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Chapter 76.1 Drunk Du Du~

Su Yi’s celebration dinner was held in a Michelin restaurant.

When Long Bow arrived at the restaurant, his jaw dropped to the table, “I went around three times outside but didn’t find a stall with the same name, so I came in here bravely. I didn’t expect that you who are so stingy would unexpectedly be so generous… ouch! Why are you hitting my head again!”

Su Yi gritted her teeth, “A dog’s head is resistant to beating!”

“It’s against the law to hit people! Hitting a dog is also against the law!”

“Heh heh…..”

Although Po Fei had already integrated into their small group, he was still a little uncomfortable so he just watched the drama without making a sound.

Yuan Suo, on the other hand, held his cell phone up with a serious face as he recorded the footage of Su Yi’s ‘violence’ and sent it to Mo Yi Cheng.

“Hey, little thing, what are you doing!” Although Yuan Suo was actually two years older than Long Bow, Long Bow was really comfortable with blurting this name out.

When Long Bow yelled at him, Yuan Suo’s neck shrank in, “Nothing, nothing, you guys should continue playing.”

As Po Fei looked up, his eyes inadvertently caught sight of the screen of Yuan Suo’s phone and he asked, “You sent it to Mo Yi Cheng?”

“Ah, yes,” Yuan Suo whispered, “Yi Cheng said he wanted to see how things are going.”

Po Fei understood, hence he didn’t say a word.

Soon after, Mo Yi Cheng replied to his message: Stay away from them, don’t get hurt.

Yuan Suo: En, en.

Mo Yi Cheng: Don’t drink too much.

Yuan Suo: En! [Obedient jpg].

Su Yi and Long Bow finally called a truce so the four of them ordered a meal, chatting while they waited.

It was only then Yuan Suo realised that director Li Xilan was Su Yi’s player.

Long Bow obviously knew about it as there wasn’t an expression of surprise on his face. Instead he was very interested in the movie, “I’ll definitely come and visit the set once they start filming the movie!”

“Alright, I’d probably be with Yi Cheng on the set, so I can join you then. Right, Su Yi you’ll also be on the set a lot, right?” After all, she was the original writer of the script and Li Xilan’s elf.

The smile on Su Yi’s face froze briefly, then she replied, “Actually, I gathered everyone here today because I have something else to say.”

Yuan Suo asked, “What is it?”

Long Bow seemed to already know the inside story as without looking at Su Yi, he picked the wine bottle up and filled the glasses in front of everyone.

Su Yi said, “I’m… already at level 99 and according to the normal progress, when the new semester starts and my outstanding student certificate is issued, I’ll become full level.” And it was just a week before the start of school.

She didn’t say the words that followed, but everyone knew that it was time for her to leave.

“Su Yi….” Yuan Suo was both shocked and dismayed.

Long Bow lifted his glass up, “Let’s all have a drink together first.”

They clinked their glasses together, but the expressions on their faces didn’t look too good.

Yuan Suo usually liked red wine, but this time it tasted so bitter.

When Su Yi saw how down everyone was, she said immediately, “You should all be happy for me, this is a good thing! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. In my world, my parents are there, my friends, my classmates, everyone is waiting for me, I can’t…. stay here and make them sad.” Although she was smiling, her voice was already choked up, “I was only 18 and had just finished my college entrance exams. I used the pocket money I had saved to buy a bunch of novels and was about to nestle inside my house to read when — a huge earthquake happened without warning.”

“An earthquake?” Po Fei spoke up, a trace of fear flashing in his eyes, obviously afraid of the word for some reason.

Su Yi nodded, “Yes, an earthquake.”

“Then your family…” Po Fei stopped halfway through. This question was too cruel, moreover Su Yi probably couldn’t even give an answer.

Sure enough, Su Yi said, “I don’t really know what happened to my family. I was the only one at home when the earthquake happened, my parents were at work…”

To this day, she had been living in this world for almost 4 years, yet didn’t even know whether her parents were dead or alive in the other dimension.

When she first came here, the unanswered questions almost broke her, but in the end she found something she loved, and that was telling story after story to others with her not-so-sophisticated style of writing, the satisfaction and the sense of belonging accompanying her through the late nights of solitude.

Long Bow opened his mouth, “Su Yi, when you go back there, no matter what… has become of it and whether you… have lost anything, remember, we are there where you can’t see and will always love you and so will they…”

Su Yi smiled, nodding.

At that moment the waiter knocked on the door and brought the food in.

They all tried their best to avoid bringing the topic of Su Yi’s full level up again, changing the topic to the script and also the food.

At first Yuan Suo remembered Mo Yi Cheng’s instructions to not drink too much! And he kept in touch with Mo Yi Cheng almost every half hour, sending emojis and taking pictures, but the more they talked, the more drunk they became, and Long Bow dragged Yuan Suo into a game of thumb fighting1Thumb fighting is a game that includes drinking (when one loses).

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  1. Su Yi 😔 She was unfailingly hilarious and one of my favorite characters, and I was hoping for her and Long Bow or maybe Po Fei to work out. It’s sad to see her go.

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