yi Cheng must be too busy with work, but even so he still thought about him. He was really so good to him, the best and kindest person in the whole wide world.

He clicked the received button.

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