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Chapter 23.1 Abel and Anie inside the park!

Mo Yi Cheng came to the conclusion that the results achieved outside the game can also be exchanged for points inside the game, and the speed of upgrading was far more faster than the ones gained from inside the game. What had happened these past few days had also made him start to secretly send people to look for some high-tech talents, trying to get more information related to interdimensional life or parallel space.

Slightly tired, he closed the laptop and began to help Du Du prepare dinner. Now most of the time, the two dined together. Either he operated the phone to prepare a meal and then spent a certain amount of gold coins to take part of it out, or he called someone to make it in advance or he took Yuan Suo with him to eat out.

Today, after the two of them finished dinner together, Yuan Suo washed the dishes with Mo Yi Cheng obediently, then took his small apron off, washed his hands and stood in the living room, rubbing his hands together, wanting to say something but hesitating.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo’s gaze flicked to the window, then he said, “After the upgrade, I can go to the park now.”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng naturally knew about it, moreover he had been thinking about this matter for a long time.

The system would open up the activity space one after another with Yuan Suo’s upgrades, but those spaces belonged to the public area, and the player wouldn’t be able to participate and see, which meant that in those spaces, if Yuan Suo encountered any difficulties and dangers, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. If it hadn’t been for the previous incident that had happened in the school, he would probably not be so worried, but the fact was that, Yuan Suo had been pulled down and injured, and calling to complain was already the limit of what he could do. If something similar happened in the park, this area that was more open… every time he thought about it he became uneasy.

“Then…. then I can go there and have a look?” Since he had come here, his area of activity was small and tiny, but now finally he had the chance to get out of the apartment to take a look outside, it was inevitable that his heart would be moved.

“Du Du feels bored staying at home?”

“A… a little bit.” Although he liked his room and liked to spend the whole day with Mo Yi Cheng, if there was an opportunity to go out for a walk it was also good.

Looking at Yuan Suo’s expectant eyes, Mo Yi Cheng was utterly defeated once again, “You’re only allowed to go out for an hour, but if any situation should occur, send a message to me through the system immediately.”

Getting Mo Yi Cheng’s permission, Yuan Suo nodded happily, saying that he would definitely return on time and would report if he encountered any situation without delay.

Then he changed out of his pajamas, put on the same type of casual sportswear that Mo Yi Cheng was wearing, brought out the small school bag that Mo Yi Cheng had sent back to the LV store to be ‘repaired’, put his tablet inside and changed his shoes to go out.

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it for a while, went into the storage bar, took a box of fruit, a bottle of freshly squeezed juice, a small snack, a few pieces of candy, a small butt cushion, a small umbrella, a small jacket and stuffed it all into the small school bag.

Yuan Suo’s small school bag was bulging, but there was a bursting smile on his face, “Thank you Mo Yi Cheng!”

The expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face was as it normally was, “Hmm, go ahead.”

Yuan Suo stepped out of the house, then turned his head again, both of his hands holding the straps of the schoolbag on his chest, “I’ll be back soon!”

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng smiled.

As soon as the apartment door closed, Mo Yi Cheng suddenly regretted it, then he shook his head with a slightly mocking smile. When had he become so overly sensitive and indecisive? But he didn’t know if the park in the game could be purchased, if it was possible, he could buy it and turn it into a private park….

Yuan Suo followed the system’s voice navigation prompts and walked straight along the street after he came out of the house. There were small NPCs vendors in twos and threes selling all kinds of novel and interesting things and snacks on the side of the road. He felt a little regretful when he touched his empty pockets after scenting the fragrance, but when he thought of Mo Yi Cheng personally putting the fruits and snacks inside his schoolbag, he became happy. Quickening his pace, he walked towards the park.

In just a short while, he reached the park the system had opened.

The park area wasn’t large, but the green scenery was absolutely unique. At the entrance of the park, there was a lady NPC in an administrator uniform who was responsible for scanning the elves. Only elves who passed the scan could enter the park.

Yuan Suo walked over in three steps, raised his head and looked up at the tall young lady. He greeted, “Hello.”

The little lady looked down and saw a low-level skin version elf, only half her height, looking up at her with a pair of watery eyes. After letting out a surprised cry, a huge smile immediately bloomed on her otherwise serious face.

“Little elf, have you already reached a level that allows you to enter the park?” Normally, those who could unlock this park were all elves above level 6. This one looked like he had only entered the game a short time ago.

“En, I’m at level 8, I can enter the park.”

The little lady’s heart was almost melted away by Yuan Suo’s soft voice, and after picking all sorts of topics to talk about, she allowed him to go in. However before he could approach the door, she reached out to try to pinch his fleshy face, but Yuan Suo avoided her politely and then explained, “It’s not that Du Du won’t allow you to pinch, it’s that my player said no one is allowed to pinch.”

Inside the park, the trees were densely shaded, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant.

In the interstellar space where he used to live, although there were some artificial green environment, such ‘primitive’ birds and squirrels had long become specimens. The air gradually became moist as he walked along the quiet path and after reaching the end of the winding path there was a quiet lakeside, with willow trees on both sides of the the embankment.

A small bridge led to a small island in the middle of the lake which had several pavilions.

Seeing that the pavilions were very beautiful, he stepped onto the bridge, deciding to go there to have a look and take some pictures with his tablet to bring back to Mo Yi Cheng.

Walking across the bridge, he went to the nearest pavilion, his short legs already a little tired because of the rush. Wanting to find a stone bench to sit on, he turned his head and saw that there were two elves already sitting inside the pavilion. Because they were about the same size as him, he didn’t notice them when he was a distance away.

After a slight surprise, he hurriedly greeted politely, “He… Hello.”

The other two elves in the pavilion, although they had the same Q version low-level skin, they looked like their level should be very high, a man and a woman, both had gray hair, both dressed very decent. The grandfather was wearing a high-class casual suit with a meticulous hairstyle, a small medallion pinned on the left side of his chest. The other was a grandmother who wasn’t as hale and hearty as the grandfather, but had a very kind and benevolent face, and she was looking at Yuan Suo with a smile.

A typical English afternoon tea was placed on the table in front of the two people. The transparent colored glass teapot was ordinary, with refreshments served on a three-layered dessert porcelain plate with sandwiches, scones, cakes and a fruit tower.

“Hello.” The old grandmother responded, her voice warm and inviting.

Not having the same enthusiasm as the grandma, the grandpa didn’t seem to like Yuan Suo, this outsider, only nodding slightly out of politeness.

“Abel!” The grandma scolded in a low voice.

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