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Chapter 29. 2 Mo Yi Cheng’s investigation!

Yuan Suo was sitting upright in the cafeteria. The seats in the cafeteria were all of a uniform height so after he sat down, his short legs hang down from the seat.

He originally planned to apologize to Long Bow on the school bus in the morning, but Long Bow didn’t take the school bus today. It couldn’t be because of yesterday right? This made Yuan Suo become more nervous.

Moreover, he had asked Su Yi on the school bus only to realize that a ‘water army’ and ‘spraying’ were very bad things. Just to make money, they misconstrued facts and deceived the public, causing a very bad impact on society. No wonder Mo Yi Cheng was so angry yesterday, the more Yuan Suo thought about it, the more he felt guilty, so sad that he couldn’t even eat.

Actually, the reason why Long Bow missed the school bus was completely because of a situation that happened at his grandfather’s wonton stall yesterday, when two drunk youngsters on bicycles knocked over the wonton cart near the closing time. He had helped his grandfather clean up until the early hours of the morning, then watched over him until he fell asleep, then in the morning was busy helping his grandfather prepare breakfast, which was why he missed the bus. However, he was at a high level and could already take a taxi to school, so there was no delay in going to class.

Long Bow walked into the cafeteria after class, holding a basketball in his arms. His body had become strong after having engaged in sports for a long time. Tall and healthy, he was in a good mood as he was surrounded by his teammates.

Seeing Long Bow, Yuan Suo’s eyes lit up. He wanted to go and say hello, but was a little afraid. Perhaps he should wait until he finished eating then go there when there weren’t so many people around. Having made up his mind, Yuan Suo lowered his head, ready to eat his lunch.

At this time, a lunch tray was placed on the opposite side of his table.

He looked up and met Long Bow’s smiling eyes.

“Little thing, you’re really something else.” Long Bow stretched out his fork, forked a piece of Yuan Suo’s watermelon and threw it into his mouth.

“Em….” Yuan Suo was so ashamed that he didn’t dare lift his head. Stretching out his hand, he pushed the fruit box quietly to Long Bow’s side. Eat more, if he ate until he was satisfied, he wouldn’t be so angry.

Long Bow wasn’t angry at all, but seeing the little thing’s appearance, a burst of laughter came out, but he still ate the fruit inside the box unceremoniously.

“Little shorty, you used my account to spray people, do you regret it now?” Long Bow chewed the cantaloupe that had been cut into small pieces with a loud chuckle.

Yuan Suo apologized honestly: “I’m sorry, I… I know I was wrong, but I won’t do it again. Can you forgive me?”

Looking at Yuan Suo’s pitiful appearance, Long Bow suddenly understood why his fan base was bombarded in turns yesterday. It could be said that this attribute of selling cute made it difficult for a vast majority of people to resist.

Long Bow covered his mouth, coughed, then said, “Then tell me what is going on, and I’ll think about whether I should forgive you or not.”

So Yuan Suo explained to him how he found a ‘part-time job’ under his Weibo post, how he joined the ‘water army’, then borrowed his account, and even recounted what had happened… when he spoke online.

Long Bow pretended to be serious at first, but when he heard the latter part of his sentence he couldn’t hold back, laughing uproariously as he held his stomach.

Finally, when he laughed at him until he was red in the face, Yuan Suo asked carefully: “Then… can you forgive me?”

Long Bow thought for a while then said, “I’ll forgive you if you share your fruit with me every day from now on.” In actual fact, the times when Long Bow and Yuan Suo met in the cafeteria at lunchtime wasn’t that much, so it was just a joke. But Yuan Suo took it seriously, feeling that in this way he could make up for the damage Long Bow had suffered, so he agreed quickly, “Hmm hmm, I’ll give all the fruit to Long Bow!”

Long Bow laughed and pushed the small box of sushi he had bought over, saying that he couldn’t eat it.

After being forgiven and having regained his appetite, Yuan Suo ate all the sushi in the small box happily. Of course, from the viewpoint of not wasting food.


On Mo Yi Cheng’s side, the line of clues had been cut off again.

The old man admitted that Long Bow was his grandson, but that he hadn’t been home for a long time and didn’t know where he was.

“We checked some communication records related to Long Bow, including his IP address, which shows that he is indeed in S City, but for some reason we couldn’t find out the exact location.” Kan Ming flipped through the information.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t say a word. They couldn’t find out… most likely because Long Bow’s online activities were carried out inside the game and the network world of the game was infinitely close to the real one, as if it was parallel to this time and space, very elusive.

“Normally, when there is a dog inside the house, if the owner opens the door, the dog would come out together with its owner right?” Mo Yi Cheng suddenly asked this question seemingly unrelated question.

Kan Ming was taken aback: “Yes, there was no sign of a dog in the house.” He hadn’t noticed this detail, but what did it have to do with finding the anchor Long Bow?

Mo Yi Cheng was silent, the doubts in his heart growing thicker.

He left the rest for Kan Ming to deal with. Chen Jiao was already downstairs with a car, waiting for him to attend a charity event.

Mo Yi Cheng thought to himself that he might be busy at night, and that the charity event would be crowded with people, hence he would try his possible best not to log in to the game, so he asked Chen Jiao to pack a few dishes that Yuan Suo usually liked to eat and transmitted them directly into the game.

As he was delivering the food, there was a short lag in the game, but the system recovered quickly. He only thought it was the internet speed and didn’t pay much attention to it, leaving a message for Yuan Suo, telling him to watch a movie first after eating, and that he would be back in time to warm the milk in the evening.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw the system display ‘sent’ after he clicked to send the message, he put the phone in his pocket, and then asked Chen Jiao to drive.

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