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Chapter 54.1 If I hadn’t met you

When Mo Yi Cheng finished the interview, he didn’t see the little thing welcome him, but sitting on the bench with his head lowered sullenly.

“What’s wrong, are you tired from waiting?” He walked over and asked in a soft voice.

Yuan Suo lifted his head, blinked as he looked at Mo Yi Cheng, then reached out his hand to clutch the corner of his jacket at an angle that no one else could see gently.

On the way back, he held the corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s jacket and refused to let go. It wasn’t until Chen Jiao drove the car onto the highway that Yuan Suo looked at Mo Yi Cheng as if waking up from a dream and asked, “Mo Yi Cheng, if I hadn’t met you, what would have become of me right now?”

It was as if Mo Yi Cheng had been hit as his breathing stagnated. Such a small and silly thing, if had met a bad person, maybe he wouldn’t even be alive. Even though he had met him first, he had also suffered a lot of in the first days.

He held Yuan Suo in his arms in distress and rubbed the fine soft hair at the back of his neck. There was no if. It was only when he hugged the small thing close to him that he felt a little relieved.

“There’s no if, we met, and I will continue to stay by your side in the future.” He said softly.

Yuan Suo was silent for a long time, then opened his mouth: “I met Po Fei today.”

Mo Yi Cheng tensed, “The little elf that hurt you before?” Could it be that the little thing was unhappy because of this? “Why, what did he do?”

Yuan Suo said: “Nothing, he’s good, I mean he’s good to me now and he apologized to me, and…. also smiled at me, but he’s having a bad time.”

“He said that to you?” Mo Yi Cheng was still wary of Po Fei.

“He didn’t say that, it’s my own feeling. We met in the corridor today, and he looked very tired as he moved items.”

“So you think he’s having a bad time?”

Yuan Suo pursed his lips, “Not really, I’m with Mo Yi Cheng. If I’m asked to do Po Fei’s work, I’ll also be tired, but my heart won’t be tired and my eyes wouldn’t have…. unhappiness in them. I didn’t see happiness in Po Fei’s eyes, but rather a sense of despair and powerlessness. “

Mo Yi Cheng was touched by Yuan Suo’s unintentional ‘words of love’. He pinched his soft face, “Is Du Du trying to help him?”

Yuan Suo nodded vigorously, “En, I want to help him.” However after saying this his shoulders slumped, “But Long Bow said that a certain senior tried to help him before, but didn’t succeed.”

Mo Yi Cheng comforted the little thing, “It’s okay, I believe Du Du is more powerful than all of them and will succeed in whatever he wants to do.”

“Really?” Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up.

“Really, but before that don’t be impulsive, let’s understand the specific situation first before we try to figure out a solution, ok?”


There was news from Kan Ming’s side. The two security personnel he had sent a few days ago did see the drunk man Yuan Suo had described, but he didn’t do anything drastic. He simply took the money from Fang Ya left.

Mo Yi Cheng instructed, “If there’s nothing more, dismiss them.”


“Right, find a way to investigate one of the workers on the tenth floor of the XX building where I had the interview today. He’s probably a porter or he does some odd jobs. He should be less than 20 years old. He’s thin and pale with a somewhat gloomy face. I’ll send you a picture of his specific appearance in a moment.”

“Alright, second young master.” Kan Ming hang up and a message arrived immediately. He opened it to see a hand-drawn portrait sketch. He was really thin and gloomy like Mo Yi Cheng described.

Because the information wasn’t specific enough and because Po Fei was only a temporary worker, the investigation took some time.

Three days later, Kan Ming handed a file containing information to Mo Yi Cheng.

Lin Po Fei, male, 17 years old, place of origin: S City. It wasn’t a strange thing to see elves living in the outside world, because after reaching a certain level the system would automatically assist them with registration and other things including an ID card, just like the situation with Long Bow.

According to the information, Po Fei was now a dropout, and his address was in the outer ring of a low-rent building area.

“The specific family situation is a bit complicated.” Kan Ming frowned, “He lives with a man and the initial suspicion is that this man is his owner. According to the investigation, the man was an automobile engineer in a factory in his early years and his work prospects were okay, but it’s unknown why he suddenly became addicted to gambling and alcohol and he owes certain loan sharks. He has a wife who became a vegetable after being involved in a car accident a few years ago and is now in a care center.”

The look in Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes turned serious. Fortunately, he hadn’t called the little thing to listen to the results with him. An elf falling into the hands of such an owner was really sad.

“Anything else?” The index finger on the hand on his face tapped his temple repeatedly.

“And… the man’s name is Fang Gui and he has a sister.”

Mo Yi Cheng guessed sharply, “… Fang Ya?”

Kan Ming nodded, “Yes.”

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