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Chapter 70.1 The Mo family’s hide and seek!

“I won’t play again, I won’t play again!” Mo Yixu covered his pockets tightly, “Second brother I can tell that you’re doing it on purpose today, you’re forgetting your brother because of your lover and turning your elbow outwards!”

Mo Yi Cheng was so relaxed that his eyes narrowed slightly, “It’s obviously turning inwards.”

Yuan Suo, as the ‘insider’ scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Mum!” Mo Yixu cried out in a sad voice.

Mother Mo, as the dealer, pushed the smart button on the table and the mahjong game reloaded again, “Pay up first, then come back to me for justice.”

Mo Yixu’s eyes became teary, “Housekeeper, you watched me grow up.”

The housekeeper coughed twice, “I’m…. I’m going to get a glass of water for Madam.”

In the end, Mo Yixu had to give up the last few red envelopes in his pockets, sighing afterwards with every card he played. In the end, Mother Mo had to pull his ears before he stopped.

After almost three hours of playing, Yuan Suo had basically mastered the game, Mother Mo’s bowl was full and Mo Yixu’s pockets were cleaner than his face, so the housekeeper reminded everyone kindly that it was time to take a break.

“Okay okay, that’s enough for the morning, I’ll go upstairs and have a rest, we’ll resume after lunch.” Mother Mo went upstairs with brisk steps.

Mo Yi Cheng took a cheque of 100,000 yuan from his pocket and handed it to the housekeeper.

“Second young master, you…. I just lost less than 10,000 yuan just now, you can’t give me this much.” The housekeeper pushed it back.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “I didn’t say I was helping you to cover your gambling debts, it’s the end of the year, this money is what you deserve for your hard work this year.”


Mo Yixu who was looking on at the side said with shining eyes, “Just take it, we are not often at home, it’s thanks to your care that this family is maintained.”

Since it was better to accept it deferentially than to decline courteously, the housekeeper thanked him solemnly, then took the money.

When he left, Mo Yixu went to him hurriedly.

“Second brother, where is mine?”

Mo Yi Cheng frowned, “Where’s what yours?”

Mo Yixu twisted his three fingers together, “The one you just gave to the housekeeper. Just now I helped sister-in-law gain favor with mum, I lost a lot too, so I have to get a share of the credit!”

Mo Yi Cheng laughed coldly, “Didn’t you say I forgot my brother because of my lover? I’ve forgotten about you, so how can I give you credit for that?”

“….. Second brother! Are you still the same second brother I knew back then?” Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Mo Yixu was ready to play the emotional card, “I still remember when I was young on New Year’s Eve, it was always big brother who took the two of us out to play, the three of us loved each other, and what big brother liked to take us to play the most was hide and seek.”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “Hmm, that’s because after being pestered by you, big brother wanted to find a place to hide to regain quiet.”

Mo Yixu: “…..”

Mo Yi Cheng said leisurely and slowly, “Do you know that almost every time you started counting to find us, big brother would have already driven out, finished his business outside before coming home and then come out from inside the closet and pretend that you’ve found him?”

Mo Yi Xu: “….”

His world view collapsed with an expression of unbelieve on his face.

“That’s why….. it would take me more than a few minutes to find you guys every time! Second brother, did you go out too?” Mo Yixu was overcome with grief and anger.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head, “I was inside this villa, it’s just that dad gave me the keys to the secret compartment and I often hid in there.”

Yuan Suo on the side couldn’t even listen anymore. Mo Yixu was really so pitiful oh… his brother refused to play with him….

“You guys…. you guys…. you guys….” Mo Yixu pretended as if he was in a movie, pointing a trembling finger at his second brother, his cheeks shaking in disbelief.

“Uh, Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo spoke, “This, it’s not good.”

Mo Yi Cheng was still full of smiles when he suddenly noticed the glimmer of sadness inside the little thing’s eyes. He immediately remembered that when Yuan Suo was young, he also had several older brothers who always rejected him, so little pranks like this between brothers would cause him to recall the bad memories of his childhood.

“I’m sorry.” Mo Yi Cheng rubbed his head, feeling sorry for not being there for him through those difficult years.

“It’s…. it’s okay.”

“Hey!” Mo Yixu broke down, “Aren’t you supposed to be apologizing to me!”

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Mo Yixu’s personality among the three brothers was the most simplest, as a child he was really somewhat silly and also clingy. He and Mo Yi Yan had matured early and were more independent, so being followed by a small dumpling all day long as he clinged to them in their teenage years made them inevitably a little perfunctory.

“Let’s make a deal. To apologize and make up for your lack of childhood…..” Mo Yi Cheng trailed off.

“How are you going to compensate me?” Mo Yixu raised his chin arrogantly.

“How about Du Du and I accompany you to play hide and seek once?” Mo Yi Cheng was quite sincere in this proposal.

Mo Yixu froze for a moment. He didn’t expect his second brother to make such an offer. He thought… it would be like the old days, that he would use money to solve it.

“How old are you, still playing that kind of child’s game.” Mo Yixu’s mouth curled, but his heart warmed.

“Oh, that means you don’t want to play.” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice sank.

“That, it’s fine to play.” Mo Yixu took his words back, “But who knows if you guys will play tricks again.”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “We can call the housekeeper to supervise.”

Mo Yixu’s eyes lit up, “How will he supervise?”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Supervise that we won’t leave the villa during the game and that we won’t enter the secret room.”

“If that’s the case…” Mo Yixu still didn’t want to lose face.

Yuan Suo said, “Hide and seek, Du Du hasn’t played this game before, let’s play together!”

“What’s in it for me?” Mo Yixu continued to raise his head.

Yuan Suo thought for a moment, “More… more red envelopes for you, okay?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

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