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Chapter 32.1 ‘The little bunny’ and ‘the domineering president’

Moonlight shone from behind the young man, as if he was coated in a milky white circle of light, his delicate and brilliant face looking so unreal, as if it would dissipate with the wind with just one touch.

Mo Yi Cheng was so surprised that he couldn’t speak. He raised one hand slightly, as if he wanted to touch to feel whether the person behind him really existed.

“Mo Yi Cheng.” Yuan Suo cried again, aggrieved.

It was really Du Du! Although the image of the teenager was completely different from that of the Q-level image, his eyes hadn’t changed at all.

“Du Du, is it really you?”

Du Du nodded with red eyes, “I…. I’m Du Du, I am.”

Mo Yi Cheng took a big step forward and hugged him gently. It took him a while before he woke up, as if from a dream, patting the teenager’s thin back gently, “You were scared, right?”

Yuan Suo trembled slightly, but he shook his head, “No….. no.”

Mo Yi Cheng pulled away from him, looked into his eyes and asked, “Really?”

Yuan Suo lowered his head, not daring to look at him, his red nose as he pursed his lips, “A…. a little bit.”

“So, you thought I didn’t want you anymore?” Mo Yi Cheng asked with certainty.

Yuan Suo looked up in shock. How… how did Mo Yi Cheng know?

“I… I caused trouble, so… so I felt that….”

“Du Du.”


Mo Yi Cheng said solemnly: “No matter how much trouble you cause, I will never not want you. This is my promise to you.”

“Hu….” Yuan Suo’s eyes turned red again, but afraid that he wouldn’t look promising in front of Mo Yi Cheng if he cried, he wiped his face with his sleeves hurriedly.

And Mo Yi Cheng, afraid that Yuan Suo would think nonsense in his little head again explained, “What happened today was because of a system malfunction.”

Yuan Suo was stunned, it turned out to be like this.

Mo Yi Cheng continued, “But I’ve found Long Bow. He has a way to help restore the game to its normal operation, so you don’t have to be afraid.”

“Long… Long Bow?” Mo Yi Cheng found Long Bow?

“Yes, that little buddy of yours. Wait until six o’clock in the morning and everything will be back to normal.” He comforted in a warm voice. The little thing must have been terrified this evening.

“That’s great.” There were tears still hanging on Yuan Suo’s long eyelashes, but being able to see Mo Yi Cheng again after this disaster and the happiness and joy from knowing that it wasn’t because Mo Yi Cheng didn’t want him diluted the hurt he had felt previously.

Mo Yi Cheng raised his hand, wiping the tears from the little thing’s eyelashes.

As his fingertips that were warm, with thin calluses on them swept gently over his eyelids and cheeks, they dispelled the shock and unease of the whole night.

After comforting Yuan Suo, Mo Yi Cheng suddenly remembered that he was barefooted, so he bent down at the waist slightly and said to him, “The ground is cold, come up.”

“Um…” Did Mo Yi Cheng want to…. carry him?

Looking at Mo Yi Cheng’s broad back, Yuan Suo was both happy and a little confused.

Mo Yi Cheng had arched his back for a long time but no one came up, so he urged in a warm voice, “Come up, otherwise you’ll catch a cold.”

It was only then that Yuan Suo climbed onto his back slowly.

Carrying him on his back, Mo Yi Cheng walked back from the entrance of the alley.

“Du Du.”


Mo Yi Cheng thought of something, then stopped suddenly, asking, “Did you come out of the game before?”

“Em…” Yuan Suo had been warned by the system before that he couldn’t tell his player before he reached a certain level that elves could leave the game, but now that he had left the game temporarily because of a glitch in the game, he should no longer be restricted, right? So he answered honestly: “Hmm, I was so scared that day when I saw that the boiling milk in the kitchen was about to spill over, but I don’t know how I managed to break free from the system. But the time was so short that I almost couldn’t reach the gas switch.”

Mo Yi Cheng finally solved the long-standing mystery in his heart. Sure enough, Yuan Suo had really appeared that day!

“Then what do you little elves have to do to be able to get out of the game to survive outside?”

“Oh….. the system stipulates that you have to reach level 20 before you can enter and exit the game, but there is a time limit. However as your level rises, you can stay outside for a longer period of time. If you reach level 99, you can stay outside the game for 24 hours!”

“What about if you reach level 100?” Mo Yi Cheng thought that by reaching the top level, an elf could leave the game completely and stay in this world.

Yuan Suo paused for a moment, his originally bright eyes dulling suddenly.

“If I reach level 100… I will be able to get out of the game completely.” Then go back to his original world, the one without Mo Yi Cheng, only cold warships, treacherous royal battles, and a world where he simply couldn’t understand the intrigues, mutual deception and deceitfulness.

When Mo Yi Cheng got the answer, he seemed to be in a good mood, pushing the person on his back up again, “Then Du Du has to work hard to level up.”

“…. Ok.” Yuan Suo struggled to keep his voice lighter.

“That Long Bow… how is he like?” Mo Yi Cheng suddenly thought of how Long Bow was a person in the game, but became a Chinese field dog when he appeared outside.

“Long Bow is a very nice person.” Yuan Suo told the truth.

“I know, but I’m asking, he…” Surprisingly, he didn’t know what word to use. He paused for a moment before saying: “He should have reached the level where he is able to come out of the game, but when he comes out… he is a dog.”

Wha… what? Yuan Suo was so shocked that he jumped, his two hands slipping, almost falling off Mo Yi Cheng’s back. Fortunately, Mo Yi Cheng reacted quickly, stabilizing him.

“Mo Yi Cheng is saying that Long Bow is a dog?” In the interstellar world where he was from, dogs were primitive species that had long become extinct. Most of the pets that humans had were intelligent pets. Occasionally there would be one or two evolved cats and dogs, but there was a world of difference between the one’s in the Interstellar world and the one’s from ancient Earth. Most of them were huge and used in combat, extremely valuable.

But the main reason why Yuan Suo was so shocked was that it was difficult to accept that Long Bow = dog.

Seeing him so shocked, Mo Yi Cheng knew that the little thing didn’t know anything about this. Afraid that the only people who knew about it were Long Bow, the person involved and Old Man Fu.

So he changed the subject again, asking if he’d had dinner.

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