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Chapter 24.2 The highest level of protection!

A dynamic expression of Yuan Suo holding a small red rice bowl and nodding frantically was sent to Mo Yi Cheng’s phone.

Looking at the little cute animated expression, Mo Yi Cheng’s back that had been taut with tension all the way relaxed slightly.

The car drove directly into the Mo family’s villa, a black Maybach was parked inside the yard. It seems Mo Yi Yan had already arrived home in time.

The moment Chen Jiao saw Mo Yi Yan’s car, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated a little and the hand that was holding Mo Yi Cheng’s coat tightened. He and Qian He were in a bloody storm on the internet, and there was still no end in sight. Although he wasn’t at fault, it was indeed because of him.

The butler went up to welcome them and Mo Yi Cheng got off, with Chen Jiao following behind him, his head buried. The butler who hadn’t seen Chen Jiao for a long time froze with surprise when he saw him. He seemed to be… a lot thinner than before.

Mo Yi Cheng walked very fast, causing Chen Jiao and the housekeeper to speed up their pace behind him, entering the hall just in time to see Mo Yi Yan come down from the second floor, on the phone.

Mo Yi Yan put the call on hold and said to Mo Yi Cheng, “It’s not a big deal, it’s mainly because she misses her son.” He didn’t even look at Chen Jiao, who was too nervous to look up.

Mo Yi Cheng understood immediately.

Before approaching the door, he asked the butler, “How did my mom fall?”

The butler, “Madam went to catch a butterfly, slipped and then just sat on the ground.”


Entering Mother Mo’s bedroom, he saw that Liang Shaoning had already given her medicine. Seeing Mo Yi Cheng, the two just nodded at each other in greeting.

He sat on the edge of the bed, “Mom, why are you so careless?”

Mother Mo just stretched out her leg that was wrapped in gauze out, sighing deeply, “Isn’t it because I’m bored? If only I could be like the other sisters, carrying a sticky grandchild…”

Ten minutes later, Mother Mo was still talking non stop.

When Mo Yi Cheng discovered that his elder brother Mo Yi Yan still hadn’t finished his call or returned by now, he knew that he might have been betrayed.

“Mom, you can rest easy now, sooner or later you will have a grandchild.”

Mother Mo grabbed her son’s hand, “When will that be? I’ve already given up on your big brother’s treatment, and the third is still young, mom can only count on you.”


“Right, have you been in touch with Meng Xue lately?” She wiped away tears that didn’t exist.

Mo Yi Cheng answered, “We aren’t a good match.”

“Then what kind do you like? Mom can introduce some to you. I know you’re a movie star followed by a swarm of girls, but if you really want to find a person who you can get along with, sincerely love each other, it is very difficult.”

Mother Mo’s words actually hit Mo Yi Cheng’s situation straight on the head. He was surrounded by many girls, and also pursued by many people, but it was difficult for him to find a person he could get along with in the most ordinary capacity and way.

“Yi Cheng, listen to me, Meng Xue is really good. How about this, why don’t you meet again to chat, just take it as friends getting in touch with other.” Mother Mo said persuasively. Mo Yi Cheng wanted to refuse, but looking at her swollen ankle, he helplessly chose to be silent.

He had to fly back to the shooting city that same night, there was a variety event that he had tomorrow to attend as an honoured guest. After having dinner, he made to leave. Chen Jiao waited outside. As Mo Yi Cheng got into the car, Mo Yi Yan who was following behind called out to him, waving at his driver to wait, then walked towards them.

The Mo family’s genes were the best. In terms of appearance, Mo Yi Cheng was definitely at the top of the list in the Mo family, but in terms of oppressive aura, Mo Yi Yan who had been killing it in the business world for a long time definitely surpassed them.

When Chen Jiao saw Mo Yi Yan walking their way, he didn’t even care about opening the door for Mo Yi Cheng. He opened the door, hurried to the driver’s seat, then closed the door quickly.

Mo Yi Yan took out a cigarette and lit it. Taking a puff, he exhaled, white smoke coming out of his thin lips, making his angular face deeper and more charming, “I’ve asked someone to surpress the Qian He issue.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded. The way things had calmed down so quickly, he suspected that Mo Yi Yan had intervened, otherwise relying on Qian He and that small studio behind him, after provoking Mo Yi Cheng and being caught with solid evidence, afraid he would have been sprayed out of the entertainment circle.

“Is he still around?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Mo Yi Yan paused, “No, although rare, after seeing it for a long time, it’s just the same, don’t worry.”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t deny it, saying instead, “I have recently contacted some domestic and foreign neurological medical experts, ask Kan Ming to invite them to take a look some day.”

Mo Yi Yan brought the cigarette to his lips, inhaled it, then smiled, “I have seen them for so many years, but… alright.” He asked, “What, are you rushing to B City?”

“Hmm, followed by maybe two more runs before I get back.”

“Take good care of yourself.” Mo Yi Yan patted his brother’s shoulder, suddenly realizing that his brother’s shoulders were already so broad that they were no less inferior to his.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, opened the door and got into the car.

Chen Jiao had heard the conversation between the two people outside the car very clearly. His face was slightly pale, but his expression wasn’t visible in the dark.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng getting in, he started the car.

Knock, knock! Someone suddenly knocked twice on the window from the outside.

Chen Jiao turned his head and was startled, his palms instantly becoming sweaty.

It was Mo Yi Yan knocking on the car window.

He turned back subconsciously to look at Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, the meaning in his eyes clear ‘he is looking for you, you don’t have to look at me.’

Chen Jiao hesitated, then lowered the window.

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