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Chapter 51.2 Mo Yi Cheng’s promise!

Po Fei got up from the back row and walked off the bus. When he passed by, Su Yi couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose, the movements of her hands stopping. Seeing him get off the bus, she asked, “Did you two smell him?”

“What?” Long Bow asked as he rubbed his neck, grimacing.

Su Yi slapped him on the head, “You’re a dog! Don’t you have any professional instincts!”

Long Bow’s nose twitched twice then he sniffed carefully, “It seems that there’s a slight smell of alcohol?”

Su Yi added: “It’s not just a slight smell of alcohol, there’s also the smell of smoke.” She didn’t say the words that followed the first half of the sentence, which was that the clothes on Po Fei’s body smelled sour and a little pungent.

Yuan Suo turned his head quickly and looked out the window, only to see Po Fei who was getting further and further away holding his bag on his shoulder as he stood in front of an NPC pancake stall, but didn’t move to make any purchase, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Can’t we help him?” When Yuan Suo said this sentence, the car quickly fell into silence.

After a while, Long Bow said, “I heard that a senior tried it before, but things are very complicated.”

Su Yi sighed, “Many things can’t be done just because we want to.”

Yuan Suo turned his head regretfully as he looked out the bus again, but the school bus was already far away and Po Fei’s figure had disappeared into the distance.

Three days later, Yuan Suo’s final grades were sent to his mailbox.

Yuan Suo opened the mailbox, but didn’t dare click on the email.

Mo Yi Cheng who was standing behind him raised his hand and squeezed his soft earlobe gently then said in a warm voice: “Don’t be nervous, it’s definitely good news.”

Yuan Suo wasn’t used to this kind of intimacy from Mo Yi Cheng but he didn’t reject it in his heart, so he only shrunk his neck in slightly and tightened his grip on the mouse.

The corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s lips rose slightly then he leaned down and put one hand on the back of Yuan Suo’s hand holding the mouse soothingly. Encouraged, Yuan Suo clicked the email.

The three subjects on the form were all credited with excellent grades. In other words, Yuan Suo got 9 points for the three subjects, which was 3 points more than the pass mark!

“I passed!” Yuan Suo almost jumped up from the excitement.

Mo Yi Cheng rubbed his soft hair, the pride in his eyes beyond words.

“That’s great! By passing the final exam, I’ll be upgraded to level 25 and my time outside the game will become 8 hours!” He sat back on the chair, turned his head and looked at Mo Yi Cheng, his eyes shining brightly, full of joy.

So, he was so happy because he could spend more time with him? Mo Yi Cheng felt a burst of warmth in his heart and couldn’t help but lower his head, pinch the little thing’s chin and kiss him gently.

“Um… Mo.. Mo…”

“Concentrate a little.” Mo Yi Cheng squeezed his chin with his fingers a little bit, making Yuan Suo subconsciously open his mouth a little wider.

Taking advantage of the opening, Mo Yi Cheng’s scorching breath rushed across his face, almost covering the whole of Yuan Suo’s heart. The pressure of the two lips moving over each other made them feel as if there was a stream of hot lava in their hearts. Mo Yi Cheng felt a slight resistance pressing against his chest, but instead of letting go, he intensified the kiss.

Their breathing was a little heavy when they separated, the lack of oxygen making this moment feel even more unreal.

Mo Yi Cheng circled his arms around him, his hands covering his back.

At the same time, the game sent a reminder. The elf Du Du passed his final exams and his level rose to 25. The corresponding permissions were unlocked: 8 hours outside the game; area of activity increased to the library; album storage number increased to 30; and his real name and identity were unlocked:

Elf information:

Name: Yuan Suo

Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Origin: Ninth area of the interstellar space

Personality: Simple, timid, persistent

Level: 25

Compared to the profile that came with his previous upgrades, this one not only unlocked his name and place of origin, the little thing… was a year older and there was an additional ‘persistence’ in his personality.

“Yuan Suo.” Mo Yi Cheng read his name out loud.

This was the first time Yuan Suo was hearing Mo Yi Cheng say his real name. Mo Yi Cheng read it very seriously, his voice warm. Yuan Suo responded with an ‘En’ and it felt like the distance between the two people was infinitely closer at this moment.

The announcement of the name and identity meant that the elves could freely choose whether to tell their players about their past experiences or not. So this night, the two cuddled up on the sofa and Yuan Suo told Mo Yi Cheng about his world, but he omitted a lot of the experiences that he didn’t want to recall.

It was about a time when the earth existed only in the historical records. He told him about the competition for resources in space, the interstellar wars, the evolution of highly intelligent humans…

Even until Yuan Suo went back inside the game because his time ran out, Mo Yi Cheng was still digesting everything he had heard.

He frowned as he looked at Yuan Suo who was sleeping inside the game.

Even if Yuan Suo didn’t say anything, he could imagine how difficult things must have been for such a simple little thing in that kind of cold and treacherous world.

He whispered, “Don’t worry, it won’t be like that anymore.”

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