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Chapter 44.1 Song in his dreams!

“Du Du, it’s your turn.” Mo Yi Cheng reminded.

Yuan Suo snapped back to his senses and blurted out: “Okay.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “…..”

“No…. I’m…. I mean I’m sorry, um, it’s not that I’m sorry, just sorry, I…..” Yuan Suo blushed as he confused himself completely.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed out loud unkindly, stretched out his hand and flicked his forehead, “It’s your turn to change lines now.” Mo Yi Cheng used to do this action very often before, but that was from across the screen, but at this moment he could clearly feel the temperature below his fingertips and Yuan Suo couldn’t help but shrink his neck in.

Looking at the long lines, Yuan Suo gulped, his face hot, but didn’t know if it was because of the mistake he had made just now, or because of Mo Yi Cheng’s ‘confession’.

“The first… the first time I saw you.”

Mo Yi Cheng interrupted him, “Look into my eyes and imagine me as your most favorite person in this world.”

Yuan Suo raised his eyes and the four eyes faced each other.

Actually, he didn’t need to imagine it. Mo Yi Cheng was his most favorite person in the world!

He looked into Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes and seemed to understand the sentiment in this line and no longer felt that it was so empty and impossible to grasp.

“The first time I saw you was at the beginning of school year. During military training, my brothers and I went through the playground, and I saw the shadow of the scorching sun under your eyelashes…..” Yuan Suo’s voice wasn’t as deep as Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, but it had that special uniqueness that came with a teenager’s emotions, very sincere.

Mo Yi Cheng heard him stumble over the words, but also felt that such a self-heated and youthful appearance might even leave more of an impression of the person being confessed to…..

“So, can I hold your hand, and spend the rest of our lives together?” Yuan Suo finally finished the last line.

Mo Yi Cheng was equally also silent for two seconds, then coughed lightly and said, “You acted very well.”

“Thank…. thank you..”

“Do you want to practice a few more times?”

“…. Ok.”

In the next few moments, the two people made ‘confessions’ back and forth. In the end, Yuan Suo had a good grasp of the characters, but in the whole process, as they recited the lines, the two seem to have agreed tacitly to not say the last sentence ‘I’m sorry’.

After they were done,

Yuan Suo went to bed as he was tired. Mo Yi Cheng tucked him in then looked at the time, it was ten o’clock.

Taking out his other cell phone, he sent a message to Chen Jiao, asking if he was asleep yet.

Chen Jiao replied immediately with ‘not yet’.

Mo Yi Cheng sent a voice message and asked if he could send a demo of the ringtone song.

Chen Jiao put his guitar down and pushed his glasses up. The T-shirt that fit well had been changed into a large pajamas, his two long legs sitting on the stool thin and white.

Three minutes later, Chen Jiao sent a demo of the song, with the name ‘Galaxy’.

Mo Yi Cheng was afraid it would make noise so he put on his headphones and clicked on ‘Galaxy’. The soothing rhythm and clean sound of the song could make one feel a short period of peace in their busy life.

Chen Jiao waited nervously for Mo Yi Cheng’s reply. The phone’s ringtone today was really just an accident. If he had really wanted to pull tricks or hug Mo Yi Cheng’s thigh, he wouldn’t have stayed peacefully by Mo Yi Cheng’s side for so long. But if Mo Yi Cheng really liked his song, even if he just shared it casually, a word in the entertainment circle could change his fate.

The time he waited was especially long.

He got himself a cup of hot water and returned to the bedroom. He had gotten used to relying on plain water to calm his stomach that screamed from hunger in such silent and cold nights.

He was already 30 years old this year. He had entered the entertainment industry with dreams, but his music journey had come to an abrupt end after a serious illness.

Sometimes he didn’t understand what he was still staying in the entertainment circle for. Perhaps it was because it was the last trace of attachment to his dreams, or perhaps the expectation for his unattainable love, but both of them were like stars hanging in the sky to him, so high that it made his neck sore when he looked up, but couldn’t touch them.

He didn’t even know why he had such a strong love for someone who had almost no intersection with him. It was as if that person had already settled in his life, having taken root ten thousand years ago, and his promise long having blossomed into a flower, but he had to admit to himself that the flower was just his own illusion and wishful thinking.

He couldn’t seem to find the answer to a lot of things, he didn’t even know why he was so determined that music was his dream or why he fell in love with Mo Yi Yan at first sight, and he didn’t know where the inspiration for the song ‘Galaxy’ that he created himself during his university days came from….

Mo Yi Cheng forwarded Chen Jiao’s music demo to Jiang Ge. Jiang Ge was a very powerful music producer and was very well-known in the domestic music circle.

Jiang Ge replied quickly.

“The singing is average, but the song is good.”

Being rated as ‘good’ by Jiang Ge meant that the song had at least reached the level of excellent.

Jiang Ge sent a message again: Who composed it?

Mo Yi Cheng replied: My assistant.

Jiang Ge: …..

Mo Yi Cheng: [Smile]

Jiang Ge: He’s really buried in deep.

Mo Yi Cheng: [Smile]

Jiang Ge: Want to help him?

Mo Yi Cheng: He deserves a chance.

Then Mo Yi Cheng sent Jiang Ge’s WeChat named tomorrow to Chen Jiao directly.

When Chen Jiao’s WeChat rang, he quickly opened it, only to see a recommended business card.

The headshot on the business card was an abstract oil painting and the name was a string of letters that weren’t large, but shouldn’t be in English.

Just as Chen Jiao was confused.

Mo Yi Cheng followed up with a message: Jiang Ge, remember to add your name when you accept him.

Chen Jiao froze, Jiang Ge?!

His fingers shook as he sent a thank you to Mo Yi Cheng and then added Jiang Ge’s WeChat. Jiang Ge accepted it quickly. As Chen Jiao was considering how to say hello politely, Jiang Ge sent a musical symbol, then said in a straightforward manner that he liked his music.

Throughout the conversation, Jiang Ge who had a relatively introverted temperament became the active one. Chen Jiao never dared to speak first, the palms of his hands sweaty as he typed from beginning to end.

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