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Chapter 65.2 Matching a new player!

The uncompleted building was quite visible from a distance hence it didn’t take much effort to find it. However it was difficult for Chen Sheng’s car to drive further inside once it entered the entrance.

Exactly twelve minutes had passed but Mo Yi Cheng’s calls to Fang Gui went answered, making him even more anxious.

“Ah…” A wailing sound drifted in from the distance then stopped abruptly.

“It’s up there!” Chen Sheng discerned the direction.

The two men looked at each other, then ran towards the door of the building at the same time.

Fang Gui was lying on the ground, his left hand already trampled to a bloody pulp, his face already bruised. One leg was set on top of a wooden box and the guy with the blond hair made a move to bring the stick down.

“Ahhhhh please, please give me five more minutes, ah no, two minutes, someone will really send the money!” Snot came out as Fang cried, blood and dirt flowing out of his mouth and nose, “How about this, I’ll… I’ll give you more money, okay? You guys let me live, I…. I’ll give you money!”

The wooden stick that the sharp-tongued man had already raised paused as he turned his head to look at his companion.

The man with the gold chain lifted his foot and stomped on Fang Gui’s hand again, eliciting another howl, “Do you really have money?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“How about giving him another chance?” The man with the gold chain had been wanting to replace his ‘gold chain’ with a 24-carat gold one for a long time. Moreover it would only take a few minutes anyway, so it wasn’t a bad idea to wait.

Blond hair was still holding a grudge for the blow he received. He spat then cursed, “Hao Ge wants us to remove a leg, we won’t be able to explain it if we don’t do it. If he dares not pay, we’ll take off his arm too. I’ll do it if you guys don’t!”

Fang Gui looked at the stick that the blond haired guy raised high and screamed like a pig that was being slaughtered and don’t know where he got the strength from, he broke free in a flash and rammed his body into the blond haired guy who was in front of him, pushing him aside as he rushed to the edge of the rooftop.

“Bring that kid back!” The blond haired guy yelled like a nightstick before he even reached out to wipe the blood from his face.

The three men swarmed him.

Just then, Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng rushed in.

The three men stopped at the same time and turned their heads, looking at the two men who had rushed in. As if he had seen his saviour, Fang Gui went limp then staggered twice as he leaned back against the already low balcony wall.

Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng both had tired faces, but they had an extraordinary air around them and at a glance they could tell that they were rich and powerful.

Maybe they were really here to send the money? The stick in the gold chain man’s hand pointed at the two men, “What are you doing here?”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face was frosty as he spoke coldly, “To deliver money, I’ll pay back whatever he owes you.”

“Yoo-hoo, there’s really someone to give you money!” The blond haired guy sneered, moved forward again and poked Fang Gui in the chest with his stick. Fang Gui recoiled immediately, stifling a cough.

“Alright, since you’ve come to deliver the money, then give it!” The man with the golden chain held out his hand.

Chen Sheng unfolded a cheque with a huge denomination written on it, “Not a penny less, but we need to check with the man behind you.”

Mo Yi Cheng stepped forward and asked Fang Gui, “Where’s the phone?” He had to confirm the safety of the phone immediately to confirm Yuan Suo’s safety!

Fang Gui swallowed his bloodied saliva, shivering as he took out the phone from his arms, “It’s here!”

“Good, give the phone back and the cheque can be taken away immediately.” Chen Sheng immediately became excited when he saw the phone.

Fang Gui however put the phone back in his arms again hurriedly, “Give them the cheque first, then… then put the rest of the money in my account and then we’ll consider this deal done.”

“Chen Sheng, give them the cheque.” Mo Yi Cheng said in a deep voice.

Chen Sheng frowned, then handed the cheque over. The sharp-tongued man snatched it then confirmed it several times, “Brother, it’s true! Three million! Apart from returning the two million to Hao Ge, we’ll still get a share.”

“Heh heh, I’m sure you wouldn’t dare to play tricks!” The man with the gold chain bared his teeth and smiled, revealing the two gold teeth inside his mouth.

