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Chapter 16.1 Pinching Du Du’s face isn’t allowed!

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand shook in shock, almost unable to hold on to his phone.

Yuan Suo wasn’t that surprised. He bent down, picked up the bouquet and sniffed it, “It smells good, is this for me?”

Mo Yi Cheng returned to his senses, “Yes… it’s for you.”

Yuan Suo hugged the bouquet happily, “What kind of flowers are these? I haven’t seen them before.”

Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t look at them closely before, but after looking at it, he answered, “Champagne roses.”

“Champagne roses.” Yuan Suo loved them. Mo Yi Cheng had given him a gift and he wanted to give something back, but after turning around, he found that the whole house, except himself had been bought by Mo Yi Cheng. After thinking about it, he put the flowers on the coffee table, ran to his bedroom, opened the bottom drawer of his small desk, took out two sheets, thought about it, then took out a few more, hesitated for a moment, put the two he had just taken out back, then he ran out holding a few sheets his arms.

After Mo Yi Cheng saw his tangled little expression, he faintly guessed what he was cherishing so much.

“This… is for Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo put the sheets somewhat clumsily on the transmission bar on the system wall, let go, saw the sheets float in the air and then two option buttons appeared at the same time: transmit or return.

Yuan Suo rubbed his hands nervously and clicked on the transmit.

A little light came out from the phone screen, dazzling Mo Yi Cheng a little, making him subconsciously cover his eyes. When he opened them again, there were already a few sheets of paper on the table beside him, scattered and uneven. Some of them were the professional drawing papers he had purchased recently and some were wrapping papers that Yuan Suo had collected earlier on, a total of five sheets.

He picked them up and turned them over. Every drawing on the sheets was of him. From their first meeting, to when he even wore the costumes, presumably drawn from the stills, not including the drawing of Mo Yi Cheng wearing house attire that he had already collected on Weibo, probably because he was afraid that he would recognize it so he didn’t take it out.

As he flipped through them one by one, Yuan Suo’s small fists clenched tighter and tighter.

“I… I don’t draw well, but there will be art class in a few days, I’ll study hard.” Yuan Suo was a little nervous.

Mo Yi Cheng clutched the portrait, his eyes heavy, but his expression was soft as he said “You drew them very well, I like them very much.”

Yuan Suo finally relaxed, smiling softly.

He took a few pictures of Yuan Suo’s drawings, stored them on his cell phone, then put the original pictures in the safe in the study.

At 10:30 p.m. that evening, a post from Mo Yi Cheng caused another big stir on Weibo.

Mo Yi Cheng’s post: Very good drawing, thank you. (A smiley face was included. )

The picture below was a drawing by Yuan Suo.

“Ah ah ah ah ah front view!”

“The drawing is beautiful, but you are more beautiful!”

“So envious, flop ~ ~ crying ~”

“Was the second one drawn on the wrapper of XX French fries?”

“How come this painting style look so familiar?”

The fans – Holmes – sisters worked late into the night work and after careful non-professional reasoning investigation, finally dug out the previous pictures Yuan Suo had posted on Weibo. Moreover an art college teacher came forward to guarantee that, after her professional screening and appraisal, these drawings were definitely done by the same person!

Yuan Suo’s followers on Weibo quickly rose from four digits to five digits. Some even began to speculate that the blogger was acquainted with Mo Yi Cheng, otherwise how could Mo Yi Cheng get a handful of the drawings? And it was clear that his drawing skills were average, but Mo Yi Cheng liked them a lot.

The detectives worked all night before going to sleep in the early hours of the morning with dark circles under their eyes…

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