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Chapter 72.2 Prince Yuan Suo!

Inside the room, two cell phones emitted a blinding light at the same time. Yuan Suo was transported straight out of the hospital, still wearing his surgical gown.

His smooth, full forehead was covered in beads of sweat, the pale skin of his face was even more bloodless, and the intense concentration caused a wave of dizziness.

Placing his hand on the table in order to stand firm, Yuan Suo’s face was strained as he reconfirmed the various physical indicators of Abel’s body inside the phone before he heaved a sigh of relief a few minutes later, his legs weakening as he sat on top of the leather chair to the side.

“Cough…” A sudden cough came from the phone.

Yuan Suo hurried over, “Abel!”

Abel heard someone calling him, but his eyelids sank and he struggled for a moment before lifting them, “Du… Du Du?”

“Grandpa Abel, it’s me!”

“Cough….. why are you here? Where am I now?” Abel’s voice was weak as he was ‘recovering from a serious illness’, after all.

“You’re in the hospital, I’ve just finished reorganising your cells, you just need to recuperate a little more and you’ll be cured.” Yuan Suo couldn’t wait to tell Abel the good news, but then he choked up a little, “Grandma Anie is waiting for you to come home.”

“Anie…..” Abel whispered. She was the one he had promised to be with for a whole lifetime. He thought he wouldn’t be able to accompany her anymore, but he didn’t expect this turn of events.

“Grandpa Abel, I’ll take you out now, Mr. Andrew is waiting outside. But… I hope you can keep it a secret that I am the Elf Du Du. Just call me Yuan Suo in front of Mr. Andrew.”

“… Okay, just…” Abel stopped Yuan Suo, “Let’s wait a bit before we go out.”

Yuan Suo was confused, “What’s the matter?”

Abel hesitated for a moment, his gaze complicated, the intense struggle going on inside him was so fierce that even that deep and rigid face couldn’t conceal it.

“Du… Yuan Suo?”

“En, I’m here, what would you like to say?”

“Prince…. Yuan Suo?”

Yuan Suo was shocked!

It had been a long time since he had heard anyone had called him that. This strange yet familiar name awakened all the memories deep inside him instantly!

“You… you… how do you know?” He was so astonished that he even forgot to use the formal ‘you’.

Abel struggled to sit up, his expression becoming serious and solemn, “You saved me using the cellular reorganisation technique, didn’t you?”

Yuan Suo nodded.

“It was made in the second trial dimension.”


“I’ve been to the second trial dimension before. I’ve known about this technology for a long time, and even tried to operate it, but… although I come from interstellar space and have part of the royal branch bloodline in me, I’m not from the direct legitimate line after all, so I wasn’t able to do it.”

Yuan Suo was even more amazed, asking incredulously, “Abel, are….. you also from interstellar space?”

Abel tugged at the collar of his sick outfit, sitting as straight as he could, then said, word by word, “Chief commander of the warship in the Post-Ninth Region of the interstellar world, General Cang Lang Wei Yue.”

“You…” Yuan Suo was too surprised to speak. He would have never expected that Abel was also from the ninth region of the interstellar world, but, he just said… “What do you mean by Post-Ninth Region of the interstellar world?”

Loss and pain flashed in Abel’s eyes as he said in a deep voice, “In the year of the interstellar world 2307, the Ninth Region fell, and the subjects of the Ninth Region retreated to the barren Planet X, a corner to recuperate, which became known as the Post-Ninth Region of the interstellar world by the other interstellar regions.”

Although Yuan Suo had expected it, when he heard the news, he felt a sudden chill down his spine and could barely stand up, “The Ninth Region… has fallen?” It fell in the seventh year after his death; an interstellar empire of that magnitude…..

“Yes, the remnants of the Ninth Region of the interstellar world established a regime on Planet X, but it was already at the end of its tether when I was only six years old. The harsh living conditions of the barren planet didn’t wear us down, but our momentum was gone and for the next twenty years or so there were constant invasions from other countries, and this official was killed in the last war in interstellar world 2327.” By calling himself this official, Abel was acknowledging the young prince.


“Prince Yuan Suo, I… have thought of returning to the interstellar world again, but in a situation like that, I alone, have no way of turning things around. Moreover I also have Anie…. this official has failed the Empire.” Abel said mournfully.

“No… it’s not your fault.” There was nothing wrong with Abel’s choice. The ninth region of the interstellar world had fallen. Even if he went back, he would be powerless to reverse the situation.

“But!” Abel suddenly raised his voice, a strong hopeful light bursting from his eyes, “But Prince, if you can go back, back to the time before the fall of the ninth region, as long as you stop the civil unrest in the Empire, ascend to the throne as Emperor, and lead the ninth region to defend itself against foreign enemies, I believe you can definitely change history!”


“Yes! After the news of your violent death, the Ninth Region fell into turmoil and the royal family was torn apart by the struggle for power.” Thinking of his homeland, Abel was unable to hold back his grief and anger, “And then General Han rebelled, slaughtered the royal family and ruled with brutality, but he never won the hearts of the people, and in the great war….. the Ninth Region naturally lost. But if you can go back, perhaps you can change all this!”

When Yuan Suo heard Abel’s words, he fell into a long measured silence. He knew that Abel’s words were reasonable.

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