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Chapter 51.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s promise!

“Even if you regret it, it’s too late.”

Even as he lay in bed in the night, Yuan Suo was still thinking of Mo Yi Cheng’s words, his ears still hot.

“Bark—” Marshmallow was dreaming again, his four little short legs up in the air, his mouth opening to reveal a small pink tongue.

“Marshmallow?” Yuan Suo brought his head out of the quilt.


The only response he received from the half-asleep Marshmallow was a grunt. He sighed gently then looked up at the ceiling, “Marshmallow, Mo Yi Cheng said he is mine alone from now on, is it true?”

There was a moment of silence, then as if he suddenly thought of something, he pursed lips, blushed and hurriedly covered his face with the quilt. After a while, a small muffled voice came from the quilt: “I think it is true, Mo Yi Cheng means what he says, so from now on he will be mine alone.”


Huh? Marshmallow was awake. When Yuan Suo heard Marshmallow’s bark, he came out from the quilt and probably because he had been in there for a long time, he was dazed when he got out. Seeing Marshmallow running to the bed, he picked him smoothly, “So you also think that Mo Yi Cheng is mine, but he didn’t say….. very clearly, then we…. are we…. that….” Yuan Suo couldn’t find the right words to describe it.


“Then are we..?” Yuan Suo nudged Marshmallow’s wet little nose.

“Yes.” A voice suddenly came from the screen behind him, scaring Yuan Suo so much that he hugged Marshmallow tightly.

When Yuan Suo turned his head and saw the calm Mo Yi Cheng on the screen, he wanted to dig a hole in the ground and drill into it– so he really got under the quilt and Marshmallow, thinking they were playing hide-and-seek huddled into his arms obediently and stuck his tongue out.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t expect the little thing to react like this. He was taken aback for a moment, then laughed out loud.

Hearing Mo Yi Cheng’s laughter, Yuan Suo was aggrieved, “Mo Yi Cheng said that he wouldn’t use the stealth mode again.”

The voice inside the quilt was already soft and waxy, but it became even more adorable after it was spoken through another layer. Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t resist it, “I didn’t use the stealth mode this time.”

He… he didn’t?

“Then why didn’t I notice?”

A smile hang at the corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s lips: “Probably because you were thinking too seriously about me.”


This time, Yuan Suo was too embarrassed to come out of the quilt. But… Mo Yi Cheng seemed to have answered his doubts just now. He just said yes, but what did it mean?

Seeming to have guessed what the small stuff was thinking, Mo Yi Cheng clicked the ‘take out an item’ button and took the ‘snail shell’ out from under quilt. Yuan Suo couldn’t avoid it, so he could only hold Marshmallow in one hand and grab the pillow in the other as he curled up.

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at the time on the phone — it was 22 o’clock– and said: “If you feel that a kiss isn’t proof of our relationship, then wait for another two hours, and you’ll understand it after a few more kisses.”

A red color stole across Yuan Suo’s neck, then he shook his head quickly, “You… you don’t have to.” But the corner of his mouth as he hid in the dark curved into a small crescent.



“I think it’s better to wait two hours to prove it properly.”

“No… no need to.”

Marshmallow finally lost interest in this ‘hide and seek’, got out of Yuan Suo’s arms, ran to the side of the screen and wagged his tail at Mo Yi Cheng. Mo Yi Cheng had to throw in a small piece of beef jerky to send it away. When he turned his head, he saw that Yuan Suo was already sitting up and looking at him fixedly, and although there was shyness in his big eyes, they were more joyful and determined.

Neither of them spoke again.

Mo Yi Cheng transmitted the quilt back and covered him. When their eyes met, it was as if they could see the softest part of each other’s hearts.


Soon, Yuan Suo had his final exams.

Fortunately, he chose several subjects that had tests that were relatively flexible. Acting class required a group to present a complete work and cooking required the preparing of a dessert in class. Art was Yuan Suo’s strong point, so theoretical knowledge and work wasn’t a problem. But, this was his first final exams in the game academy, so it was inevitable that he was nervous. Fortunately, everything went well, and all that was left was to wait for the final results to be announced.

The last school bus of the semester took the elves back to their apartments.

Su Yi had recently started a new novel called ‘Evilly Charming Movie Emperor’s Light Love’ which was about the love-hate relationship between a movie emperor with a hundred billion yuan in business assets and a poor little man who was paying off his father’s debts.

Yuan Suo chased it every day. For him, the ups and downs in the plot was exciting and the movie emperor in the novel was also surnamed Mo, but the movie emperor inside the novel was a little mean sometimes, nothing like Mo Yi Cheng at all.

“Su Yi, yesterday I saw a comment below a chapter asking if the little shou could have children. What does it mean?” Yuan Suo suddenly turned his head to ask Su Yi.

The eyes of Long Bow who was half asleep on the side opened instantly, looking like light bulbs.

“Cough cough…. cough cough….” Su Yi was so shocked that she choked on her saliva. She smiled embarrassedly at the person next to her then lowered her voice, “Little thing, didn’t I forbid you from reading my novels?”

There was an innocent look on Yuan Suo’s face, “Yes, Sister Su Yi said they were too profound for me to understand, but I can understand it, it’s just…. that….” There were some places…

“Cough cough cough…..” Su Yi choked again, “You… if you don’t understand something just go to Baidu.” It was difficult to explain certain questions clearly!

Yuan Suo scratched his head in confusion, “I searched, it said that it means giving birth, but isn’t the protagonist of the novel a boy? Can men give birth to babies? Could it be…. that the men in this world can have babies?” He pressed his little stomach subconsciously.

Long Bow on one side really couldn’t listen to it anymore, “Du Du, if you want to continue to grow healthily, you’d better stop reading this crazy woman’s books.”

A confused expression appeared on Yuan Suo’s face again and Su Yi had already rushed to squeeze Long Bow’s neck.

At this time, the school bus arrived at the first stop.

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