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Chapter 4.1 Mo Yi Cheng clicked to buy without hesitation

Two days later, Yuan Suo had eaten the last bit of his nutritious meal and was sitting on the carpet with his short legs crossed.

I’m hungry again… really useless…

It had been two days since he had seen the good-looking Mo Yi Cheng.

Although he thought that the Mo Yi Cheng he was talking to was a good person, he still has a vague worry in his heart that he would be uninstalled by the other party. Mo Yi Cheng had used up all the gold coins given by the system last time and if he bought food again, he would have to top up. The last time he had seen him, he seemed to be dressed…a little shabbily (the costume of the movie emperor), perhaps he might be living in a tight spot.

Oh yes, the system had introduced that he could go to work and earn coins with the player’s operational consent. If he could earn money through his own labor, he would be able to stand on his own two feet without adding to Mo Yi Cheng’s burden.

Right! He had to fend for himself! Yuan Suo clenched his small fists and puffed out his chest. Having made this decision, he tried the voice operating system, typed out a message, deleted, wrote, deleted, tossed it around for half an hour, before he was finally satisfied with it. He wiped the sweat that had moistened the hair at his forehead, gathered up the courage and clicked send.

Mo Yi Cheng, who hadn’t rested much for two consecutive days, was finally free and ready to take a rest. Chen Jiao prepared milk for him to soothe his nerves, carefully walked out of the rest room, closed the door, looked at the next arrangement and sighed.


The phone prompt rang.

At first Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t going to bother. If there was something important at work, Chen Jiao would come to inform him.

Wait, this particular sound… it was the notification sound of the Elf Rebirth Project game. He thought of the timid and soft eyes of the little thing…

After struggling with the immense tiredness he was feeling for a while, he turned on his cell phone.

[Game popup] The elf Dudu is applying for a part-time job, the player can choose whether to agree or not. Following that was Yuan Suo’s application form: Hello Mo Yi Cheng, can I go out to work? I will work hard. (????)

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, he was so busy these two days that he had almost forgotten about this little guy.

He clicked agree.

[Game pop-up window] Please select the level of part-time job: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Special. Corresponding hourly wages: 5 gold coins, 15 gold coins, 30 gold coins, 50 gold coins.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know that there would be a specific introduction after the level was clicked in, he just assumed that the beginner’s job would be simpler, thinking that the little guy wouldn’t be able to do much work with his short arms and legs.

He clicked beginner.

Thinking that the last time he had fed the little guy was two days ago, despite being very tired, he was ready to enter the game to feed him.

At this time, a knock sounded on the door and Chen Jiao’s voice rang from outside, “Mo Ge, you have a call.”

“Come in.” Chen Jiao wouldn’t disturb him if there was no emergency at this time.

Chen Jiao came in and said, “Mo Ge, President Mo called and said that it is a family business and that I should come find you.”

The President Mo Chen Jiao was talking about was Mo Yi Yan, the eldest brother of the Mo family. Mo Yi Cheng was the second oldest in the Mo family, and there was a younger brother after him who was studying in France. The real estate company left by father Mo after his death was mainly managed by Mo Yi Yan, while most of the entertainment companies were under Mo Yi Cheng’s name, however he didn’t manage them personally. Some outsiders who were unclear about the situation would think that Mo Yi Yan was also in charge of the Mo family’s entertainment companies.

“Alright, transfer the call to me.” He glanced down at his cell phone which showed that the job acceptance was successful, and turned the game off just as the call was transferred.

After dealing with the company’s affairs, his rest time was squeezed to only five minutes.

“Mo Ge, rest for a while. I’ll tell the director that we will be two minutes late.” Chen Jiao looked at the faint dark circles under Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes, a little worried.

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at the time on the phone, “Forget it, let’s go now, and prepare some fruit.”

“…. OK.”

“Right, when do you think it will end today?”

Chen Jiao: “If all goes well, it’s estimated that it will be around nine o’clock, but you don’t have a scene tomorrow, only an interview with a TV station scheduled for the afternoon.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded.


Yuan Suo took a deep breath, on the one hand rejoicing that Mo Yi Cheng had agreed for him to work, and on the other hand happy that he had finally stepped out of his tiny room where he had been cooped up for more than half a month.

Even if he was currently at a construction site that was full of dust and the people who were coming and going were sweaty NPC construction workers.

“Your job today is to transport bricks from here to over there. Although it’s hourly, if you’re lazy and can’t meet the minimum standards your response pay will be deducted.” The person who spoke was a short, fat male NPC with red hair and a very thick beard, looking very fierce.

Yuan Suo nodded his head like he was mashing garlic, his face serious as he said: “Boss, don’t worry, I will definitely work hard and won’t be lazy.” It hadn’t been easy to get a part-time job, so now that he had finally gotten the chance, he had to take advantage of it and make more money.

“Then let’s get to work.” The foreman turned to leave, muttering, “It’s been a long time since a player has asked an elf to do this kind of hard work. This little thing’s fate must be bad.”

Yuan Suo rolled up his sleeves, revealing his white and tender arms, ready to work. He didn’t feel that his fate was bad. Mo Yi Cheng had adopted him, fed him and allowed him to come out to work. He was a very good person.

The working time limit of an elf was 8 hours.

Yuan Suo wiped the sweat from his head, looking proudly at the bricks that he had moved over one by one to the height of a man, and then looked at the library that was under construction behind him, which would also have his own credit when it was completed.

The foreman, with a beer belly, counted the number of bricks that had been moved and nodded in satisfaction after making sure that he hadn’t slacked off, “You’re not too big, but you’re very hardworking.”

Yuan Suo smiled happily and replied, “Thank you.”

The salary was already settled, 5 gold coins per hour, and he had worked a full 8 hours, so a total of 40 gold coins.

Ding, 40 gold coins have been deposited in the game wallet, the player can use the gold coins to purchase items.

With the exception of the interstellar space, this was the first salary in his life. Although his body was tired and sore and his hands hurt, he had finally realized his worth. In the future, he would be able to earn money to buy his own food without causing trouble for Mo Yi Cheng!

The foreman looked at the most well-behaved and beautiful elf he had seen so far and couldn’t help but instruct, “Next time you come to work, remember to ask your player to buy you a pair of gloves.”

Yuan Suo lowered his head, and seeing his frayed little hands, replied without much concern, “It’s okay, it will grow well soon.”

“Ai.” The foreman sighed and left.

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