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Chapter 4.2 Mo Yi Cheng clicked to buy without hesitation

Yuan Suo was transported directly back to his room by the system. He sat on the ground, drank some water, opened the shopping window of the store, looked at the coin balance displayed on it, the nutritious meal below and licked his lips.

There was also fruits under the nutritious meal, some he had eaten before, others this was the first time he was seeing it, but some were yellow and bright, some were red, and some were very large with stripes decorating them, looking like they were very delicious.

Gulp, he swallowed. He looked at the other side of the wall used to display the player, hoping that Mo Yi Cheng would come a little earlier today.


Mo Yi Cheng finished his work, went back to the hotel, did an hour of exercise that was strictly adhered to no matter what happened and after cleaning up, it was well past twelve o’clock. It was a good thing that the next day’s work schedule was easy. Lying down on the bed, he flipped through the magazines beside the bed for a while then suddenly thought of Du Du who was inside the game. He didn’t know how the little guy’s work had gone.

He picked up the phone and clicked to open the game.

In the evening, the small room was lit up with a warm yellow light.

Yuan Suo was sitting on the carpet, his small body leaning against the bed, as if he had just woken up, looking unhappy. He was pouting as he blew towards his small hand.

“Hu-hu-” It didn’t hurt much after blowing.

Mo Yi Cheng’s handsome brows furrowed abruptly.

Noticing Mo Yi Cheng’s arrival, Yuan Suo’s tired little face became radiant with joy, but seeing his eyes fall on his hands, he quickly hid them behind his back.

“Mo Yi Cheng, you’re here!”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t speak.

Yuan Suo stood up, his little face full of pride, “Work went well today, I earned 40 gold coins.”

So his hands were hurt because of work? His body was also very dirty and he hadn’t had time to wipe off the dust on his white little face.

Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng still didn’t speak, Yuan Suo was a little flustered. He couldn’t guess what Mo Yi Cheng was thinking so he thought he had annoyed him. He explained waxily: “That…. I, I was a little tired, so I didn’t have time to wash, but I didn’t go onto the bed, I didn’t dirty the sheets.”

When Mo Yi Cheng saw the little fella in the phone looking at him cautiously, his chest suddenly felt as if there was a weight on it.

“Stretch out your hand.” He didn’t even consider whether the ‘intelligent system’ could understand his command.

Yuan Suo hesitated for a moment, then slowly stretched out his hand from behind his back.

The original white and tender little hands were full of bruises, the palms and fingers worn out, blood having flowed out in some places that hadn’t been treated and don’t know whether it was from fear or pain, he was shaking slightly.

“You…” Mo Yi Cheng had difficulty breathing for a moment. The feeling as if his heart had been grabbed fiercely made him frown severely, “What kind of work did you do?”

“Just beginner work.” Yuan Suo didn’t quite know how to summarize his work with just a word, “In a beautiful library that has only been half built.”

“Doing what there?” It was just a library, how did he become such a mess?

Yuan Suo gesticulated as he explained, the bruises on his hands hard to look at, “Uhh…. it’s just moving bricks from one place to another, it’s not hard at all, you just don’t have to be lazy and keep moving.”

It was just moving bricks? Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t imagine what it would be like for such a small thing to move bricks, no wonder he was such a mess. He only thought that beginner jobs were leisurely and simple, that was why he had chosen it, he hadn’t expected it to be manual labor. He remembered from the game’s introduction that the beginner job was 5 gold coins per hour, and now the little thing had earned 40 gold coins, which meant he had worked for 8 hours.

“Does it hurt?” He asked. Although he knew it was just a game character, it may be that the character was too realistic, making it difficult for him to control himself, causing him to put his emotions into it.

Yuan Suo shook his head quickly, saying with a smile: “It doesn’t hurt.”

How could it not hurt? He had clearly been trembling just now as he blowed.

Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the medical column and searched through it. Indeed, there was medicine for sale to treat trauma. He bought some gauze, disinfectant spray, hydrogen peroxide, and band-aids.

[Game hint: The items you’re buying include 1 roll of medical gauze; 1 bottle of disinfectant spray; 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide; and 1 box of band-aids, making it a total of 37 gold coins.]

He clicked to buy without hesitation.

But the tears of Yuan Suo who was watching the operation almost fell, his two white rabbit teeth biting into his lips.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” Mo Yi Cheng asked when he saw the little thing biting his lips, tears rolling in his eyes.

Yuan Suo sniffed as he shook his head. There were only 3 gold coins left. He… he hadn’t eaten anything yet.

Mo Yi Cheng applied the medicine to the little thing according to the instructions of the system, but looking at him holding up his two small hands that were wrapped round like buns, he was both distressed and amused.

But why was this little thing…. crying, the heart of the movie emperor suddenly choked. Could it be that he had done it wrong?

Gu lu lu…

Yuan Suo lowered his head, so hungry…

It turns out he was hungry. It was only then Mo Yi Cheng remembered that he was here to feed him. This little thing hadn’t eaten at all? Was he hungry from moving bricks all day?

His slender fingers clicked on the screen and entered the store eagerly.

[Game prompt: You have 3 gold coins in your wallet, you are welcome to enter the store to buy.]

There were only 3 coins left.

Hearing the system’s voice, Yuan Suo felt even more sad. It seems he would be hungry again today, but he should be able to apply to work again tomorrow, Mo Yi Cheng would probably agree.

[Ding! Congratulations to the player on the successful recharge, you now have 50,000 gold coins in your wallet].

Yuan Suo froze for a moment. He raised his head incredulously to look at the number of gold coins displayed in the wallet column on the wall display. Rubbing his eyes, he counted the zeros at the back carefully several times to make sure that he hadn’t counted it wrong.

Mo Yi Cheng’s cell phone received a message that his credit card had been charged 50,000 yuan. He was never one to spend on impulse, but seeing the pitiful little guy working a part-time job and crying when he was hungry, he just wanted to feed him to his heart’s content.

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