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Chapter 73.2 Mo Yi Cheng wants to eat someone!

Mo Yi Cheng was in a good mood when he returned to the dining room and because he only saw Yuan Suo’s back, he didn’t notice the change in Yuan Suo’s expression, his eyes only falling on the spring onions inside the plate that had been rearranged.

The corners of his mouth twitched, but he suppressed the upward curve, “Why aren’t you eating?”

Yuan Suo was startled by the sudden voice behind him and subconsciously moved to eliminate the ‘incriminating evidence, only to have his wrist grabbed firmly.

Mo Yi Cheng hugged him from behind, wrapping him in his arms, “Did you do this?”

“I… I…” Yuan Suo stammered, not knowing what to say.

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t wait for him to stammer out a reason. Cupping his tiny chin, he printed a kiss on it gently.

“Since Du Du’s meaning is so obvious, then naturally, I must show mine as well.” After saying this, he nibbled on the top of Yuan Suo’s lips again, not too lightly but not too heavily either.

Without waiting for him to react, Mo Yi Cheng let go and picked the white porcelain plate up.

Yuan Suo was still a little short of breath because of the sudden kiss, but when he saw Mo Yi Cheng move the white porcelain plate with the spring onions he had rearranged wistfully on it to his own plate, he couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted to do.

Then he only saw Mo Yi Cheng pick up his chopsticks and, in front of him, pull the heart-shaped spring onions into his bowl.

Huh? Yuan Suo’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

Mo Yi Cheng stirred the wontons and watching as the spring onions melted into the soup, a profound feeling floated between the two of them. It was indescribable and unexplainable, but it made their hearts became more and more entwined in this moment.

“In the future, any part you don’t like, I will eat it.” Mo Yi Cheng placed a few wontons in his mouth, eating it quite seriously.

Yuan Suo lowered his head and put a wonton inside his mouth. His heart warmed, but he still said a little shyly, “There’s no need to, it’s fine for Yi Cheng to eat what he likes.”

“Really?” Mo Yi Cheng lowered his eyes, making it so that he couldn’t see the expression on his face.

Yuan Suo answered earnestly, “Yes.”

“I can eat what I want to eat?”

“En!” Of course he could eat whatever he wanted to eat. He would learn to cook himself in the future so that it would be easier for Mo Yi Cheng to eat whatever he wanted to by then.

“Then what if….. I want to eat you?” Mo Yi Cheng suddenly moved forward, taking advantage, the light in his deep black eyes turning regal, like a cheetah that had focused on its prey.

The soup spoon inside Yuan Suo’s hand fell on the table with a clang, his mouth half open.

“I…. I…. I don’t taste good, it’s illegal to eat people.”

Nice, the little thing had now learned to gag people’s mouth and change the subject. Mo Yi Cheng moved forward once again to narrow his scope, making Yuan Suo so frightened that his back stuck to the top of the chair.

Mo Yi Cheng teased, “Du Du has read so many little perverted books, but you unexpectedly don’t know what it means to ‘eat someone’?”

“You…. you how do you know?” Yuan Suo had indeed read a lot of novels after being pulled into the pit by Su Yi’s novel and as the saying went, once you entered the door of corruption, it was as deep as the sea. He had read all kinds of… uh… all levels of novels, so he naturally knew what ‘eating someone’ meant and how it was done.

Mo Yi Cheng pretended to be surprised and said, “Ah, I keep forgetting to tell you. The card you use to buy the online novels, as well as your account number are bound to my mailbox, so every time you bought a novel, it would be sent over.”

That was to say, Mo Yi Cheng had known all along about the novels he had purchased after just hearing their names? Moreover, it was a real-time follow-up! Ah ah ah ah ah!

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, then said word by word, slowly and extremely mercilessly: “There are really too many books, but I can’t remember a lot of them, the only ones I remember vaguely are: ‘The domineering president and his peerlessly stunning bunny’, ‘The emperor’s abusive love towards his innocent little imperial bodyguard’, ‘The runaway male wife’, ‘Stand-in, rebirth of the scum attack’…. “

He hadn’t felt so ashamed at that time when he was reading it, but when Mo Yi Cheng repeated it in his low voice, Yuan Suo was so ashamed that he wanted to dive into the wonton bowl right at this moment and never come out again!

“Do you want me to go on?”

Yuan Suo shook his head like a rattle.

Mo Yi Cheng asked again, “Then do you know what it means to eat someone?”

He nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Then…. can I eat you if I want to in the future?”

Yuan Suo tried to avoid Mo Yi Cheng’s sharp, fiery gaze, the side of his face so red that it blood could almost drip from it.

“En.” Yuan Suo’s tiny voice was unmistakable.

But at this moment, the two of them were so close, both in body and soul, that Yuan Suo’s voice was as clear as if it was right next to his ear.

Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze became even more fiery.

Yuan Suo clenched his fists tightly, breathing heavily. Actually, it wasn’t that he had never thought about being ‘eaten’ by Mo Yi Cheng. He’d even had an indescribable dream one quiet night and woke up shy and excited. In the dream, Mo Yi Cheng’s every expression and movement was so charming that he had almost melted.

Just when he thought Mo Yi Cheng would make further moves, he suddenly felt the pressure above him suddenly loosen.

Mo Yi Cheng had unexpectedly released him.


“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng had to admit that he had almost lost control of himself there for a minute. The urge to ‘eat him up’ had rushed to his head and burned his limbs, but he held back, because in his obsession, there was still one question missing.

Seeing how serious and earnest Mo Yi Cheng looked, Yuan Suo couldn’t help but straighten his back and ask, “What is it?”

Mo Yi Cheng, “Let’s get married.”

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