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Chapter 69.2 Du Du and his mother-in-law!

“…. Congratulate second brother for me. I won’t be going back for dinner, tell mum I have some things to do over here and will be back tomorrow.”

“Oh, but I’m sure I’ll get scolded for this passing on kind of message. I’ll have to ask for two portions of the New Year’s red envelope, ha ha.”


“Thank you big brother!”


Yuan Suo couldn’t help but gulp as he looked at the wide array of food on the table. He glanced at Mother Mo who was sitting at the head of the table and held back, afraid that a little mistake of his might leave a bad impression.

“Du Du, what do you want to eat? How about these golden fried dumplings, each one has a whole shrimp inside and the taste is very fresh.” Mother was still very perceptive as a person, once she accepted something, she wouldn’t dwell on it too much, something that all three of the Mo sons inherited.

“Thank you, auntie mother.” Yuan Suo accepted the golden fried dumplings that she had picked with her chopsticks respectfully.

“Du Du, how old are you this year?” Mother Mo asked.

Yuan Suo, who had already stuffed the fried dumplings into his mouth and taken a bite spat it out hurriedly, getting scalded by the soup inside it in the process, “I’m… I’m… twenty-two years old!” Previously, Mo Yi Cheng had said that twenty-two years was also the legal age for marriage here.

Seeing Yuan Suo get scalded, Mo Yi Cheng poured a glass of water and brought it to his mouth directly, making Yuan Suo drink two mouthfuls from his own hands.

Looking at the tacit and natural interaction between the two of them, Mother Mo nodded in slight satisfaction, “So what do you do? Is there anyone else in the family?”

“…” This question was one that Yuan Suo really didn’t know how to answer.

After Mo Yi Cheng finished dealing with the episode of Yuan Suo’s mouth getting scalded, he picked up his chopsticks and put a dumpling onto his mother’s plate, “Mom, this is your favorite, it’s stuffed with mushroom and cabbage, try it while it’s hot.”

Seeing her son’s filial piety, the corners of Mother Mo’s mouth rose slightly.

Mo Yi Cheng took advantage of the situation and said, “Du Du’s main job is creating comics. His family died early and all his relatives and friends are abroad, so he has always lived on his own. He left the country suddenly this time because his relatives had an accident, that was why he couldn’t inform everyone. As soon as he was done there, he came back even though he was travel-worn. He just got off the plane last night.”

“So that’s how it is.” The last bit of dissatisfaction Mother Mo had towards Du Du vanished into thin air. Such a lovely young man had such a tragic life, how could she still blame him? “Du Du, it’s okay, don’t be afraid if you encounter any difficulties in the future, you have Yi Cheng behind you. Of course if he bullies you, you can come to auntie, I’ll deal with him for you.”

Touched by her words, Yuan Suo nodded heavily and for a moment he seemed to see his mother’s shadow in her eyes, “Thank you, auntie. But, Mo Yi Cheng has never bullied me.”

This silly child, afraid he wouldn’t even know that he was being bullied! Mother Mo had always felt that, of her three sons, Mo Yi Cheng was the most intelligent, the most reserved and the most difficult for anyone to get close to his inner world. It was a miracle that such a simple boy had been able to break in.

She asked a few more small questions, like how did the two met and how long had they known each other…. Mo Yi Cheng answered all the questions one by one, then kept putting food on Yuan Suo’s plate until it became a mountain.

Mo Yixu looked on from the side jealousy, biting his chopsticks, “Mom, my plate is still empty.”

Mother Mo gave him a sidelong glance, “Then you should find a girlfriend quickly and bring her back home. At this age, you should be thinking about your future…”

Mo Yixu’s words caused an unwarranted disaster, successfully drawing the battle to himself, and there was no way out but to live with the trouble he had caused.

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo on the side ate happily, looking on in satisfaction.

After they finished eating, they agreed to play mahjong with Mother Mo as it happened that they were four people.

The chess room was arranged in a compartment at the far end of the hall.

It was only after they sat down that they realised that Yuan Suo didn’t know anything about mahjong and couldn’t even recognise the tiles. So Mo Yi Cheng asked him to sit beside him, making one deck of tiles for two people, which left a deck of tiles empty. Mo Yi Cheng had to ask the housekeeper to take over.

Mo Yi Cheng explained the rules to Yuan Suo as he played patiently and tirelessly. Soon, Yuan Suo had a general understanding of the rules and also recognised the cards.

“Du Du, which one do you think I should play?”

“Play….. play this one!” Yuan Suo pointed to an 80,000. This card was the safest in the current situation, so there was no point in keeping it.

“Ah, since Du Du’s want this, then I’ll just play this one!” Mo Yi Cheng placed his finger on the 80,000, then with a steep deflection, he pulled out a seven and played it!

“I won!” Mother Mo pushed down her cards happily, smiling with joy, “A small three yuan! Ha ha ha, today is really a blessing from the god of gambling!”

Mo Yixu took a look at his second brother’s cards and complained immediately, “Second brother, why did you play this card when it’s obviously useful? You intentionally let her win! You’ve really harmed me!”

Mo Yi Cheng looked distressed, but his words were full of pampering, “Du Du chose it, saying that it looks good, so I had no other choice but to play it.”

Mo Yixu said, “Sister-in-law, you’re playing your cards too casually. If this goes on, I’ll lose all my New Year’s money to mum.”

“Uhh…” Yuan Suo rubbed his fingers on the side, he clearly pointed to the 80,000!

Before Mo Yi Cheng could say anything, Mother had already started to scold him, “How can you say that? Du Du is still a novice, moreover he’s very opinionated about the cards he chooses. Your second brother did the right thing. We should let Du Du practice more, this way he will become better.”

Then she took the money quickly and started the next round.

The housekeeper on the side remained stalwart. After all his experience in the world, he, this old man had already seen through everything that was happening on this table….. Even if he lost today, he had to cooperate with Du Du to allow the Madam to win happily and the second young master heating things up wouldn’t treat himself unfairly…

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I’m very sorry.

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