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Chapter 40.2 ‘Poo’ wood carving

Mo Yi Cheng clicked into the game several times that afternoon.

After what had happened the last time, he was even more worried about Yuan Suo’s safety, but at the same time decided to give him a certain amount of freedom and absolute respect. Although elves lived in the game and were under the control of the player according to the rules, the little thing was also an independent individual, with his own thoughts and ideas, so he should have space.

It was just… his heart couldn’t let go.

Seeing the movie emperor take out his phone once again during a short break, Chen Jiao shook his head helplessly.

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’m back!” Under the afterglow of the setting sun, Yuan Suo returned to the apartment holding his school bag in his arms carefully, as if he was holding a treasure.

Normally, Mo Yi Cheng would ask what was hidden inside the bag before anything else, but now he decided not to expose the little thing’s ‘secret’.

“Did you have fun this afternoon?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo put his school bag away and nodded at Mo Yi Cheng, his eyes bright, “En, I’m very happy that I was able to meet Abel and Anie again.” And that he had gotten the wood and Abel promised to help him finish the picture frame tomorrow together!

“Then go and wash your hands and eat.”

“En!” His hands were full of wood shavings, so he had to wash them well. Yuan Suo turned around and went to the bathroom.

Yuan Suo gnawed on a chicken leg as he ate, thinking about what had happened in the park this afternoon. Mo Yi Cheng used to always ask him in detail about what had happened at school and outside, and he was very happy to share it with him, but after being out for so long, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t ask anything.

He actually wanted to share the small gain he had harvested today with Mo Yi Cheng.

“Mo Yi Cheng.” He swallowed the chicken legs.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng asked warmly.

Yuan Suo picked up a handkerchief, wiped the oil stains from his hands, then began to tell the story of this afternoon’s experience vividly, only omitting the fact that he had taken a kitchen knife to make a picture frame.

“And then Grandpa taught me how to carve things!” Yuan Suo beamed with pride.

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but hold back a smile. It seemed that the birthday gift Yuan Suo wanted to give him was related to this carving?

“Then did Du Du learn it well?” Mo Yi Cheng asked, pretending to be unaware of the truth.

Yuan Suo nodded, “Grandpa’s pony was too difficult to carve, I couldn’t learn it. In the end, Grandpa Abel said that I can try to carve something that I like, that way it may turn out well because of the love that I poured into it.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s eyebrows rose, seeming to have guessed what Yuan Suo had carved, only…. wasn’t carving something that he liked much more difficult than carving a little pony? However he didn’t forget the fact that the little thing was talented, after all, he had saved every one of his drawings. He progressed rapidly, especially his drawings of him that was becoming more and more evocative.

“Mo Yi Cheng, do you want to see it?” Yuan Suo couldn’t wait!

Naturally, Mo Yi Cheng nodded his head, “Hmm.”

Yuan Suo got up quickly, went to the study, opened his school bag and took out the ‘work’ he was using for practice before making the official picture frame!

In order to add a sense of mystery, Yuan Suo kept his hands behind his back when he returned to the dining room.

A smile had already begun to spread on the corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s lips, at the same time deciding in his heart that no matter what Yuan Suo had carved, he would praise it to the high heavens, and then put it inside the safe…

Just as the movie emperor was thinking about this and brainstorming, Yuan Suo presented the small sculpture hidden behind him in front of his chest grandly.

The smile on the corners of Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth… stiffened gradually.

What… was that?

It was a dark coffee-colored wood, and although the knife work was rough, it could be seen that the sculptor was very careful. The carving was about the size of a palm and was divided into three layers. The top layer was gyro-shaped, the tip of the head curved and the radius of the two remaining layers increased successively, layer by layer, the overall look…..

Seeing the confusion on Mo Yi Cheng’s face, Yuan Suo explained quickly: “This is my carved chocolate ice cream cone, there… there wasn’t enough time, so I didn’t have time to make the lower cone, only the top of the chocolate ice cream.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

“Doesn’t… doesn’t it look good?” Seeing that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t speak for a long time, Yuan Suo asked.

Mo Yi Cheng: “It looks good and….. very vivid.” He subconsciously pushed the mousse cake in front of him to the side.

Yuan Suo put his ‘ice cream cone’ on the dining table and sat back happily, delighted after having received Mo Yi Cheng’s affirmation! He immediately became confident that the frame would be completed successfully tomorrow and had already begun to consider whether he should make a small ‘ice cream cone’ and place it in the corner of the picture frame as a decoration.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo who was giggling foolishly at a pile of… the wood carving on the table and pushed his dinner plate a little further away…

That night, the movie emperor updated his Weibo.

The Weibo post had only two words: Like it.

The picture was of a ‘poo’ wood carving. It topped the hot search instantly.

Yuan Suo went to Mo Yi Cheng’s Weibo before going to bed. He clicked the ‘like’ button with happiness and joy first, then went to the comment area, ready to see everyone’s praise!

As a result… After reading the comments, he buried his face in the pillows, ashamed…

Mo Yi Cheng was amused when he saw this, shaking his head helplessly as he put the ‘poo’ wood carving in his safe.

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