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Chapter 73.1 Mo Yi Cheng wants to eat someone!

Yuan Suo came out with the phone.

The moment the door was pushed open, Andrew rushed up. But he didn’t dare look at the phone, he looked at Yuan Suo’s face nervously for answers.

Yuan Suo smiled slightly, “The cellular reorganisation was a success. Abel’s in the clear, congratulations.”

With red eyes and a long sigh of relief, Andrew took the phone with a shudder. Seeing Abel, who was awake inside the game, he choked, calling out to him. Then he turned to Yuan Suo and Mo Yi Cheng and bowed deeply, “I’ll do my best if you need anything in the future.”

Yuan Suo responded, “Don’t mention it.”

Andrew then went off to talk to Abel.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo’s pale face with distress. His lips were originally already pale, but now they had become even more so.

He used his hand to wipe away the fine beads of sweat on the top of his eyebrows and said softly, “You must be exhausted, I’ve asked someone to prepare something, make sure to eat a lot more later.”

“Hmm, okay.” Yuan Suo hadn’t eaten much in the morning because he had been so nervous about treating Abel and after a few hours of physical exertion, he was really hungry now that he had relaxed.

Andrew thanked him again and took Abel away, but he would have to stay in China for a few more days until Du Du could confirm that Abel had recovered completely without any unusual reactions before returning.

There was a spread of dishes on the table.

The dishes were all Yuan Suo’s favourites, which Mo Yi Cheng had asked Kan Ming to prepare in advance.

“There are wontons!” Yuan Suo was excited. The miniature wontons, the size of a coin, were packed inside a delicate porcelain bowl, crystal clear, sweet and tempting.

Mo Yi Cheng asked, “Didn’t you say you wanted to eat them last night before you went to bed?”

“Huh?” Yuan Suo froze for a moment, before remembering that when he was lying in bed playing with his phone, he had swiped the picture of wontons and unconsciously let out a sigh. Mo Yi Cheng actually noticed.

“So I specifically asked the kitchen to make…,” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice trailed off as his eyes fell on the dots of green floating on top of the wontons in the creamy white bone broth, “… I was too careless.”

Yuan Suo wasn’t a picky eater, he ate almost everything, but he didn’t like spring onions and with his nature, he would naturally not say anything. He had once ordered chicken cake, but it was delivered with a lot of spring onions in it. Yuan Suo ate all the eggs but left a dozen of the chopped spring onions at the bottom of the bowl.

After that happened, Mo Yi Cheng started paying extra attention when cooking.

“It’s okay. I… I’ll eat the spring onions, I’ll eat them.” With that, he picked the soup spoon up to dish the wontons, only to be stopped by Mo Yi Cheng.

“Did I mention spring onions?” Mo Yi Cheng said.

Rig… right. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t say anything, what was he in a rush for? Yuan Suo mocked himself with a smile, embarrassed.

Then he saw Mo Yi Cheng’s long fingers take the chopsticks on the table, pick out the green onions from the bowl in front of him one by one, then put them on a spare white porcelain plate, being extra careful because of the soup.

Yuan Suo really liked it when Mo Yi Cheng was focused and serious, not only because he had a special charm in that moment, but also because it was the only time he could look at him without fear of being caught. From the tips of his hair to his forehead, from the peak of his eyebrows to his high nose, from his thin lips to his long, slender neck…

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng finished picking the spring onions and placed the bowl in front of Yuan Suo.

Yuan Suo withdrew his gaze hurriedly then lowered his head, blushing heartily. Mo Yi Cheng…. was still so handsome.

Mo Yi Cheng saw the change in him, but he only smiled, urging him to eat.

At this moment, Mo Yi Cheng’s other cell phone in the living room rang and he got up to answer it.

Yuan Suo looked at Mo Yi Cheng’s back as he left, slender and straight, handsome and extraordinary. There were times when he would even be annoyed that his pencil couldn’t draw such a charming figure no matter how hard he tried.

Turning his head, he suddenly saw the bright green spring onions Mo Yi Cheng had picked out on the white porcelain plate.

Biting his chopsticks gently, he heard that Mo Yi Cheng seemed to be talking to his agent about his work and seeing that he probably wouldn’t be back anytime soon, he couldn’t help but reach his chopsticks over and move the green onions inside the plate one by one, rearranging them so that they turned into a small heart shape inside the plate.

As he looked at it, his heart skipped a beat. This world with Mo Yi Cheng was so warm and loving and he treasured this moment, treasured all that Mo Yi Cheng had done for him… but just as he was treating Abel, his elf level had soared to 90, a number that stared him in the face like an abyss.

He didn’t dare look, didn’t want to look, couldn’t even think about it, because that dull ache in his heart that felt like it was being pinched by someone, was really hard to bear…

While Yuan Suo was dazed and silent, Mo Yi Cheng hung up. The call was from his agent, saying that director Li Xilan was planning a new drama and hoped that he could play the male lead.

This was a very good opportunity, because although Mo Yi Cheng had appeared in many very high quality films before, they mainly leaned towards commercial productions, hence the artistry in the movies was a little less.

But Li Xilan’s films were always good at both box office and in art. If Mo Yi Cheng could act in this film, it would be very beneficial towards his development.

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