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Chapter 15.2 Du Du has leveled up again!

It was when Yuan Suo finished that he thought of putting his school bag down. Mo Yi Cheng noticed that the straps of his school bag didn’t seem to be fastened properly, so he asked, “What happened to your school bag?”

Yuan Suo’s head lowered as he explained with self blame, “I…. I couldn’t get it by myself. A classmate said he would help me, but it broke, I was careless.”

Mo Yi Cheng frowned slightly. This small school bag was a limited edition LV bag that he had purchased in the mall at the price of five figures, how could it just break? But in order not to make Yuan Suo blame himself, he comforted: “It’s okay. If it’s broken, we will replace it with a new one tomorrow, we’ll take this one for repairs.”

Yuan Suo asked apprehensively, “Can it be repaired?”

“It can, but if it can’t be repaired, they will give us a new one.”

“Wow, so good.” Yuan Suo really believed it naively, and then squatted down a little bit to take out the things inside the school bag, ready to take the empty bag for repairs.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “That classmate who helped you, do you have classes together?”

Yuan Suo, “En, we were in the school bus together, and also both studied cooking, so he can be considered as a classmate.”

“What kind of a person is he?”

Yuan Suo think about it, “His height… he is taller than me.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

“He has very white skin, the especially white kind, he doesn’t like to smile much, and he doesn’t like to talk, but he spoke to me.”

“Really? What did he say?”

“Uh…. he just asked me what my identity was before, what my player does, and where I live.”

Mo Yi Cheng felt vaguely uneasy, asking, “Did you tell him?”

Yuan Suo shook his head, “No, Du Du’s identity can’t be said to others, and Du Du must get Mo Yi Cheng’s approval before he can tell others about Mo Yi Cheng’s identity, I only told him what kind of house I live in.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face softened slightly, “You did a good job.” With that said, his heart was still uneasy. After all, this game’s intelligence far exceeded that of existing technology. Just like an interdimensional world, then this world with self-thinking, would absolutely not be subject to any type of control, and Yuan Suo was too simple, moreover the world inside the game was beyond his control, which made him very troubled.

Mo Yi Cheng went to the store, bought a new school bag and a smart watch with location navigation as well for Yuan Suo. The good thing was that his classes didn’t take a lot of time each week, only three full days of classes (two days of art and one day of cooking) and (one half day of acting).

There would be a half-day class tomorrow, followed by two days off, then two art classes and another day off. So overall it was reasonable enough not to tire the little guy out. Of course, he hoped that he would really learn and achieve something, but if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t force him. If the small thing just wanted to sit at home and watch movies all day, he could afford it.


[System Message: Elf Du Du has successfully completed his enrollment, passed the points, and leveled up to level 3. Unlocked permission: item transmission. Specific operation method: output from the game space, the elf can freely choose the output, but the player needs to consume a certain amount of gold coins to take out the items in the game; input from the real world, the player only needs to take a picture of the items.]

In other words, things from the real world could be brought into the game and things from the game could be brought out of it by the elf.

If everything about this game before was just a speculation, then such an operation was definitely not possible with existing technology or any other means.

Yuan Suo had naturally received the information, but he was still in the process of digesting it, his fingers poking his belly, deciding which items he should choose.

Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the [Transfer Items] and a camera icon appeared in the upper right corner of the game. He tapped it, then turned around and took a picture of a bunch of flowers on the table.

Click. The photo was taken as usual, nothing special happened. But in the next second, something that could make one’s jaw drop happened, because in a flash, the bouquet that was on the table disappeared into thin air. But the bouquet of flowers in the photo on the phone landed at Yuan Suo’s feet!

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand shook in shock, almost unable to hold on to his phone.

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