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Chapter 15.1 Du Du has leveled up again!

The wine moved softly along the walls of the glass and in the dim light, the amber was crystal clear. A long and bony hand lifted it up and the wine in the glass moved, a light flickering in a certain pair of deep eyes. Taking a light sip, Mo Yi Cheng leaned on the bar, looking languidly to the side, his perfect jawbone almost screaming under the lens of the camera, the shadow of his side profile indifferent with nobility.

“CUT! It’s perfect!” After a day of close shooting, the director was still in high spirits, Mo Yi Cheng’s presence before the camera and the effect presented by this face was really greatly out of his expectation.

Some of the staff nearby also whispered, exclaiming about Mo Yi Cheng’s face and acting skills. They originally thought that Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t be too involved in an advertising and promotional nature of this type of film, but they didn’t expect that as they kept on filming, several girls who saw the climax of Mo Yi Cheng’s performance burst into tears. Everyone was more than impressed with Mo Yi Cheng’s professionalism.

The filming temporarily over, Chen Jiao stepped forward and handed the phone Mo Yi Cheng’s cell phone back to him.

Ever since Yuan Suo started living inside the phone, except for filming when the phone was kept by Chen Jiao, it never left his body.

“Mo Ge, we may have to shoot a little late today, so I ordered the meal according to the way it’s usually ordered.” Chen Jiao said.

“I’m not hungry yet, you go and eat something first.” Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the game. The system showed that Yuan Suo had closed from school and that the school bus would bring him back in ten minutes. Seeing Chen Jiao still standing there, he asked, “Why aren’t you going to eat?”

Chen Jiao gave an “ah” sound, his fleshy fingers pushing up his glasses, a little embarrassed, “I just started a diet recently, so I won’t be eating.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Chen Jiao without ill intent. Looking at him carefully, there was indeed a little change.

“Chen Jiao, your body shape…. is it because of an illness?” He had seen Chen Jiao’s file, the photos of his college days were of a very sunny, warm and tender boy, not particularly handsome but well worth a second look.

Chen Jiao nodded, “Mhmm, the year I graduated from college I had a serious illness. I used hormone drugs and gained a lot of weight. Afterwards, I was very busy at work and couldn’t control my mouth.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Chen Jiao’s warm eyes under the thick lenses and smiled, “If you want to lose weight, you can ask Ken to help you make a fitness and diet plan, and the equipment inside my artist van is at your disposal. Just don’t go at it blindly, it’s not okay to not eat at all like you’re doing now.” Ken was Mo Yi Cheng’s personal fitness trainer, and Chen Jiao also acknowledged him.

Chen Jiao said gratefully, “Mo Ge, thank you.”

As he spoke to Chen Jiao, the school bus was bringing the elves back to their residences in a speedy manner.

Yuan Suo was the first to get out of the bus. Waving goodbye to everyone, he jumped out of the bus with his short legs, then run eagerly to his small apartment.

Although there were kind teachers, like-minded classmates and a cafeteria that provided a variety of meals inside the school, he had missed Mo Yi Cheng all day.

He run all the way back to the apartment, his mouth calling out to Mo Yi Cheng, the small schoolbag behind him bumping his buttocks, but when he entered the door, his foot slipped, causing him to fall to the ground with his bag.

Mo Yi Cheng who was on the other side of the screen could only watch as the little thing fell to the ground, then also roll twice. Fortunately the framework of the door was so low that he wouldn’t feel any pain from the fall.

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’m back!” Yuan Suo climbed back up, his excitement not affected in any way by the fall.

Mo Yi Cheng felt a little distressed and helpless, and while checking for damage, asked: “Are you tired?”

“Not tired!”

“Are you used to studying at school?”

“I’m used to it. There are a lot of teachers and students inside the school and I can also learn a lot of knowledge. It’s just…”

Seeing him hesitate, Mo Yi Cheng thought he had encountered something unpleasant and asked hurriedly: “What’s wrong? Did someone bully you?”

“No.” He shook his head and muttered to himself irresolutely, “I just can’t see Mo Yi Cheng inside the school.”

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment, stared at Yuan Suo for a while before he spoke, “What did you learn today?”

Yuan Suo twisted and turned his fingers as he recounted what he had experienced today, what classes he had attended and what he had learned. As Mo Yi Cheng listened to him, he seemed to see a light reflecting from the little thing’s body, it was so clear and pleasant that the whole day’s fatigue dissipated.

** I don’t really get – ‘His perfect jawbone almost screaming under the lens of the camera.’

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    1. I believe it is in reference to highlighting the jawbone against a dark background making the jaw the focus of the photograph.

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