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Chapter 58.1 Mo Yi Yan who was awake!

Mo Yi Yan didn’t wake up, but the doctor diagnosed that he was no longer in danger. Everyone stayed outside the ward for a long time, then finally Mo Yi Cheng suggested that the housekeeper take Mother Mo back to rest for a while.

Mother Mo, who was exhausted and overwrought from the scare she had just received was being supported by Mo Yixu when her eyes suddenly fell on Yuan Suo who had been standing on the side quietly.

Yuan Suo’s appearance was already a mother’s delight so the more she looked at him, the more she liked him. She asked, “Who is this child?”

Mo Yi Cheng took Yuan Suo’s hand hurriedly and moved forward, “Mom, this is Du Du.”

“Ah, Du Du.” She repeated the name, then inexplicably felt that the name was unusually familiar.

Yuan Suo greeted politely, “He… Hello, Auntie Mo…..”

His little voice was so sweet and soft like a kitten’s paw, making Mother Mo’s originally keyed up emotions ease up a lot. She smiled, “Are you Yi Cheng’s friend?”

“Hmm.” Yuan Suo nodded, silently emphasising in his heart that he was his boyfriend, but he had to keep it a secret for now!

Mother Mo took his hand and patted it twice, “Come and visit us at home often.”

Yuan Suo nodded his head again.

Mother Mo’s hand stiffened, her eyes narrowing as if she had remembered something, “Du Du?”

“Huh?” Yuan Suo froze, “Auntie what’s…. what’s wrong?”

“Ah… no… nothing.” No wonder the name sounded so familiar, wasn’t ‘Du Du’ the name of the baby corgi Yi Cheng raised many years ago? It was cute and adorable, small with short legs and big butt and had the ability to sell its cuteness and was doted on and ate until it was round like a balloon.

She ha ha’d and Yuan Suo didn’t dare ask too many questions, but everyone in the room, except for Chen Jiao, seemed to know what the name ‘Du Du’ meant. The housekeeper raised his hand to cover his mouth with his fist and coughed twice, Mo Yixu turned his head away, afraid that he would laugh out loud, and Mo Yi Cheng turned blue then white for a moment. Giving Yuan Suo a dog’s name —It had really just been a convenient name at that time.

The unaware party, Yuan Suo, was a little perplexed by the strange stares, but didn’t want to be left out so he smiled nervously. Mother Mo’s heart melted when she saw this.

For no apparent reason, she thought to herself, it would have been wonderful if he were a girl. Apart from her eldest who liked men, she still had two sons, she would have definitely been able to bring him home as a daughter-in-law. Shaking her head, she yanked herself away from her wild thoughts. It seemed like she really needed to rest, she was exhausted.

Looking at Mo’s mother’s back as she suddenly left in a hurry, Yuan Suo asked Mo Yi Cheng somewhat nervously, “Does auntie not like me?”

Mo Yixu on the side interjected without waiting for his second brother to speak, “No, don’t worry, mum likes you best like this, well behaved and understanding.”

“Re….. really?” After all, she was Mo Yi Cheng’s mother. He was afraid of leaving a bad impression on her.

“Of course,” Mo Yi Cheng replied from the bottom of his heart, holding the little thing’s hand.

Mo Yixu and Chen Jiao stayed in the hospital with Mo Yi Yan, while Mo Yi Cheng drove Yuan Suo home.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t let Yuan Suo sit in the passenger seat; instead, he seated him in the back seat. When Yuan Suo saw a message on his tablet, he clicked on it, then his expression changed from one of confusion to one of surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng asked when he saw this.

Yuan Suo immediately read the message he had received out loud to Mo Yi Cheng. It turned out that a media outlet had previously added him via private message on Weibo but didn’t speak much, but today he was suddenly asked if he had time to do a live audio interview to talk about his comic ‘The Best You’ which was now growing in popularity online.

“Du Du is very awesome.” Mo Yi Cheng didn’t mince words with his praise. His most recent comic was gaining popularity online, and one by one, certain well-known V’s re-posted it and gave it positive reviews.

“But…. should I accept the invitation?” Although the news was exciting, accepting the interview would mean being exposed to more external people and events, and this was something Mo Yi Cheng was trying to avoid.

Mo Yi Cheng knew the little thing was concerned about him, “It’s a great opportunity to promote the comic and improve understanding between you and your readers, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re interested. However I’ll give you my full support if you want to.”

This time Yuan Suo had difficulty deciding, “I… I’ll think about it again.”

Mo Yixu was confused as his mind kept circling around the fact that second brother left Chen Jiao behind. Later when he returned after going to buy coke from the vending machine and saw the look in Chen Jiao’s eyes as he looked at his big brother from the bedside, he suddenly understood something.

Mo Yi Yan had been surrounded by many people over the years, but Mo Yixu hadn’t met a lot of them. Mo Yi Yan seems to have tried very hard to keep them from entering his most intimate space, such as meeting his family. But there were certain contacts that had been made and probably because Mo Yi Yan had built the relationships based on something else other than emotion from the start, none of the feelings that the other side brought was very good. If it was Chen Jiao instead… Mo Yixu couldn’t help but applaud his big brother’s decision, a satisfied expression on his face.

“Brother Chen, drink some water.” Mo Yixu had bought mineral water for Chen Jiao.

“Thank you.” Chen Jiao took the bottle of water, opened it and drank two sips. Because Mo Yixu had returned, he had to remove his sight, but the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but fall on Mo Yi Yan’s face.

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