Fang Gui sighed with relief when he saw that the crisis regarding his loan shark had finally been resolved.

But the blond haired guy was still angry. As he was leaving, he hit Fang Gui on the calf with a stick with so much force that Fang Gui screamed in pain and subconsciously lifted his leg.

With one leg struggling to support him on his feet, Fang Gui closed his eyes and screamed miserably as he hopped on one foot to maintain his balance.

“Watch… watch out!” Mo Yi Cheng noticed the not-so-subtly discarded steel pipe under Fang Gui’s feet, but it was too late.

Fang Gui stepped on the iron pipe with one foot and his body lost its balance then he plunged backwards violently.

“No!” The wind whipped violently in Mo Yi Cheng’s ears, distortion pounding against his eardrums as he rushed up.

But Mo Yi Cheng’s hand only touched the leg of the falling Fang Gui’s trousers.

Like a broken cement bag, Fang Gui went down, struggling and wailing as he kept on falling…

Mo Yi Cheng went crazy, his eyes fixed on the cell phone in his Fang Gui’s hand, half of his body already poking out of the rooftop. If it wasn’t for Chen Sheng pulling him back, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

There was a muffled ‘thud’ sound.

The concrete floor was instantly stained red with crimson blood.

In the pool of blood, a cell phone had been smashed to pieces…

The blood was bright red, stinging the eyes. Mo Yi Cheng’s world instantly turned black then white.

“Du….. Du Du.” He couldn’t stand. Kneeling on the ground as he stared at the phone that had shattered into pieces, his body also seemed to have been pulled apart, every organ in his body burning.

Chen Sheng, who ran down the stairs after him also stumbled, his eyes red.

Mo Yi Cheng trembled and shook as he picked up all the pieces of the phone, using his jacket to hold them. Chen Sheng tried to help but he refused. His empty and desperate gaze was so helpless that at this moment, he was no longer the powerful Mo Yi Cheng, he was like a child, a child who was so scared that he didn’t dare cry.

You can’t cry, Du Du is fine, it’s fine, it’s going to be fixed, it’s going to be fixed! Mo Yi Cheng stumbled towards the car with the pieces of his phone in his pocket.

Fang Gui on the ground was still convulsing, blood and foam spurting out from his mouth and nose, his eyes open in unwillingness and fear.

For some reason, Chen Sheng was stung by that gaze. He knew everything about this man from Long Bow, and he was angry at him and lamented his misfortune, however of course he deserved to die today. Walking over, he crouched down and said to Fang Gui whose face was half caved in, “Kan Ming said, that Tian Yao woke up yesterday.”

Actually, Fang Gui might not have been able to hear it anymore, but Chen Sheng said it anyway. Then he took his cell phone out and called the police.

Yuan Suo was curled up on the sofa inside the apartment that was so silent that he could hear himself as he breathed, wisps of hair in front of his forehead. He was certain that Mo Yi Cheng would find him! So… so he didn’t have to be afraid, he didn’t have to be afraid…

Ding ding ding!!!

A flurry of sharp beeps sounded from the system. It was as if it was going to pierce his eardrums.

Yuan Suo covered his ears subconsciously as a large red cross suddenly lit up above the screen.

The mechanical voice of the system rang out, piercingly cold.

System Alert: Due to external reasons, the game’s program is corrupted. The system has automatically released the binding relationship between Elf Du Du and his player.

“Wha… what?” Yuan Suo’s eyes widened in horror.

System Prompt: Due to the destruction by an unpredictable eventuality and not the player’s subjective uninstallation, the solid game retains the identity of the elf and its corresponding level. Please be patient as we match you with a new player.

Yuan Suo jerked up from the sofa but found that his legs were weak and his whole body was shaking so much that he couldn’t speak at all.

System prompt: During the rematching, the game will return to its original stage, i.e. preparing the basic apartment, food, etc. for the elf.


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