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Chapter 46.1 President’s kiss!

When Yuan Suo finished the shower and came out with his hair wet and cheeks still flushed, he was relieved to see that Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t around.

Since their original movie plan had been temporarily put on hold, Yuan Suo was ready to concentrate on studying this ‘esoteric’ novel today. It was only halfway through the novel that he later discovered that ‘The domineering president and his peerlessly stunning bunny’ weren’t good friends but a pair of lovers and had entered the stage of passionate love with all kinds of little pink bubbles flying around all over the place. Although the important parts were censored, it was already an infinite taboo for Yuan Suo that was enough to make him blush and his heart race.

Although… he felt embarrassed as he read and was afraid that Mo Yi Cheng would find out, he still wanted to know the follow-up story. Did they finally end up together? Did the ex-boyfriend of the president come out again to sabotage them? Did the little assistant fall sick when he got caught up in the rain?

Moreover, Mo Yi Cheng really didn’t seem to have noticed as he helped him dry his hair and urged him to rest. However, he couldn’t sleep as he lay in bed, the anticipation of the next chapter making him toss and turn. Finally, taking the oportunity to go to the bathroom and come back, he brought the e-book reader to the bedroom quietly, hid under the quilt and continued the rest of the story…

The…. the little assistant really got sick from getting wet. The president called his personal doctor over, his eyes red with anxiety. Mo Yi Cheng had also been very anxious when he fell sick the last time…..

Wow… The president stayed up all night watching over him before his fever finally went down. The little assistant called the president’s name in his dream. The president… uh….. this time the kissing scene was too contagious!

Yuan Suo unconsciously replaced the president with Mo Yi Cheng and began to worry, then blushed when he suddenly realized what he was thinking, burying his head in the pillow for a long time before getting up. Fortunately, he hid under the quilt so that Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t see him if he appeared suddenly!

The president was too much…. The little assistant even cried but he still kissed him and they even kissed in the office… What would they do if they were discovered?

With the development of the plot, and the story line of Su Yi’s novel unfolding with all kinds of inappropriate play… Yuan Suo got up halfway to go to the bathroom, and seeing that his face was red like a lantern in the mirror, he trotted back to bed quickly and continued to read secretly.

When he woke up the next morning, he was satisfied with the HE of the novel, but had two dark circles under his eyes.

It seems Mo Yi Cheng….. didn’t sleep well too. The two of them had breakfast together and because Mo Yi Cheng had a night scene today, he had a rare resting period during the day and he had originally planned to take the little thing to see the orchards in the suburbs. As a result, the two of them yawned a dozen or so times after eating then finally discussed canceling the plan, preparing to catch up on sleep together.

Mo Yi Cheng was half asleep when he was woken up by a phone call.

Chen Sheng was surprised that Mo Yi Cheng could also lie lazily in bed. He said a few words then cut to the chase. The Chen family was holding a masquerade party and hoped Mo Yi Cheng would join in.

Mo Yi Cheng closed his eyes, “Is it being organised by the Chen family or Chen Sheng?”

Chen Sheng smiled, “I’m the only heir of the Chen family, so isn’t it being organised by the Chen family?”

Mo Yi Cheng asked helplessly, “When?”

Chen Sheng replied: “On the 7th, the invitations have already been sent out, yours will probably arrive soon.”

Mo Yi Cheng went through his itinerary for the next few days in his mind quickly. He was indeed free on the 7th. If it had been another type of party, he would have probably refused. He had been busy lately and had very little time to accompany Yuan Suo. But…for the masquerade party…

Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t speak for a long time, Chen Sheng thought he was going to refuse and said, “Yi Cheng, Jiang Ge, Zhang Yuan and the rest are all coming, and I heard from Long Bow that Du Du can enter and exit the game now, why not come together!”

Mo Yi Cheng thought for a while then said, “Alright, I agree for the time being. If there’s no conflict with work, I’ll arrive on time.” Yuan Suo’s time for getting in and out of the game wasn’t too long or too short and it was also good for him to attend a party to see the outside world.

“Ha ha, interesting.”

Mo Yi Cheng hung up and glanced inside at the game. The little thing seemed to be dreaming, the corners of his mouth raised up. He couldn’t help raising his hand and tapping his cheek through the screen. Suddenly, a strange feeling flashed through his heart, a feeling he couldn’t explain clearly.


During lunchtime in the crew, Mo Yi Cheng received a call from Jiang Ge and the first thing that came out of his mouth was to ask for someone.

“Yi Cheng, Chen Jiao will be mine in the next few days.” Jiang Ge’s tone was imperative and he seemed to value Chen Jiao quite seriously. This was exactly what Mo Yi Cheng wanted to see.

“Ok.” Mo Yi Cheng agreed readily, “but can you at least tell me what you’re going to do when you take him away?”

Jiang Ge: “I’ve been helping Director Li prepare the ending song for his new film, but I’m not very satisfied even after several editions. As a result, Chen Jiao’s ‘Galaxy’ is unexpectedly suitable. Director Li said he wanted to meet the original composer. If possible, it will be recorded in a few days.”

“Director Li Xilan?”


Mo Yi Cheng was a little surprised. Li Xilan was a world-renowed director of literary and artistic films. In recent years, several of his films have won both the box office and reputation. This latest film ‘Time’ was set in a campus in the 90s and the original work had already won several awards both at home and abroad, and was now being made into a film by Li Xilan, which had garnered a lot of attention. If Chen Jiao’s songs could be appreciated by Li Xilan, it would be an extremely solid step for him to enter the entertainment industry.

“Jiang Ge.”


Mo Yi Cheng said, “Thank you.”

Jiang Ge was silent for a moment, “Yi Cheng, although we are friends, you know that I have my own principles. If Chen Jiao is really good, I will help him. I’m not helping you or him, it’s the music.”

“Ok.” This was what Mo Yi Cheng hoped for the most.

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  1. Older brother Mo, someone is taking your wife! I so appreciate the seeds of romance being sown in our main CP right now.

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