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Chapter 83.2 Fanwai (2)

“Wait!” Chen Jiao jogged over to turn off the dormitory lights, and the small candle inside became the only source of light except for the light shining in from the window.

The dormitory was well heated and he was wearing only a white shirt, two of the buttons undone at the collar, his white neck and profoundly slender collarbone hidden beneath.

Mo Yi Yan’s gaze changed, then quickly closed his eyes.

“Have you made your wish yet?” Chen Jiao had had very few birthdays celebrated for him since he was a child, so his heart always looked forward to this wonderful sense of ritual.
It wasn’t really a birthday anyway, so just pick one, right? Then Mo Yi Yan wished that in the near future after he left the game Chen Jiao will still be by his stay for life….. As for why, through these two months of observation, with his keen judgment, he saw that Chen Jiao was particularly suitable to be an assistant, hmm, that was the reason.

Mo Yi Yan nodded, indicating that he had already made his wish.

“Then let’s blow out the candles together!” Chen Jiao was looking forward to this part the most. His mouth was already puffed up, and the next moment as he was ready to blow out the candles, the door to the dormitory was suddenly pushed open.

“…. Senior, I’m sorry, I looked outside and saw the lights were off I thought no one was there, so I subconsciously pushed.” The one who came in was none other than Wu Hang.

“Ah… It’s okay!” Chen Jiao was startled by Wu Hang who suddenly crashed in, and grabbed the phone leaning on the book and snapped it on the desktop.

From Mo Yi Yan’s point of view, the screen on the wall was dark…. All that could be heard was the conversation between the two men outside.

“Senior, it’s your birthday today?” Wu Hang saw the half of the cake on the table with the candle still lit on it.
Chen Jiao froze for a moment then could only laugh, “Ah, yes, it’s a birthday.”

A hint of surprise and shame flashed across Wu Hang’s face, “I thought it was your birthday in June, senior, I’m so sorry.” He had learned some information about Chen Jiao a long time ago, but that was only official information, hence certain mistakes were possible.

“It’s okay, no need to apologise, it’s… it’s my a lunar birthday.”

Wu Hang: …

Wu Hang was speechless. He knew that Chen Jiao might be hiding something from him, but now wasn’t the time to probe. His gaze fell on the cake with the candle inserted on it once again, only to discover that it was only half full. The candle on it hadn’t been blown out yet, so it was obvious that Chen Jiao hadn’t eaten it yet.

“Senior!” Wu Hang’s voice was suddenly depressed, his eyes red with a grief-stricken and repressed look.

“Uh…” Chen Jiao was a little confused.

“Are you…. you ….. did you buy someone else’s leftover cake?” Wu Hang put on a big show inside this moment. He had known for a long time that the Senior Chen he admired was from a poor family with two dead parents, but he hadn’t expected his situation to be so miserable…..

Chen Jiao was so intent on keeping the elf’s secret that he responded to him without much thought, “Haha, it’s….. it’s cheap.”

“Senior!” Wu Hang called out in distress, then vowed to take Chen Jiao to have the most romantic birthday ever.

Chen Jiao refused for a long time but was finally dragged out for dinner.

Wu Hang also wanted to go to the movies and go to the square for a party afterwards.

Chen Jiao refused repeatedly.

The little guy in the game must be angry, so how could he not go back sooner to smooth out his anger?

Chen Jiao went back to the dormitory and clicked on the game.

Mr. Tuan was really sitting with his back to the screen, the cake on the small table hadn’t been touched at all, the candles on it already burned out and spread miserably on top of the cake like tears.

“Mr. Tuan, Mr. Tuan.” Chen Jiao didn’t even take his jacket off. He clicked on the game and called out to the small back twice.

Mo Yi Yan didn’t turn his head, as if he hadn’t heard him.

“Tuan Tuan?”




Chen Jiao tapped the small back on top of the phone screen, “Alright, I apologize. But I was really afraid that you would be discovered just now, I did that in a moment of haste.”

The stubborn little back still refused to respond.

He had apologized, but still? Chen Jiao took his jacket off and sat down, ready to fight a long battle with his little Tuan Tuan.

Who knows, he didn’t say anything for two minutes and in the middle of folding his clothes, Mo Yi Yan turned around, his face fierce and accusatory.

Chen Jiao suddenly felt even more guilty.

“Let’s eat the cake together, okay? It’s going to go bad if we leave it for too long.” Chen Jiao coaxed patiently.

Mo Yi Yan glanced at the cake on the table. Actually, he didn’t like sweets at all, moreover whenever Mother Mo caught him on his birthday before he became an elf, he would only barely eat a bite or two of the custom-made, top-quality birthday cake.

But a month ago, he ate every bite of the bowl-sized panda cake that Chen Jiao bought, because he could feel that Chen Jiao was doing his best to give him the best.

Usually when Chen Jiao went to work, he didn’t take the subway, but took two trips on the bus and walked for more than ten minutes, just to save two yuan, his shoes and clothes were from a few years ago, and his inner vest had long become transparent from being washed over and over again. This was the same person who was willing to put out his years of savings to help pay for his 10,000 yuan tuition and buy him a small custom-made suit as a gift for his birthday.

He worked very hard to save every penny, and for this little piece of cake, he had done the same thing.

Chen Jiao laughed when he saw the expression on his elf’s face ease: “Here, I just forgot to transmit the small fork in, look at this little fork with a picture of a little panda on it, round and rolled just like you….. cough…. I’ve sent it in ha…..”

The fork was transmitted into the game.

Mo Yi Yan clutched it in his hand and suddenly raised his head, “Chen Jiao.”

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