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Chapter 49.2 Peeking Du Du!

The dance party downstairs was still going on, but the soundproofing of the room was so good that you could barely hear the noise outside. Because it was very quiet, Yuan Suo who had eaten too much, became sleepy after sitting down for a while.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Lie down and take a nap for a while, but not for too long.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the night.

Yuan Suo was about to say that he was okay, but immediately yawned uncontrollably. He nodded in embarrassment, the corners of his eyes flushed.

He originally wanted to lie down with his clothes on, but Mo Yi Cheng was afraid that he would of catch a cold, so he told him to take his coat off, covered him with a quilt then lay down on the side, scrolling through his phone as he looked at the little thing beside him from time to time.

When Yuan Suo opened his eyes again, he saw Mo Yi Cheng lying down next to him. He was probably tired, because Mo Yi Cheng, who told him not to sleep for too long, was sleeping even more deeply than he had slept.

He got up carefully, lay down on the bed, and looked at Mo Yi Cheng. Really, so handsome… Mo Yi Cheng was handsome when they met the first time, but now he was even more handsome…

Just when he was concentrating on Mo Yi Cheng’s face.

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes opened suddenly. He froze, but already ‘having a criminal record’, he was a little more calm this time. He didn’t run directly off the bed, but turned around in embarrassment.

Mo Yi Cheng got up, looked at him and couldn’t help teasing, “Were you peeking?”

Yuan Suo waved his hand quickly, unable to even speak clearly, “I…. I wasn’t.”

“Are you lying?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

“No…. no, I was just watching, not peeking.” The more he spoke, the smaller his voice became, revealing an obvious guilty conscience.

“Puff….” Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help smiling. After he finished smiling, he suddenly stopped and looked at him for a while until Yuan Suo held his breath from being stared at. He leaned down suddenly and placed a kiss on top of the hair on his forehead gently. His kiss was very light, but Yuan Suo felt a burning sensation on his forehead, which spread a little with his forehead as the center, until his entire face was red.

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice became deep and hoarse: “You have to be punished for peeking.”

After a fierce mental struggle, Yuan Suo finally lowered his head, acknowledging that he had done something wrong as rubbed his two hands together, “I… I really did peek.”

Mo Yi Cheng laughed out loud directly this time. After he finished laughing, he said solemnly: “First you peeked and then you lied. Tell me, how should I punish you?” Since this little fool dug a hole for himself, he would be more than happy to enjoy it.

Yuan Suo made an “uh” sound, his white neck shrinking back, his thin shoulders looking a little pitiful, “Then… then I’ll listen to Mo Yi Cheng.” If you make a mistake, you have to be punished. These were the royal rules his father taught him since he was a child.

Mo Yi Cheng was silent for a while then said slowly, “Then… you’ll be punished to sing a song.”

Mo Yi Cheng had long heard Yuan Suo humming a song in a low voice when he was drawing, but couldn’t hear it clearly. Every time he asked him to sing a little louder, the little thing would immediately close his mouth shyly.

Yuan Suo blinked, then breathed a sigh of relief. This punishment… he didn’t need to face the wall in a dark room! Sure enough, Mo Yi Cheng was a good person! In the past, whether it was him or his brothers, as long as he did something wrong, he would be punished to go into that room to face the wall and would stay there for two to three days without any lights… Although he would feel a little shy singing in front of Mo Yi Cheng, it was already a lenient punishment compared to the immoral thing he had done like peeking at him while he was sleeping.

“Then… do you want me to sing now?” Even though he was relieved, he was still hesitant to sing in front of Mo Yi Cheng.

“Hmm.” Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “If you fail, you’ll have to sing again.” Mo Yi Cheng requested fiercely.

“En, I’ll sing well.” Yuan Suo wiped the sweat from his palms nervously.

He didn’t know a lot of songs, only the two nursery rhymes his mother the queen sung to him often, a few songs on earth that he heard after entering the game, and a theme song that Mo Yi Cheng sang for a movie.

Yuan Suo’s voice was crisp and clear, as if it had just been dyed in the colors of verdant spring, but the nursery rhymes that came out of his mouth was in a strange language that came from another world…

He hummed softly, using the language of the interstellar space, with great attention and concentration, the tune so soft and gentle.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t understand a word, but he felt a deep yearning in his heart for the world in Yuan Suo’s song.

The song ended.

Yuan Suo waited anxiously for Mo Yi Cheng’s evaluation, but Mo Yi Cheng looked… to be in a daze… was it because he was sleepy? Yuan Suo was a little nervous, anxious to make up for his mistakes, so he said timidly: “This… is a lullaby.” What his sentence meant was that if you fall asleep, it’s because I sang well, not because I’m lazy or bad at singing.

After he recovered from Yuan Suo’s singing, Mo Yi Cheng decided that he would ask the little thing to sing often. If one compared Yuan Suo and Chen Jiao’s singing, in terms of professionalism, Yuan Suo had many shortcomings, but both of them could draw listeners into the world of the song they sung in a unique way and make them immerse themselves in it.

“Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo called out softly.

Mo Yi Cheng coughed lightly and said, “You sang very well.”

Yuan Suo breathed a sigh of relief, joy filling his heart.

Mo Yi Cheng continued, “But this is the punishment for peeking. If you lie next time you’ll sing again.”

“Um…” Yuan Suo was a little aggrieved, but after thinking about it, he felt that Mo Yi Cheng was right. Making two mistakes, he should have been punished twice…

“Now I want to know the meaning of what Du Du sang just now.” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo thought about it for a while then said, “I’ll tell you.

O distant one, my song can clear your disturbed dreams.

O distant one, my gaze can stir your starry sky.

O distant one, my embrace can warm your cold night.

The whispers that accompany you, o wanderer, are words of longing.

Come back, thoughts of being missed is the most beautiful wandering.


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