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Chapter 5.1 I’ll raise you in the future

Yuan Suo’s little hand that had been wrapped into a bun gently pressed against his mouth that was open in surprise.

It couldn’t be that Mo Yi Cheng had recharged it wrongly, right? So much money could buy a lot of nutritious meals. Didn’t Mo Yi Cheng himself have to eat?

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the little guy who was almost about to fall down from surprise and the corners of his mouth were unable to help but raise again. This fifty thousand yuan spent…. wasn’t a loss.

He entered the store.

The top of the food shelf was divided into two categories, nutritious meals and free-handling raw materials. After he choose the nutritious meal, he bought 20 of them in one go, and then picked some snacks and fruits as well.

Yuan Suo was completely dumbfounded by the ‘hill’ piled up in front of him.

“Is this… all for me?”

“Is there anyone else here?”

Yuan Suo was so touched that the tip of his little nose turned red, “Thank… thank you Mo Yi Cheng, you’re so nice.”

“Alright, eat if you’re hungry, but don’t eat too much that it will make you feel uncomfortable.” Mo Yi Cheng who was continuously handed the ‘you’re nice’ card was in a great mood.

“En!” Yuan Suo nodded.

“Eat.” Mo Yi Cheng urged.

After reaffirming again, Yuan Suo grabbed a bottle of tube-shaped nutritious meal, but who knew that he was unable to open the bottle cap with his two small hands that were wrapped. He was so anxious that he started to use his teeth.

A pop-up window popped up on the screen [Does the want to player offer help? ]


Just as Yuan Suo was at his wits’ end, the lid opened automatically and a box of cut fruit was opened as well and placed in front of him with a toothpick in it. A bag of potato chips was also opened automatically with a clatter and a sweet smell floated out, making his drool almost flow out.

Yuan Suo couldn’t care less that Mo Yi Cheng was still around. He squeezed the nutritious meal out vigorously and swallowed it, making him choke as he ate too fast.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw this, he felt a little guilty in his heart, it seems he had really starved the little thing. In the future, he would try to feed him regularly. Maybe he could buy a refrigerator to put inside the house?

He clicked into the store again and as expected, he found a variety of refrigerators in the electrical appliances section that were almost comparable in price to those in the real world. He chose a smart refrigerator with double doors that opened in opposite directions for 8000 gold coins and clicked to buy it.

Yuan Suo finally ate till he was half full, with only a little bit left inside the tube of nutritious meal and was about to get a piece of fruit when suddenly, a huge giant appeared next to him. It had appeared with a bang, scaring him so much so that he almost jumped up in shock.

The smart refrigerator with cross double doors opened automatically and it was filled with all kinds of food.

“When you get hungry in the future, take it by yourself, understand?” Mo Yi Cheng’s deep voice sounded.

Yuan Suo was stunned, not even aware that he had dropped the nutritious meal in his hand.

“Alright, eat and rest, I’ll change your dressing tomorrow.” Mo Yi Cheng was also tired. He took a look at the time, it was almost one o’clock.

“I… I understand.” Yuan Suo thanked him over and over again.

Ding Ding Ding.

[System prompt: Elf favorability +10]


Turning off the game, Mo Yi Cheng laid down and turned off the lights, but in the darkness, he couldn’t sleep even after tossing and turning.

He was obviously very tired, but the figure of the little thing in the game kept floating in his mind. The feeling was a bit like when his grandma brought Du Du home for the first time that year as a birthday gift to him.

His temperament was colder, and he seemed out of place whenever children played together, so his grandmother bought him a corgi, even worried that he wouldn’t like it. Unexpectedly, the first time he saw the watery, pure eyes of the little guy, his heart melted and although he still pretended to be cool, as soon as he went back home, he held it and refused to let go, raising it for more than ten years. After it passed away, he never raised any pets again, and after trying the taste of loss, he didn’t want to touch that wound again.

The bedside clock showed that it was three o’clock in the morning.

He made an exception and turned on the phone that had been turned off.

The screen light shone on his nearly perfect face, making the knife-like facial lines even deeper.

The lights in the room in the game had been turned off automatically. Moonlight shown in vaguely, making it so that he was barely able to see the small ball curled up on the bed.

It was just…. why wasn’t the little thing wearing any clothes? With his short hands and short feet together, he was sleeping in an insecure position that didn’t look very restful, his small eyebrows furrowed tightly.

It was only then Mo Yi Cheng realized that there was no blanket on the bed.

Yuan Suo had put the dirty clothes from the part-time job in the corner, preparing to wash them tomorrow when his hands were better, not daring to sleep in them because he was afraid of dirtying the bed.

Was this little thing really just a smart game character? Mo Yi Cheng was once again suspicious.

Opening the mall, he picked out a velvet comforter and two small uniforms that were somewhat similar to the military uniform on the little thing. It was just that they weren’t very suitable for sleeping, so he clicked on the pajama column again.

A dazzling array of pajamas in various formats ranging in price from high to low appeared. His own aesthetic was more of the simple but expensive type. He choose a set of light green silk pajamas for Yuan Suo, the price of which was 1880 gold coins. When he was about to check out, he suddenly saw a cartoon version of a one-piece pajamas with white fluff, a short tail on the butt and two long pink ears on top of the hoodie. After imagining Yuan Suo putting on this pajama and gnawing on carrots in his arms, Mo Yi Cheng smiled, then simply paid for the two together.

Gently covering Yuan Suo’s body with the blanket, he clicked the ‘tuck it into corner’. As for the ‘pat to lull him to sleep’, he chose to automatically ignore it.

“Hmm…” Feeling the warmth, Yuan Suo’s small eyebrows stretched slightly, his back arching a few times, about to open his eyes.

Mo Yi Cheng descended into a mess for no reason, subconsciously clicking on ‘pat to lull him to sleep’.

In a trance, Yuan Suo felt a warm hand patting him gently, so happy…. was it his mother the queen who had come back? If it was another dream again, he didn’t want to wake up. He quickly closes his eyes tightly, fearing that he would wake up in the next second.

Mo Yi Cheng saw that Yuan Suo had fallen asleep again, his round little face very peaceful, without the uneasiness he had had just now.

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