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Chapter 50.2 Confession

When Yuan Suo returned home, the game was open, but Mo Yi Cheng was reading a script and because he was into the role, his face was like frost, one hand on his face as his index finger tapped a spot above his temple repeatedly.

Afraid of disturbing him, he put his school bag down and went straight to change his clothes without greeting him.

After Mo Yi Cheng digested the lines completely, he looked at his watch only to realize that it was past time for Yuan Suo to close from school. He clicked on the screen and sure enough, the little thing had been back for a while. He was holding marshmallow as he sat on the sofa with his tablet in his hand, reading something.

“Du Du, why didn’t you call me when you returned?”

“Ah… you were practicing your lines and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “It’s okay.”

As dinner was ready, Yuan Suo came out of the game, helped arrange the tableware and then sat at the table.

Before they started eating, Mo Yi Cheng placed a small envelope in front of Yuan Suo.

“What is this?”

Mo Yi Cheng replied: “It’s your salary.” It turns out that he had already cashed out Du Du’s salary.

Looking at the envelope in front of him, Yuan Suo didn’t take it right away, pursing his lips instead, “Mo Yi Cheng, can I ask a question?”

Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment. The little thing had never spoken to him so formally before.

“Alright, go ahead.”

Yuan Suo took a deep breath, “Did Mo Yi Cheng lie about the exchange rate between the game’s gold coins and real currency?”

It turns out… it was about this.

“Yes.” Mo Yi Cheng explained patiently, “Actually, I didn’t mean to deceive you, I was just afraid that you’d be worried about the cost of things. Actually, I can afford to raise you even if the ratio was 1:1. Of course, you’re able to make money now, so if you wan…..”

Before he could finish his words, the teenager threw himself into his arms.

“… Du Du.”

Yuan Suo hugged Mo Yi Cheng’s waist tightly, tears swirling in his big and red eyes, his voice waxy as he sobbed, “Du Du understands. Thank you, Mo Yi Cheng.”

It took a long time before Mo Yi Cheng came back to his senses. He lowered his hand that was hanging in the air slowly and placed it on Yuan Suo’s back.

“It’s okay, don’t cry.”

Yuan Suo sniffed and raised his head, the tip of his upturned nose red and the corners of his eyes tinged with a peach color. “I’ll study and work very hard in the future, just like Long Bow.”

Mo Yi Cheng wiped the tears from his face, “Hmm.”

“I’ll make a lot of money and raise marshmallow.”


“I’ll…. I’ll also…. raise Mo Yi Cheng too.”

A faint smile appeared at the bottom of Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes, “Du Du wants to raise me?”

“Hmm!” Yuan Suo nodded firmly, “Du Du knows that Mo Yi Cheng… uhm ….isn’t easy to raise, but I’ll work hard!”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the person in his arms fixedly and the doubts and struggles that had entangled his heart for many days collapsed completely. He now understood what he wanted and knew how important the person in his arms was to him.

He had never experienced this kind of feeling before, but now that it had come, he felt that it was the most beautiful moment in the world!

“Du Du.”


“From this moment onwards, Mo Yi Cheng is yours alone.” This was the most sincere promise he could give.

Yuan Suo froze, Mo Yi Cheng’s words turning around a few times in his mind, but when he realized what they meant, tears burst out of his eyes, falling down like the beads on a broken string.

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes were also slightly hot, “Du Du, are you willing to accept me?”

Yuan Suo nodded as if his life depended on it, “I’m willing! Du Du is willing! I’m willing to accept Mo Yi Cheng!”

Mo Yi Cheng held the teenager in his arms firmly, as if he was embracing the whole world.

Yuan Suo buried his head in Mo Yi Cheng’s chest, trembling gently with excitement, the powerful sound of Mo Yi Cheng’s heartbeat in his ears.

His tears soaked Mo Yi Cheng’s shirt as he sobbed, refusing to look up.

In the end, Mo Yi Cheng had to pull him out as if he was harvesting radish, only to look down to see that his face was already a mess. Yuan Suo turned his head in embarrassment, “I’m, I’m going to the bathroom.” His face had to be ugly right now, maybe Mo Yi Cheng won’t like himself after seeing it.

“There’s no need.”


Mo Yi Cheng repeated, “There’s no need, no matter how you look you’re always very beautiful.”

“Uhm…” And before Yuan Suo could react, he felt a warmth on his lips, Mo Yi Cheng actually kissed him. The kiss was very light, like the touch of a dragonfly, but it swept through their heartstrings, turned into undercurrents beneath the calm water and almost engulfed the two of them with a shudder!

Seeing that Yuan Suo was about to cry again, Mo Yi Cheng pretended to frown, “Du Du, do you regret it?”

“I, I don’t regret it.” Yuan Suo said quickly.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Even if you regret it, it’s too late.”

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