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Chapter 23.2 Abel and Anie inside the park!

The grandpa immediately sighed helplessly then opened his mouth, his voice low and deep, giving off an extremely majestic feeling, “Hello.”

Yuan Suo was a bit pressured by Abel’s powerful aura, rushing out, “Excuse…. excuse me, I’m sorry, I’ll go to the pavilion over there.”

The grandma smiled quickly, assuring him, “It’s okay, few people usually come here, it’s our luck to be able to see such a cute little elf, come over for a cup of afternoon tea and some snacks.”

Yuan Suo hesitated a bit. Great kindness was really hard to come by, so he sat over carefully.

“Little thing, what’s your name?” Abel opened his mouth, his temperament and tone of voice making Yuan Suo have an illusion for a moment, as if he was in front of the generals in the interstellar space.

“Du Du.”

The grandma poured a cup of tea for him, put some snacks on a dinner plate, then smiled, “My name is Anie, you can call him Grandpa Abel.”

Du Du took the food, thanked her quickly, then said softly, “Grandma Anie, Grandpa Abel.”

Anie smiled kindly and Abel’s face that had been shuttered melted slightly as he said, “Eat.”

“En…. “Yuan Suo took the cup of tea obediently and took a small sip. Then remembering something, he quickly took his small school bag that he had put down and opened it, wanting to take out the fruit box and juice inside to share. The result was that the umbrella, butt cushion and small jacket had all been placed on top of it, so he had to pull it all out bit by bit, making a small mountain on top of the table in front of him. Finally he found the fruits, juice and candy at the bottom of the bag. With a red face, he put the other things back.

Anie said to her husband with an emotional sigh, “This little guy’s player likes him very much.”

Abel didn’t respond, but his eyes paused for a moment on the candy that Yuan Suo was holding in his hand, then quickly averted his gaze again.

Yuan Suo saw this and immediately passed the candy in his hand over generously, “Here, does Grandpa Abel want to eat this piece of candy?”

“Cough, cough, cough…. I don’t….”

“He eats it, he loves to eat candy, but he isn’t allowed to tell people.” Grandma Anie exposed Abel, then forked a piece of fruit with a fork and gestured with her eyes for Yuan Suo to give him the candy.

Yuan Suo summoned up his courage, jumped off the small stone bench and went to the front of Abel, “Grandpa Abel, it’s orange flavored.”

Abel seemed to have been touched by the word ‘orange flavor’. He coughed, then finally raised his hand to take the candy. He didn’t look and didn’t eat it, he just held it tightly, then said a thank you stiffly.

Yuan Suo was happy to be able to give out the candy, eating the dessert with the black tea. It was just that he was a little confused, Grandma Anie had obviously already asked his name, but every once in a while she would ask again, however he still answered again and again very patiently.

Finally, he took some photos with his tablet, said goodbye to Abel and Anie and hurried back after seeing the time.


Mo Yi Cheng watched the time, waiting for Yuan Suo to return. Chen Jiao had come over in between to report some of the things that were next on the itinerary. After a few days of peace and quiet, work would start again.

There were still ten minutes left before it would be one hour. Mo Yi Cheng tried his best to control himself not to look at his phone, but he still couldn’t stop tapping on it to see if Yuan Suo had returned.

His phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and answered it quickly.

The caller was Mo Yi Cheng’s special assistant Kan Ming, who helped him take care of some of the company’s affairs, a competent and cautious person. The Mo family had once lent a hand to save his family in their most difficult time, so it could be said that they were their life-saving benefactor, so he was quite sincere to Mo Yi Cheng.

“Kan Ming, how did it go?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Kan Ming seemed to be in an extremely secluded place, as he had lowered his voice, “Second young master, this is the latest progress. Recently in the UK, a Lord used a lot of power in search for well-known brain and neurology experts around the world, the whole process was extremely hidden. The doctors who did the consultation signed a confidentiality agreement, but I don’t know which link went wrong, the news still leaked out, the doctors the Lord searched for were said to have treated a…. virtual character.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s breath stagnated, his brows wrinkling, “What else?”

“That’s all for now.”

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng gave a few more instructions then hung up.

At the same time, the sound of Yuan Suo’s footsteps came from outside the door together with a series of “Mo Yi Cheng, Mo Yi Cheng, Mo Yi Cheng I’m back!”

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  1. Seems that MYC isn’t the only one who dotes endlessly on his cute elf ☺️

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. “Grandma Anie had obviously already asked his name, but every once in a while she would ask again”

    “well-known brain and neurology experts”

    Oh no…

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