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Chapter 50.1 Confession

On the way home, Yuan Suo had already returned to the game and had finished preparing his things for school. He was now in bed holding a copy of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ to complete his bedtime reading.

After several days of reading, he discovered that he could understand the world better through books and that it broadened his horizons and provided a lot of inspiration for the creation of his comics. Of course, so far Su Yi’s ‘The domineering president and his peerlessly stunning bunny’ was still the most impressive and every time he read again it secretly, he would pick out his favorite bits and pieces and read them repeatedly, also drawing a few fan-made comics which received a lot of likes from many people when he posted it on a forum.

Mo Yi Cheng’s phone rang suddenly.

He glanced at the number, frowned, then picked it up quickly.

“Second brother.” He heard Mo Yixu’s voice on the other end.

Mo Yi Cheng asked: “What’s wrong?” Mo Yixu wouldn’t have called him suddenly, if nothing unusual had happened.

Mo Yixu was standing in the corridor of a hospital at the moment, his face full of fatigue, “Second brother, it’s like this, did you know that big brother came to France for a business meeting the other day?”

Mo Yi Cheng said nervously: “I’m not very clear about that. Why, what happened to big brother?”

“He’s all right now.” Afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would be too worried, he reported that he was safe first, then started from the beginning. “Big brother came to see me after he finished his business meeting here. Everything was fine, but after we had dinner yesterday and he was preparing to go to the airport, he fainted suddenly.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand that was holding the phone tightened, “What did the doctors say?”

Mo Yixu sighed, “Nothing like this has happened to big brother before, so I asked a friend to find a professional neurologist. The general description of his illness is similar to the previous one, but they said that big brother’s symptoms may worsen. If we don’t find the underlying cause of the illness, in a few years, I’m afraid he won’t be able to even recognize family members.”

Actually, Mo Yi Cheng was already aware of this result a long time ago. When he was investigating the British ‘player’ previously, he had contacted some neurologists and Mo Yi Yan had agreed to go for a consultation. The result was that according to the speed at which the illness was deteriorating, in about two or three years, Mo Yi Yan will lose the ability to distinguish the appearance of people completely, which was commonly known as ‘facial blindness.’

“Second brother, it’s all my fault…” Mo Yixu suddenly choked up.

“Yixu, you were young back then. It was an unintentional mistake, and big brother has never blamed you.” Mo Yi Cheng comforted his younger brother, but his heart was heavy beyond words.

Mo Yixu punched the wall fiercely, “It’s all my fault, second brother, it’s all my fault!” So many years had passed, but the events of that year still lingered in his mind. A few years ago, he was still in junior high school and having a teenager’s rebellious heart, had gone rock climbing but something unfortunate had happened. To save him, Mo Yi Yan fell and hurt his head, causing him to be in a coma for a whole year in the hospital. After waking up, he gradually lost the ability to distinguish faces.

“Yixu…..” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice sank gradually. The Mo family had kept this secret extremely well from the outside world and avoided touching this wound as much as possible.

“Second brother, if one day, big brother is really… completely unable to distinguish people’s faces, how will he live?” Mo Yixu tried to surpress the trembling in his voice, obviously trying to calm himself down, but, he was still young.

Mo Yi Cheng was silent for a long time, the scenery on the street outside the window fading behind him gradually, but he still couldn’t talk.

The answer to that question was cruel.

Mo Yi Yan had been in a coma since the injury to his head then suddenly woke up a few years ago. The whole family had been overjoyed and the doctor also confirmed that there was no sequelae.

But as time passed, Mo Yi Yan began to forget the appearance of others. At first, he contacted fewer people, then his former friends turned into competitors afterwards. This illness almost ruined his life and his career. Could you just imagine how a person who couldn’t distinguish between faces thrive in the treacherous business world?

But he relied on his IQ and perseverance to ‘digitize’ the faces of certain important people by remembering their general outline, facial features, mannerisms, voices, and even smell. So when he came face to face with someone, he was able recognize the other person’s identity based on a variety of judgments to be able to give the appropriate responses needed, but these responses were more like the operation of a program, devoid of human emotion…

As a result, the eldest young master of the Mo family became more and more silent, and his temperament so austere that people didn’t dare approach him.

“Damage to his brain tissue has been ruled out and all other previous personal entanglements have also been ruled out, so what is the underlying cause of big brother’s condition?” Mo Yixu muttered to himself in despair.

Mo Yi Cheng finally spoke again: “Yixu, take good care of big brother, I’ll continue to send people around the world to find good doctors.” As for the underlying cause….. afraid it was only Mo Yi Yan who knew.


A few days later, the payment for Yuan Suo’s first manuscript finally arrived. The editor sent a message that 820 yuan had been sent to Mo Yi Cheng’s account number and Mo Yi Cheng sent the screenshot of the message to Yuan Suo immediately.

Yuan Suo counted with his fingers on the school bus excitedly, “82,000… 82,000 gold coins! Rea… really?” His eyes widened in surprise when he finished calculating the total amount.

“What are you doing?” Long Bow asked.

Yuan Suo: “I’m calculating the payment I received from the manuscript!”

“Ah, Du Du you’ve finally made money, congratulations!” Long Bow congratulated him.

“Hmm!” Mo Yi Cheng had to be thanked too for trusting and respecting him.

Long Bow asked: “How much did you earn?”

“82,000 gold coins!” Yuan Suo reported his salary proudly.

“Cough…” Long Bow’s eyes widened in shock, “What?”

“Uh…” Did he not calculate it well? Yuan Suo quickly calculated it in his mind again. It was correct, Mo Yi Cheng said before that the game’s gold coins and the real currency’s exchange value was 100:1, so 820 yuan was 82,000!

After Long Bow explained, Yuan Suo was shocked to discover that the exchange rate of the game’s gold coins and RMB was actually 1:1.

“So you never knew?” Long Bow asked.

Yuan Suo’s heart was full of mixed feelings at the moment, so he only nodded instinctively, “My player… my player said that one yuan can be exchanged for 100 gold coins.”

The other elves in the car looked sideways, envy in their eyes. Po Fei, who was sitting in the back, pressed his peaked cap down and turned his head to look out the window, a pair of dark eyes on his thin face.

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4 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Prosopagnosia eh. So then what’s gonna be the answer I wonder. I wonder if he’ll be able to see CJ’s face. Or maybe they can be happy even with it. It’s sad how it has narrower his world so much. I sincerely hope that PF doesn’t get up to no good though. Maybe get a new player or something?

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

    1. maybe Po Fei is Mo elder brother’s elf and due to his accident he was transferred. Then the app malfunctioned and courses Mo elder brother to get facial blindness as he is still looking for his elf unconsciously or something…

      1. Remember the grandma and grandpa in the park? The grandpa saw Mo Yi Cheng’s portrait and thought it looked familiar. I think big brother was an elf himself during the time when he was in coma. He reached level 100 and returned to his family. Moreover, the one he’s searching for is definitely ML’s assistant, and he probably was the player, but lost his memories of the game due to the fact that his elf is from the same world.

  2. Really enjoying the story, thank you!

    I’ve been thinking that maybe Chen Jiao was Mo Yi Yan’s elf, and MYY keeps dating/sponsoring people he isn’t even interested in because he subconsciously misses the feeling of “raising” CJ, but now it seems that it could’ve been the other way around? As in, MYY died on impact, but the game put him in a suspended state while CJ took care of him? I guess I’ll find out.

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